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  1. US Bank may require it to be removed as a part of their deal ending.
  2. Would Kentucky actually vote for a Democrat? Even one that was more educated, qualified and not a vile human being like McConnell? I think not....
  3. I don't disagree at all. But with the current political and business climates, we are in an uphill battle. Until Ohio starts thinking more progressively, we'll continue to have a hard time attracting 20-something software coders who would rather be on the coasts with better transit, weather and tolerance.
  4. Vancouver had 40% of Hong Kong residents emigrate there. Seattle had Amazon happen. Cleveland needs something on this level to witness the transformation you're suggesting.
  5. It's a shame we cant get a fully built and restored model moved there. Would be an excellent addition to the Science museum~! This little statue hardly does the real machine any justice!
  6. I'm inclined to think that people in the outer suburbs don't care or think about RTA, except for the handful of commuters that use the park-n-ride services. Many would probably prefer that there were NO service in their area, since clearly public transportation brings the "bad element" to their community. Unfortunately at the ballot boxes, if these same people see something with RTA next to it, they are going to vote no instantly--whether it be anti big-government taxes or subtle anti-urban racism....
  7. Meanwhile back in the US South, they celebrate the "very fine people" chanting "JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US". It's a real head-scratcher. For 2020, I predict a solid 75% of Jews will still vote for the Democrat candidate, whoever that may be.
  8. Uhmmmm...yeah.... https://www.cleveland.com/naymik/2017/11/frank_jacksons_hiring_of_forme.html
  9. Have you been to Israel? I was just there. I suggest all Trump supporters make the journey. You won't find more critics of the Israeli government than you'll find in Israel! So criticizing the policies of Israel hardly constitutes "hostility," nor is it anti-Semitic. Criticism of ones government is what we do in Democracies. Trump of course doesn't like that.
  10. Not to derail this thread further, but the city also needs to step up its code-enforcement game. That crapbox next to you might get better if the city actually enforced housing codes and forced the owner to comply. Mayor Jackson promised increased services with his tax hike last year. So far the only thing I've seen is a street sweeper come through (something that should have already been budgeted for).
  11. I assume you mean Trump has a Jewish son-in-law? There is a big difference. Trump wouldn't kiss a Jew...
  12. Cue the curse! https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/08/20/cleveland-browns-odell-beckham-jr-jarvis-landry-baker-mayfield-john-dorsey-freddie-kitchens?fbclid=IwAR3C3I7aIPA8jXdcdhLB0xKr0sKo3imFmBLwzw43hye7PZM_Wwq7OPJ5VBw
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