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  1. jmecklenborg

    MLS: General News & Discussion

    It's proof that the expansion policy leading to ridiculous situations like Cincinnati building a new 25,000-seat soccer stadium when a perfectly-good NFL stadium sits unused a mile south is foolish.
  2. jmecklenborg

    Cincinnati: Uptown District Discussion

    The Verge Apartments are getting a Bank of America...branch? Or will it just be an ATM? Bank of America has zero branches in Ohio.
  3. jmecklenborg

    Cincinnati: General Business & Economic News

    The Verge Apartments in Clifton getting a Bank of America...branch? Or will it just be an ATM? Bank of America does not and has never had any branches in Ohio.
  4. The conspiracy theory is growing:
  5. Hotels are often not as big as they appear, and that piece of land is much bigger than it appears. It's about 110 feet from the WHT sidewalk to the south wall of Kroger, so room for almost two Fairfield Inns. https://www.google.com/maps/@39.1279212,-84.5103483,270m/data=!3m1!1e3 Sometimes I picture something totally nuts like the Jimi Hendrix thing in Seattle going in on the trapezoid-shaped CVS/PNC/Superior block. Also, I wouldn't doubt that nothing has broken ground at the SW corner of McMillan and Auburn as developers attempt to uproot the credit union and its odd drive-thru.
  6. jmecklenborg

    Cycling Advocacy

    Last spring I couldn't find the $140 bike helmet I had just purchased the previous fall. I tore my house upside down. I rode without a helmet for about a month waiting and waiting for the thing to turn up. Eventually I gave up and bought a new helmet. Then, today, December 8, I found the damn thing. In a box with one of those green hi-viz construction site vests. In my family room closet.
  7. ^Also, the Dairy Mart was finally demolished around Thanksgiving, so redevelopment of the Alms might include use of that space. -In other news, work continues on the small building on the south side of McMillan at Peeble's corner that we mentioned here last month. I saw guys in there on Thursday. But there is no finishing work going on, so it is still just bare walls inside. -the new brewery's windows have been completely replaced, but it still doesn't really "pop". Still no finishing work going on in there either. -the two motley buildings on Wayne were demolished to make way for Firehouse Row, which is now undeniably under construction. -no movement on the Anthem site -Cafe Vivace seems to draw a consistent crowd on the weekends - more than any of the other new places. -Myrtle's seems pretty dead. I haven't seen a crowd in that place in over a year and it's usually completely empty by midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.
  8. The aquarium brings a lot of families in, who then have lunch right there. The whole business model for NOTL was to have a variety of anchors that would sustain foot traffic to restaurants and traditional retail. So the big fish tank and the movie theater have succeeded in that respect, but the early IMAX theater did not. In the 1990s there was a big "contest" puffed up by the media between Cincinnati and NKY over a variety of things, one being an aquarium. At that time the aquariums in Chattanooga and Atlanta had opened and were putting butts in the seats. There was even talk of moving the Cincinnati Zoo out of the city, but since it is supported with a Hamilton County property tax, there weren't many suitable sites within the county. Also, at that time Avondale was in chaos and the zoo property woudn't have sold for much. There is still nothing keeping the Cincinnati Zoo from building its own bigger and better aquarium on its grounds, perhaps on either of the two giant parking lots that now flank Vine at Erkenbrecker that weren't there in the 90s.
  9. ^Parking garages have a tendency to be in "poor condition" when big public money is floating around. The Riverfront Stadium parking garage was found to suddenly be in "poor condition" when talk of the new stadiums started. A city-owned garage at the SW corner of Race & 6th suddenly failed an inspection when Nordstrom wanted to come to town in 1999.
  10. jmecklenborg

    Cincinnati: Corryville: Development and News

    PUFF has opened a third PUFF on Short Vine. So there is now PUFF WEST on McMillan near St. Monica, PUFF EAST on McMillan across from Shell, and now PUFF SHORT VINE on SHORT VINE.
  11. Speaking of land swaps, it would make a lot of sense to turn the unfinished center section of City West into a park and to develop Laurel Playground: https://www.google.com/maps/@39.112293,-84.5250836,396m/data=!3m1!1e3 Get rid of the traffic circle and the streets north of it. Connect Pinecone Ln. to Liberty and develop most of the area north of Wade.
  12. The sloped site lends itself to "underground" parking. The old Prime Time dance club was diagonal to the Mad Frog, but then had parking ABOVE it, level with Calhoun.
  13. The Fairfield is not a very nice hotel. It does have a tiny pool in it but guests have to park in the public parking garage and then walk with their luggage a few hundred feet to the front door. I don't think they ever have a valet. Maybe the market exists for another hotel like the Kingsgate, which has ballrooms and conference space and a much more convenient parking situation.
  14. I drove by this morning and pile driving has begun for the actual stadium.