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  1. I woke up this morning and there was a bright object in the sky, rarely seen in Cleveland this time of the year. So i decided to go burn up $100 bills in a small aircraft. Thought you might all enjoy my view of Cleveland on approach to Burke.
  2. It seems that Saudi Arabia was left off the list?
  3. Go to a game at the new Sofi stadium in Inglewood next fall and let me know how traffic is for you! Since the Browns and City finally sat down and redid their traffic plan a few seasons back, the Browns actually have one of the best traffic flow systems in the league. It involved closing down the streets entirely around the stadium, and making the traffic one-way from the GLSC around the north side of the stadium, exiting through the pit parking directly onto SR2 eastbound. And since our stadium is in the CBD and streets are closed to 100% pedestrians, most can walk to their cars in <15 minutes. This is on par with stadiums with a sea of lots around them (ie Buffalo, KC). And once in your car, there are multiple routes to choose from out of the city, instead of just one or two out of a sea of lots.
  4. There are actually 4 entrances, plus the suite entrances. People are just lazy and gravitate towards the SE and SW egresses.
  5. Concentrating on his combover and spray tan is like staring into the sun. Do it long enough, you'll go blind.
  6. What is the current over/under on Trump actually participating in any debates? My guess is he will claim it is all rigged and not show.
  7. They have been bringing it since the days of Sam Sheppard, yo!
  8. Agreed. For now it's ok. RTA will probably wait for the next major event (NBA All Star or NFL draft) to schedule some major construction.
  9. Technically, it is still under lease. So it's still generating income for our little aerodrome
  10. This must be from about 1970 if the doctor is only $100 and aspirin $2!
  11. There are taxes and fees collected from airport users. In this way, anyone traveling from CLE contributes.
  12. Not necessarily in airports the size of CLE. And even in bigger airports, the transit time and connection is more direct than the roundabout trip on crap roads that the CLE buses have to make. To make the airport more competitive, there should be a state of the art rental car facility in the bottom floor(s) of the short term garage. A new long term garage on the orange lot should be built for additional capacity for long/short term.
  13. The only thing I would to this is move a rental car facility into the ground-floor of the existing short-term garage. They could still use off-site location for budget rental firms and support for the terminal location.
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