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  1. Does the fact that Trump asked foreign countries to investigate the Bidens while standing on the White House lawn mean anything to you? How about his chief of staff admitting to QPQ also? What would make you change your mind?
  2. My wife is from Buffalo. Every time I'm there it confuses the $hit out of me that the lake is to the east. It doesn't help that many of their "east-west" routes actually run north and south through the city. Chicago gives me similar fits, in reverse.
  3. I took Red Line to work this morning. No delays, other than the incessant beeping and automatic brakes every 10 seconds. It really is an awful experience for riders.
  4. Not very much though. https://www.puco.ohio.gov/be-informed/consumer-topics/how-does-ohio-generate-electricity/
  5. Conversely, my wife flew in from Dallas this afternoon, and while tracking her inbound flight on Flight Aware the indicated GS was 651 mph!
  6. I can't take Trump supporters seriously when it comes to middle school bullying. Their dear leader makes up schoolyard nick names for people all the time, which is what makes the first lady's anti-bullying campaign so hilarious. The Trump family is a non stop joke.
  7. Agreed. That's the point of this process. It's just amplified due to social media. And for those writing off moderates, have a read: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/22/us/politics/moderate-democrats-2020-election.html
  8. Sounds like a perfect time for Dan Gilbert to swoop in and put an outlet mall in there!
  9. Hollywood couldn't dream up anything crazier than the Trump circle!
  10. Projection and the Trump family go hand-in-hand.
  11. I agree with this take. It seems to be a Cleveland thing that the path of least resistance ends up being the route 99% of the time. IMO they are missing an opportunity by not at least talking to Dan Gilbert about this project.
  12. Where are our Federal reps on this? Has the new CEO even met Marcia Fudge or Marcy Kaptur yet?
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