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  1. If I had known back in the 90s that the future was "local" Woodchuck and Zima...
  2. George Washington inherited a plantation. He has a city, state, and university named after him. It's fairly ironic that McMicken was one of those "back to Liberia" guys while living in the very city where the modern Abolition movement - which was anti-back-to-Liberia - was hatched. McMicken's donation is now secular UC. The Lane Seminary is now...a Cadillac dealership.
  3. I was on a walking tour that was mooned by an obese woman who wasn't wearing any underwear.
  4. 141 Wellington might not be full yet, but there isn't anything else announced for the area so I wouldn't expect things to improve in the near future. Walnut Hills now has a trickle of foot activity to the bars at Peeble's Corner, but it's mostly drive-to urbanism. Last weekend I was going north on Gilbert and tried to turn around at Beecher to go back south because I drove past a delivery address by mistake. There was a girl working the first Beecher St. corner, then the next, then the next. I ended up driving all the way to May St., then south all the way to WH Taft in order to avoid driving past the prostitutes a second time. Somehow it's almost 2020 and old-school street corner prostitution continues in Cincinnati like it's 1970.
  5. ...and unfortunately it's impossible for a single transit line to serve everything. Clifton, Vine, Reading, and Gilbert are the arterials, except Burnet splits from Reading and Woodburn splits (sort of) from Gilbert. So that's 4 lines and 2 branches, if everything were to get rail transit.
  6. The opening of 141 Wellington plus the rehab of 2301 Auburn brought about 200 new apartments to the center of Mt. Auburn but you hardly see anyone outside. People are either not home or sitting inside on their computers.
  7. I was kicked off of that site several years ago for posting stuff like this. Same with the Enquirer - I was a paid subscriber but was banned when I wrote to them concerning bots in the comments section.
  8. This is a resume-booster for all of the resume padders on the committee, like the rest of cancel culture.
  9. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/11/21/2019-was-a-year-of-additions-expansion-in-otr.html?iana=hpmvp_cinci_news_headline Er, where the streetcar goes. There is still absolutely nothing going on on Vine St. from Liberty St. north to the hill, or on Walnut, or on McMicken east of Vine with the exception of the beer garden that just broke ground this past Monday.
  10. jmecklenborg

    Elon Musk

    The CVG and Atlanta trams are driverless. They have much larger capacities. They were built 30 years ago. They still work.
  11. Except this is a scam. They're burning up investor cash and taking fees from yokel local governments. Even if the technology could be made to work, a long-distance system will be practical because the capacity will be so low. Existing high speed rail systems have a max hourly capacity of 15 trains per hour, per direction. The trains carry roughly 1,000 passengers each. Musk's tide pods will carry 30 passengers. So Musk's sewer pipe will have far less capacity per hour if they do in fact run at 600mph, because they will only be able to run 10 per hour at most per direction, and probably fewer than that. Even if they do run 1,000-foot long trains in the sewer pipe, it'll still suffer from the capacity problem because they won't be able to run anywhere close to 15 trains per hour, per direction. It'll be more like 7 or 8. This is why maglev isn't a serious alternative to conventional HSR, despite the fact that the technology actually exists. They all know this. But they're pushing it. Because they're scammers.
  12. Those trams run on 1-meter gauge. That's 17" narrower than our standard gauge. Sad!
  13. He's Alive!!! Blink and you missed it, but Dr. Brad Wentrup made his presence known today during the impeachment inquiry.
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