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  1. Apparently the Fed and Treasury Secretary think it helps.
  2. I'm seeing rumors going around on social media currently that Dewine is going to close down bars again today.
  3. This one should get interesting the next few months as Trump has plenty of ties to Ms Maxwell and was arrested in the SDNY.
  4. Color photos from the Great Depression https://allthatsinteresting.com/great-depression-color-photos?utm_campaign=pdtyc&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social
  5. Cleburger


    If it happens, you can bet the farm that McConnell will go back on that theory.
  6. Bystanders and protestors are not "professionals". Especially a Lieutenant. SMH...
  7. These 8 teams should all get some kind of incentive for the next season. Maybe an extra draft lottery pick.
  8. Another shocking move from the "most transparent" POTUS ever.
  9. Buffalo is on a rough streak! NSFW if volume up.
  10. This is hard to fathom. The President of the United States could not be reached because he "put down his phone." Wouldn't he be surrounded by aides, secret service detail, etc? And none of these idiots could track him down?
  11. Sobering. Nearly half of American adults are now unemployed https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/nearly-half-of-american-adults-are-now-unemployed/ar-BB167gf0?ocid=st
  12. OK maybe not directly on topic here, but still funny!
  13. If you needed any more reasons for mandatory training for self defense, this was another. The idiots were pointing the guns at each other. The woman's finger was on the trigger the entire time. She could have easily killed her husband rather than a protester.
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