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  1. They aren't redundant. The Kentucky one is 2x as big. That's a completely different market.
  2. Consolidation of school districts at the county level is a completely different issue than city-county mergers. But people are much, much more loyal to school districts than to municipalities.
  3. If people were smart, they could do some underground parking as part of a large development, and turn the center of the square into a proper esplanade/park like Oakley and Hyde Park, but there is oddly never any push to do so.
  4. Police & Fire are any area's two biggest expenses, by a longshot. Everything is peanuts by comparison. And if you combine city police with county sheriffs there is no check & balance between the two. Let's say a city/county merger saves 100 "administrators". Well, the Cincinnati Police Department + Hamilton County Sheriff's Dept fluctuate in size by upwards of 500 staff over a 10 year period, and nobody notices. No tax increase, no tax reduction. What's more, most property tax in Ohio goes to school districts, not cities or counties. Most sales tax goes to Ohio, not counties. So it's not as if property taxes and sales taxes can each be slashed by 50%. Ohio already has low taxes as compared to high-tax states like California (state income and capital gains taxes of up to 12% -- far beyond Ohio's top bracket, including municipal earnings taxes), and they're absolutely smoking us. Ooh that pesky Beverly Hills is right there in the middle of LA. If only they could consolidate!!!
  5. Well Manhattan Harbor just plain feels weird outside the levee, and I suspect that residents are not permitted to plant trees, since there aren't any. It is definitely not permissible to plant trees on the levee itself because a large object could knock over a mature tree, and the dislodged root ball will undermine the structure of the levee.
  6. Is that an aviary at center-right? Or a marijuana grow operation?
  7. No it wouldn't. Per Ohio law, counties and villages/cities (Ohio has no "towns") have virtually zero overlap. They have virtually zero overlap with their respective school districts. There is basically no money to be saved.
  8. These D women shouldn't have responded at all. We're 3~ years into the Trump era and people still don't get it. And get completely off Twitter, everybody.
  9. A youtube celebrity of some stature (I hadn't heard of her) dies in electric scooter accident: https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/celebrity/youtube-star-emily-hartridge-dies-at-35-in-electric-scooter-collision/ar-AAEk47N?ocid=spartandhp It isn't specified as to if this was scooter sharing or one that she owned or borrowed.
  10. Well this video is spectacular. At least 150 people actually showed up for this:
  11. Looks like some people actually showed up for the hoax subway tour. I drove by at 1:30 and saw this group of confused people:
  12. It's really easy to walk or bike anywhere in DT Cincinnati and other areas with narrow streets. FWW plus second & third are a still a problem, even after their complete reconstruction 20 years ago.
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