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  1. When you're leader is a narcissist who is afraid of messing up his spray tanner and makeup with a mask....
  2. It also lowers the unemployment rate and makes Trump look better. I expect this will be extended but the extra $600 will not.
  3. Not surprised--I had somewhere around 25 flights since March that I've had refunded. And there are people that fly WAY more than me doing the same. Truly sad--hopefully United will make it through this downturn.
  4. I'll wait for the actual sales data. This sounds just like the Trump supporters who keep telling me the NFL ratings are tanking, despite being up 5% in 2019.
  5. This pretty much sums up the Trump administration!
  6. If you want to fix police departments, you have to start with their unions.
  7. The stadium was 35 years old at that point and looked like it was 70!
  8. I think I know 10 versions of this same guy. And even on the east side where I grew up, the guys I went to high school with are moving FURTHER east out into Perry, Thompson etc. I asked one of them and he told me he started to see too many black folks around Eastlake, Willowick, etc.
  9. I was merely pointing out that it was the first European explorers who applied the misnomer.
  10. Especially if referencing ACTUAL Indians. Maybe rework Wahoo into Apu?
  11. I supported the end of Chief Wahoo because it was clearly racist. I don't support the name change because I don't think it's offensive. "Indians" isn't even an accurate name for Native Americans.
  12. It's been a hot minute since we've had a good old fashion Mike Pence fluffer speech!
  13. So it's just a tiny piece of crime. What happened to "drain the swamp?"
  14. Is anyone really surprised by this news?
  15. RIP Charlie. No cause of death mentioned. I wonder if COVID related?
  16. When I was at CSU years ago I lived in the Chesterfield on E 12th. The convenience store on the ground floor was a great asset--especially for a college student coming home after a few too many beers and still hungry!
  17. i came across this today hunting for other historical photos. From the post-riot 60's.
  18. Such a shame--the St Clair/Superior neighborhood used to be filled with these very kind of buildings!
  19. Trump supporters are obsessed with Bill Clinton's involvement, but conveniently leave out Trump, Secretary Acosta, Dershowitz, Barr, etc. Half his administration and inner circle were involved!
  20. I imagine it's on a back burner. No shows at PHS means no crowds to advertise to!
  21. Apparently the Fed and Treasury Secretary think it helps.
  22. I'm seeing rumors going around on social media currently that Dewine is going to close down bars again today.
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