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  1. I'm assuming that building inspections in the city of Cleveland are still continuing? They are normally so far behind that if they are not, they may never recover!
  2. I can tell you from talking to operations people in both NFL and MLB front offices, they have no idea yet. They are all waiting on government direction on this. I imagine we'll see a lot of hand sanitizer stations, and maybe people in masks.
  3. Yes my wife works in them--always has to stay up to date with her vaccinations (and I do as well since I live with her!) At any rate, if that census keeps up on the USS Comfort and the Javits, I'm sure at some point they will flip one or both of them to be COVID 19 patient centers.
  4. This is my understanding as well--and people who are sick are steering clear of hospitals since they are afraid of catching the C-19.
  5. It has to be one of those legal terms left over from the 19th century.
  6. This is beyond criminal. Grifters gotta golf. Maybe Trump will get the 'Rona' while on the links.... The Secret Service signed an 'emergency order' this week — for 30 golf carts https://news.yahoo.com/secret-signed-emergency-order-week-135907032.html
  7. Just like Trump's obsession with Obama's golfing, it was all projection.
  8. I can't even believe people are defending him at this point...but they are out there. By the millions.
  9. I'm sure they'll want to offer you a credit towards a future flight.
  10. You have to love when one of the eDjumacated sCiunce people slip through the Fox segment producer filters....
  11. Doubling this. Despite political differences, we want everyone on UO to come through this unscathed.
  12. I'm 3 episodes in. Please no spoilers. All I can so thus far is there is no surprise that Florida plays a central role!
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