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  1. Also, they both pretend to be from folksy backgrounds. "'Mayor' Pete" is about as bad as Jeb!.
  2. You need a fixed hoop to play basketball, otherwise you're just dribbling. You can play baseball/stickball anywhere, soccer anywhere, football anywhere. Theory debunked.
  3. Those are little kids who don't have phones. Their parents usually come with them. Ages 10+ all have phones and don't go outside. I've never seen a pickup game of anything other than basketball anywhere in the city pretty much ever. I haven't seen a kid throwing a baseball against a wall or two kids tossing or any of that - not in 15+ plus years. All of the fields in the West End - and there are like 9 of them - get hardly any formal use and almost zero informal use. This isn't hard for me to believe as someone who was about 10 when video games were invented and cable TV proliferated and all of the sudden pickup games and riding bikes and playing in the woods ceased to occur. We had "seasons" and statistics that we kept between our pickup games because they were daily, sometimes multiple games and multiple sports per day.
  4. There are tons and tons of baseball diamonds/football fields/soccer fields near OTR that get virtually zero use. There are wooded hillsides all over the place where kids could play but don't. Kids don't go outside much anymore and there are fewer kids than ever in the city. Those that remain sit in the air conditioning playing video games or messaging one another on their phones. Pickup basketball is way more popular than pickup baseball/football/soccer. Basketball takes up the least space of the four.
  5. The Findlay Market parking lot used to be a baseball diamond. That diamond was rebuilt at the Findlay Playground. I never saw anyone use it. Almost no kids play at Grant Park and zero at the kickball field north of SCPA. As kids decrease, city parks are increasingly just for dogs and Instagram.
  6. Does Harry/Meghan news belong in the UK thread anymore? https://www.the-sun.com/news/251084/the-queens-surrender-to-harry-and-meghans-selfish-demands-may-prove-the-biggest-mistake-of-her-reign/ Ouch, ouch, and ouch.
  7. Looks pretty damn close to me. Maybe 1-2 of these climbs are a little too steep, but not by much.
  8. It's ridiculous that they wouldn't mark the brand-new Portsmouth Bypass as "complete" -- unless they want to widen what was just built!
  9. I agree. This plan is not worth doing. The same $3.4 million could accomplish a much broader improvement to the area by significantly narrowing the street. I'd like to see the city experiment hardcore - do a six month trial where the Liberty Rd. extension is closed off and Liberty St. proper is narrowed with cones and changed to stop signs east/west. Do a resident survey at the end of that period and see if it's a disaster or if everyone adjusts and prefers the quieter alternative.
  10. jmecklenborg


    It's a shame that websites like this are gone. In Cincinnati, a Facebook group called "Cincinnati DIY" is sort-of the one-stop location for this sort of thing. Unfortunately, it's a lot different than old static websites since people are able to post their own crap and get into big silly arguments.
  11. The guy obviously didn't chock his wheels but we'll probably see the apartment complex install some concrete posts to slow trucks down in the event this happens again.
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