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  1. Tweets, be they words or video, cannot hope to provide full context for anything, and therefore are not newsworthy. This the fundamental and irreparable flaw with Twitter - crap that is not newsworthy is disseminated without proper vetting. The Twitter losers get burned by things like this several times per year but they never apologize. They simply move on to being outraged by something else within the hour.
  2. My grandmother is convinced that she has been vaccinated.
  3. jmecklenborg

    Higher Education

    Wells-Fargo announces that it's pulling back on student loans: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-07-02/wells-fargo-hits-brakes-on-student-loans-with-schools-disrupted If all of the big banks reduce their student lending...well then that's curtains for the expensive schools whose tuition and fees exceed what Sallie Mae will lend.
  4. I am backing up by hard drives...I'm so damn organized that it took me less than a minute to find these photos from 13 years ago. It's dark out but I assure that we are in fact in the Lennox Center Don Pablo's parking lot. Here are two photos that illustrate that this event did actually take place...most of the rest of my photos were close-ups that don't describe the unlikely suburban context.
  5. Yeah I've run across this guy. When you see the wide array of stuff the guy reviews it reminds you of just how much more recorded music is out there now than there was when I was a kid. I picked up most rock & roll from the 60s and 70s (before I was born) through radio, but young people are barely hearing that stuff at all now because so much has been recorded just since 2000.
  6. Somebody shot out a window of the GE building early Saturday morning: https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/hamilton-county/cincinnati/downtown/property-damaged-during-early-morning-gunfire-at-smale-park
  7. I might be wrong but I didn't get the sense in Europe that restaurants "compete" with each other in quite the same way they do here. Like, I didn't get the sense that people were driving across town to eat at the new hot spot or that the trendy areas of Paris, for example, skip around the city every 3-5 years like they do here.
  8. This is pretty damn impressive. The Race Across America guys regularly do over 400 miles in 24 hours but 300+ miles in just under 20 is still really impressive. It looks to me as if she spent the night or at least got lunch at a friend's house in Westerville. I'm in decent shape right now and am confident that I could match it or come close to matching it on back-to-back days but I don't think I could do it in one day without dedicating a month of my life to training for it, plus getting perfect weather on the day of, plus having support at 1-2 points on the ride with somebody bringing me a good meal or maybe stopping into my uncle's house in Columbus to take a shower and change clothes at the halfway point! Also, I rode the Loveland Bike Trail on Thursday night this week at night for the first time ever and the insects were at times almost overwhelming. If you're riding 18mph+ it's hard to keep your mouth closed and so you're just hoovering up all of these flying insects and they're sneaking up your nostrils and in between your glasses and your eyes. Also, the deer were giving me dumb looks and threatening to jump across the trail without warning.
  9. Obviously, the current situation is unprecedented. However, it should be noted that far too many businesses - restaurants included - start with far too little cash or don't make adjustments when their cash situation gets low in order to maintain a healthy supply of cash. Many restaurants only have 1 month - at most - cash on hand, and a disturbing number haved even less. If you're serious about opening a restaurant and you are going to center your life around the thing for the next 15-20 years you need to preferably a) own the building b) have 6 months or more cash on hand. Even better is to own the building outright - have it completely paid off and have several apartments above that provide supplementary income. What's more, there needs to be a budget for renovating the place. For example, hotels budget to renovate every 8 years. That means that every month money is set aside for that purpose, not unlike an HOA fee. If a restaurant isn't doing the same then it runs of the risk of looking absolutely ridiculous in 12 years.
  10. jmecklenborg

    Elon Musk

    Jeff Bezos borrowed $300,000 from his parents to start Amazon. Most people don't have parents with a net worth of $300k, let alone have parents who can lend such a sum for a speculative business venture.
  11. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters announced on Thursday that "over a dozen indictments" are coming down next week against people who set fires and caused significant property damage in Cincinnati, i.e. the guy who broke windows at the Justice Center with his skateboard. Keep in mind that both the prosecutor and the sheriff races will be decided in November, so don't count on much leniency. They pledge their love for The Revolution, but will The Revolution love them back?
  12. The one-way configuration avoided the need to eliminate almost any on-street parking. By contrast, running both tracks the length of Vine St. would have required eliminating all on-street parking. It also would have required a significant amount of non-revenue track to reach the maintenance facility. Both tracks on Race St. would have been much easier to pull off politically, would have completely avoided the 5-way intersection, and could have reached the maintenance barn very easily. I am still a fan of my own "lower-case 'h'" expansion plan. If that were built and the current westbound Central Parkway routing were moved to 12th, I believe we'd have the best of the modern streetcar track layouts.
  13. People I know in Tennessee didn't like it when I said back in March that this might have been "it" - the high point in Nashville's growth. I think it could be 2023-24 before this event is both practically in the past and mentally in the past, and by that time, people might have moved on from pedal wagons and extravagant fly-in bachelorette parties.
  14. The blocks in Portland are 200x200, not 400x400 like ours, so the parallel streets are much closer. You can see and hear the streetcars on the parallel street much more easily there.
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