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  1. Cleburger

    Yet Another Reason to Love Fox News...

    Anyone have a theory on the Fox News Twitter silence? No tweets from them in 5 days! Supposedly Murdoch was spotted going into McConnell's office?
  2. Cleburger

    The Trump Presidency

    WHITE HOUSE CREATES 'POLICY TIME' TO GET DONALD TRUMP TO FOCUS ON WORK INSTEAD OF 'EXECUTIVE TIME' https://www.newsweek.com/white-house-creates-policy-time-donald-trump-work-tweeting-executive-time-1213354?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=NewsweekTwitter&utm_source=Twitter
  3. Cleburger

    Cleveland: Random Quick Questions

    Both WJW and OIO transmitters are in Parma. So distance shouldn't be a problem. https://localtvwjw.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/4940_001-2.pdf I've also heard that some networks went with the absolute bare minimum when the FCC switch over to digital occurred. I would imagine with all the cable cutting going on, they may want to rethink this.
  4. Cleburger

    Electric Scooter Sharing

    C'mon--you have an IROC-Z? And it has better lateral visibility than most modern cars?
  5. Cleveland has concrete roads? I was sure they were made from lunar dust....hence the craters.
  6. Cleburger

    The Trump Presidency

    Did you see the man try to handle an umbrella last week? It would have been a combover-wig disaster, complete with his makeup running.
  7. I was in St Louis for work this week and found myself in the Delmar Loop for the first time. St Louis in general has saved much of it's historic architecture, and the Loop is no exception. It almost reminded me of a slightly more dense version Madison Ave, or sections of Detroit Ave in Lakewood. I noted streetcar tracks in the pavement and my friend told me it's actually a project started by a private business owner who also owns many of the buildings in the business district. It's behind schedule and over budget, but due to open very soon. This got me thinking--with the new project in downtown Lakewood moving forward, wouldn't it be nice to have a Lakewood loop trolley running out Detroit then back on Madison, connecting it to the rapid station on W 117th? https://fox2now.com/2018/11/07/loop-trolley-in-finals-stages-of-certification/
  8. Cleburger

    The Republican Party

    Trump is lucky he inherited the Obama economy. Just imagine if he had inherited the 2008 George Bush situation.
  9. Cleburger

    Terrorism / Mass Shootings

    I seriously wonder what would happen if someone went into NRA Headquarters in Virginia and shot it up. Would they defend the weapons used on their own people?
  10. Cleburger

    Yet Another Reason to Love Fox News...

    Both sides have some clearly misaligned realities of what Fascism and Nazism are--the biggest being the conservatives who compare democrats to Nazis because there was "socialist" in the name of the party. This makes me insane to no end.
  11. Cleburger

    The Democratic Party

    Ohio Democrats are also suffering more from the population lost, as the young and educated, which typically are more liberal, are leaving for the coasts. Meanwhile the pro-growth GOP administration and Legislature of Ohio continue to preside over declining population and job growth.
  12. Cleburger

    Terrorism / Mass Shootings

    Clearly the local cops need to start hiring armed security to protect themselves! Did anyone notice last night on Twitter that the conservative echo-chamber jumped all over a quote from a witness saying it looked like a "Middle-Eastern guy with a beard." Turns out it's a white former Marine named "Ian." Shame on America.
  13. Cleburger

    The Trump Presidency

    Agreed--this is why the BENGHAZZZZZZIIIII! investigation took well over 2 years in its crucial findings.
  14. Cleburger

    The Trump Presidency

    The ultimate snowflake-victim, Trump is.....
  15. Cleburger

    The Democratic Party

    Speaking of frauds, Trump and the GOP Congress have yet to pass any meaningful immigration reform (much like G.W. Bush and the GOP Congress of the mid-2000s). What is being left out of this debate is the fact that the GOP establishment and donors don't want immigration reform. They want cheap labor (and quite frankly, these migrants are doing work that no Americans will do).