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  1. Where are you getting this information? The inbound flights to CLE cross over BKL Class D airspace at at least 3000 MSL (which is the floor of the CLE Class B airspace). I assure you that the approach to CLE was not a factor in the EY Tower. It could have played a factor in the BKL airspace, but only in the distance from the runway centerline as the EY tower is already as high as any approach to runway 6L and 6R.
  2. I think you'd be surprised how many actually live in the City of Cleveland and surrounding suburbs...but I have no scientific way of proving this. What I do know through casual conversations with family and friends in the burbs, is a great many of them still think Cleveland is the city they knew in the 1970's. It's scary in fact how many just don't go downtown because of what they experienced 40 years ago.
  3. "We" being Urban Ohio members? No. To the average suburbanite in Cuyahoga County, a resounding yes: Cleveland is much worse. There are many of these kinds of comments on Cleveland.com for a reason.....
  4. There is always the chance that he booked in first class, and a flight canceled etc and he had to take what he can get.
  5. You won't find this on regular FoxNews.com, but the business wing thought it was important enough to cover. For the regular Fox News addicts, this may feel just a little too much like MUH SOCIALISM..... Trump rolls out second aid package for farmers worth $16B amid US-China trade war https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/trump-second-round-farmer-aid-us-china-trade
  6. Sadly the ones being erected on the site today won't last nearly as long as the old brick beauties in the neighborhood surrounding them--still standing and still functioning as industrial space.
  7. When in doubt, always blame the software guys Deutsche Bank Says Software to Detect Money Laundering Had a Bug https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/22/business/deutsche-bank-money-laundering.html
  8. If there was ever a time to take it all offline, it would be August. No basketball or hockey, and relatively few events at the Q. Get er done!
  9. Gee I just checked FoxNews.com and not one mention of this little tidbit: Tillerson meets for seven hours with House Foreign Affairs Committee https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/tillerson-meets-for-seven-hours-with-democrats-on-house-foreign-affairs-panel/2019/05/21/5e5fa254-7c11-11e9-a66c-d36e482aa873_story.html?utm_term=.79a048545ec1
  10. Just out of curiosity--do the railroads have any restrictions on carrying hazmat materials through populated areas like over the road trucking companies do? For instance on the signs for I90 heading into Cleveland, it's marked no hazardous cargo.....
  11. Totally--with a new 25 story Justice Center behind it on Superior, those surface lots would completely fill in within a couple years--plus free up the old Justice Center for repurposing into residential.
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