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  1. Antonio Brown and Le'veon Bell?
  2. You don't consider casino patrons huddling while smoking across the street "life?"
  3. With his attitude towards women/relationships he'll end up playing with himself!
  4. Sad...but true. They should be working together as we all know that the weather here isn't always conducive to riding or walking to downtown, so people who choose to live on the greenway would also find their TOD spaces beneficial on days that mother nature refuses to cooperate.
  5. Do the police have the right to defend one's self? I would think those who "back the blue" would be outraged at all the cops getting killed and wounded recently. These are our highly-trained law enforcement officers, and clearly not capable of defending themselves.
  6. 5 policer officers wounded? Where was the lone good-guy schoolteacher with a gun????
  7. Still not a peep from Frank Jackson's office on this potential development. It may be a pipe-dream, but still worth mentioning. If anyone is at city hall today could they lean in and wake the mayor up?
  8. Remember this quote when it's crunch time for Trump's "National Emergency" to fund a wall at the Mexican border.....
  9. I'm sure Mayor Jackson was anticipating this and has an aggressive re-thought Plan-B package that can be on Bezos' desk this afternoon? Amazon pulls out of $3 billion deal to bring HQ2 to NYC https://nypost.com/2019/02/14/amazon-pulls-out-of-3-billion-deal-to-bring-hq2-to-queens/?utm_campaign=iosapp&utm_source=facebook_app&fbclid=IwAR3Ph6nCatPAWi8aziPuFg-fpr2YKq7e-gM_yEFy4yvdHdTXMjFy25eB-NA
  10. The response of people who have never worked in the "real world." I've been to enough City of Cleveland meetings to hear the administration higher-ups crafting this response. The COO of the City of Cleveland started as a water meter reader. I'm not saying people aren't capable of rising up to high positions without a formal education....but clearly in Cleveland government this isn't the case....
  11. We need more Jasons in Columbus and less BFE rural politicians with concrete lobbyists in their pockets.
  12. What was different? I've been to offices and hospitals in other countries as well. Nothing but good experiences, including a quick ER trip in Melbourne AUS for an injured toe. I felt like they did WAY more testing to be sure everything was good than I would have received in the USA. Just like here, there are good offices and hospitals, and bad ones. As George Carlin once said, "somewhere out there is the world's WORST doctor!"
  13. You don't think if your auto insurance covered repairs and engine damage that they wouldn't be covering those things? Blown engines are not currently a part of the auto insurance risk pool, but things like having and alarm and safe driving are--which is why they offer discounts for having them. So your analogy doesn't make sense.
  14. Not at all. Just look at where people under the age of 40 are moving in the USA. To the coasts were they can live in walkable neighborhoods, ride bikes, grow a beard and rack up some debt--all while glued to their mobile device! Those over 40 should know better, but then again we grew up with no seatbelts and mom didn't roll the windows down when smoking. So they think they are being safe.....
  15. Get rid of all employer sponsored plans and make white-collar America shop for their insurance on the "free market," and this will happen next week.
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