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  1. jmecklenborg

    Is rural Ohio dying?

    I have a former roommate who works in the office at DHL. He is the source of my figures -- that they're burning through upwards of 3,000 sorters per year. There is no way that Clinton County, pop. 40,000, or the surrounding counties, could possibly support the unending turnover. There is no way that Amazon Prime Air, even if the majority of its workers work first and second shift, could possibly get enough people to commute from Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton. There are already plenty of crap warehouse jobs in these cities going unfilled. I know for a fact that many workplaces around Cincinnati are now skipping drug testing because they simply can't get the bodies otherwise. We had a major accident at my place earlier this year, the culprit failed the mandatory drug test, and they rehired him a week later. Frankly, it's going to be a struggle for Amazon Prime Air to get the workforce it's going to need in Cincinnati if current economic conditions continue.
  2. 1513 is a very large building. 1505 is a max 4 units.
  3. jmecklenborg

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    People who own the lots don't want to sell - ever. They use them in their complicated tax games.
  4. jmecklenborg

    Is rural Ohio dying?

    What's crazy is to think if DHL hadn't moved back to CVG, Cincinnati might not have gotten the Prime Air Hub. Hard to imagine DHL's fleet of 28 jets being joined by Amazon's 100 in tiny Wilmington. DHL does one flight per day to and from each U.S. airport. In ten years Amazon's going to be doing 2 shipments per day between Cincinnati and most other U.S. and Canadian cities. Maybe 3 jets per day to and from LA and New York.
  5. jmecklenborg


    Uber losing $1 billion per quarter: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/uber-posts-1-billion-loss-210213496.html So all of your frivolous uber rides are still being subsidized by investors. It would be interesting to tally all of the public subsidies to public transportation across the U.S. and see how those numbers compare per rider.
  6. jmecklenborg

    Is rural Ohio dying?

    I don't think that they were there for more than five years. DHL at CVG burns through thousands of employees per year. Their turnover rate is 300%. They have about 900 people show up every night at 11pm and they work until 8am. It's a rough job. I know about five people who have worked down there. Most only tolerate it for a few months.
  7. jmecklenborg

    Cincinnati: General Business & Economic News

    Taylor Swift is the perfect metaphor for Nashville. There is no there there. She's boring and her music is particle board.
  8. jmecklenborg

    Cincinnati: General Business & Economic News

    Mobile is truly a dump. It's basically Paducah-by-the-Sea. The Amazon announcement in Nashville makes absolutely no sense. Nearly non-existent public transportation and almost zero walkable neighborhoods. The airport sucks. The interstates suck. There aren't any mature trees anywhere close to the downtown. The river sucks. Not many recreational activities nearby (mountains are a 4-hour drive, nearly as far as from Cincinnati).
  9. jmecklenborg

    Cincinnati: 2017 Mayoral Election

    Yvette Simpson will lead PAC: https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/hamilton-county/cincinnati/former-councilwoman-yvette-simpson-to-lead-democracy-for-america-pac
  10. jmecklenborg

    Cincinnati: Crime & Safety Discussion

    This has 60 Minutes Australia written all over it. Our 60 MInutes actually does some real investigative journalism. Theirs is sub-Dateline.
  11. jmecklenborg

    Cincinnati: Crime & Safety Discussion

    There was too much risk that something wild would happen during the arrest and Cordray would turn it around on him. So these clowns got to roam free for weeks and months so that they wouldn't become a factor in the gubernatorial campaign.
  12. jmecklenborg

    Other States: Passenger Rail News

    Google Earth recently updated its imagery in and around Fresno. They're obviously holding off on building the easy sections between the small central valley cities since the viaducts and trenches in the cities are pretty complex and labor-intensive.
  13. jmecklenborg

    Cincinnati City Council

    I think he knew who I was from my mug shot on Urbancincy.com. At that time I'm sure the Cranley campaign was privy to polling that showed they were going to win and Osbourne took pleasure in seeing all of the doomed optimism of Qualls supporters.
  14. jmecklenborg

    Cincinnati City Council

    I myself have been harassed in person, in a bar, by Kevin Osbourne. About five years ago he saw me delivering a pizza to Milton's and made fun of me for being a pizza man. This is when he had been secretly hired by Cranley while he was still working at Channel 9. I had never met the guy before this and out of nowhere I hear my full name shouted above the bar noise and he waved for me to come over. He was like "...SO...whattaYOU doin' here?" and I told him something like I was working two jobs to save up to buy a house and pay off my student loans (both being my goals at the time) and he kind of laughed at me and said "well you're a good honest man, aren't you!". He was trying to provoke me into acting unprofessional so that he could call up the restaurant and get me fired. I didn't take the bait and just walked out. I haven't seen the guy since.
  15. jmecklenborg

    Cincinnati City Council

    Cranley henchman Kevin Osbourne harasses Chris Seelbach's husband in a bar bathroom: https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/politics/2018/11/13/seelbach-files-harassment-complaint-against-city-employee/1982333002/