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  1. CAHSR planning continues. Here we have an updated flyover of the San Jose -> Gilroy -> Pacheco Pass Tunnel -> Wye. So no contracts have been awarded to build anything seen here: So here is the budget-busting 13.5-mile Pacheco Pass Tunnel and a surprising amount of elevated construction through the Grapes of Wrath.
  2. He just isn't a very smart guy. Listen to him on the radio or watch his videos on youtube and it's obvious that he's just not that bright. That's why somebody whispered in the Enquirer's ear to make him the local politics reporter. This is reason #99 why losing the Cincinnati Post was a big deal. It's pretty easy for a local force to influence one paper but a lot tougher to smother two of them.
  3. ^No, it originally had all sorts of neon on it. Like old-school Vegas neon.
  4. The old neon Western-Southern billboard is currently exposed. This is the one on the Camp Washington section of Straight St. that predates I-75. They covered it up sometime in the mid-90s. Maybe they're bringing it back, like the Citgo sign in Boston.
  5. So they're going to build HSR's entrance into San Francisco without saying they are: https://www.sacbee.com/latest-news/article226474345.html
  6. I don't think I've ever seen an accident at this intersection. Everyone actually comes to a complete stop because it's a complicated situation.
  7. It seems like more cars are now parking at night on the W. Clifton hill between Vine St. and the apartment complex at the W. Clifton curve. I don't know if those are more people jamming into Clifton Heights or people from OTR parking their cars on the permit-free hill. I'd expect that OTR people are parking on Mulberry also, although E. Clifton is finally cleaning up so we might see some more adventurous parkers go there. The parking situation in CUF relaxes when UC is out of session. But it is getting worse, bit-by-bit. Several dozen houses were vacant during the recession but now students are packed back into family rooms-turned-bedrooms and there are even people sleeping in closets and hallways. Some of these people have cars, so a single 4-bedroom house might now generate 7 or more cars if you've got a dude in the hallway and few couples shacking up in a former family room turned bedroom. The residential parking permits when I lived in Cambridge, MA almost 20 years ago were hardcore. There was only one parking permit per unit, no matter the number of bedrooms. Each unit also got one visitor pass, but the visitor pass cars had to move every single day or they were ticketed. In addition, there was street cleaning every week, which took out 50-100 spots per zone one morning each week. If your car was there at 7am, they towed. Period. The street cleaning machine showed up with like 8 tow trucks and they got to work at the crack of dawn. It made car ownership such a hassle that I got rid of mine after 2-3 months and a handful of $75 tickets.
  8. Jason Williams shilling for people born into wealthy families: https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/politics/columnists/politics-extra/2019/02/20/fc-cincinnati-chamber-puts-council-notice-anti-biz-climate/2906584002/ Remember, Carl Lindner III, etc., are the helpless victims of tyrants like Tamaya Danard.
  9. ^They need to dig a relatively short (2~ mile) tunnel between Bakersfield and Palmdale in order to build HSR on this alignment. So if CaHSR goes back to the I-5 "grapevine" route, Las Vegas rail will not be able to simply go up toward Bakersfield and link in with HSR without building that same tunnel. Also, there is an issue with the I-5 route and the San Andreas Fault, which might or might not be true. From what I have read, the Palmdale route means CAHSR crosses the San Andreas Fault on the surface. If the line is built parallel to I-5, it will cross that same fault in a tunnel. I am no seismic expert so I don't know if these two items are absolutely true or how much a problem either situation presents. I do know that BART's Berkely Hills tunnel travels through a fault and the engineers didn't do anything to mitigate the situation and it's known that the tunnel will be destroyed in the event of a major earthquake. If a train is in there when that happens, then it's lights out. However, that fault is not the one that caused the 1989 earthquake and in fact the tunnel was completely unaffected by that event. Anyway, the CAHSR haters all say that the system should have been built as originally planned -- as a true bullet train that simply paralleled I-5 all the way from the San Fernando Valley north to the Altamont Pass, with zero stations in the central valley. If you trace that original route, it's about 40 miles shorter than what is being built (Central Valley cities + Palmdale). The fact is that at 200mph these extra 40 miles breeze by in 15 minutes and that additional mainline trackage wins the system all of the Central Valley city riders on local trains plus the Las Vegas connection. Seems like a reasonable compromise to me if it doesn't cost tens of billions more, which it probably doesn't. So Palmdale wins the system well-over 5 million potential riders (Las Vegas + Bakersfield + Fresno + scattered Central Valley towns). That's the approximate population of the Bay Area. HSR-haters can't seem to accept that the residents of the Central Valley are human beings. The prejudices of coastal Californians toward the Central Valley is pretty damn amazing.
  10. Trump now going after the federal grants to California HSR, presumably to BUILD THAT WALL.
  11. Yeah I have only listened to those records online. Buying a physical Samhain CD is like $100, or at least it was the last time I checked maybe 5 years ago. I ran across this live clip a few weeks ago. It's Danzig at the peak of his their powers, circa 1993. They close out the show beginning at 3:35 with a whipping version of "It's Coming Down", which wallows in obscurity on the "Thrall" EP that nobody bought from that year. Imagine if this band had been preserved in amber and was just unleashed on the 2019 Grammy's or the recent Super Bowl. I can see the dorky tattoos melting off of Post Malone's face, and the rest of all these Soundcloud viral sensations. Remember EP CD's? Why the hell did the record companies put them out?
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