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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/191399650921840/permalink/2170289573032828?sfns=mo
  2. The University Circle anchor grows stronger. Cleveland has money in its nonprofits: Case Western Reserve University capital campaign tops $1.8 billion Updated 10:22 AM; Posted 10:22 AM By Emily Bamforth, cleveland.com CLEVELAND, Ohio – Case Western Reserve University raised $1.82 billion in pledges and gifts in its “Forward Thinking” campaign, the university announced Monday. When CWRU began the fundraising campaign in fall 2011, the goal was to reach $1 billion in five years. The university reached $1.04 billion by 2014, and officials decided to expand the goal to $1.5 billion. https://www.cleveland.com/news/2019/02/case-western-reserve-university-capital-campaign-tops-18-billion.html
  3. I wonder why the PD doesn't use the latest neighborhood borders for these metrics: http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/2010census/downloads/All_SPAs_2014.pdf
  4. Nice! This old photo always reminds me of the Charles Bridge in Prague:
  5. ^ At least some old houses are getting new life and reused. Definitely a bummer when Montessori High School closed, especially since it brought in so many out-of-state and international students. Happy to see more young people will be back on this block starting 2020: Hawken buys Montessori campus in University Circle for new Mastery School Updated 6:12 AM; Posted Feb 14, 6:30 PM By Patrick O'Donnell, The Plain Dealer CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Hawken School is taking over the former Montessori high school in University Circle and turning it into a new private high school with a model that’s growing in popularity nationally – teaching classes through student projects, rather than through lectures. The Mastery School of Hawken will have another major twist fitting its name. It won’t be grading students with As and Fs on report cards. It will use an ungraded “mastery” evaluation method, which rates students’ skills as Emerging, Developing, or Competent on an ongoing basis. Hawken is spending $3.7 million to buy three buildings on Magnolia Drive, behind the Western Reserve Historical Society, to house the school. All were part of Montessori High School at University Circle, which closed in the summer with enrollment and funding troubles. The new school will have about 160 students, possibly growing to 220, with some living in the 18-bed dormitory Hawken is buying from the closed Montessori school. https://www.cleveland.com/news/2019/02/hawken-buys-montessori-campus-in-university-circle-for-new-mastery-school.html
  6. Cleveland disputes AT&T’s claims that “a lack of urgency” is hindering 5G development, rebuts foot-dragging complaint Updated Feb 13, 8:01 PM; Posted Feb 13, 8:01 PM By Robert Higgs, cleveland.com CLEVELAND, Ohio – Mayor Frank Jackson’s administration on Wednesday disputed AT&T’s contention that inaction by the city has thwarted the company’s efforts to invest millions into a 5G network in Cleveland. The city granted nearly all the permits AT&T requested for new fiber lines, Jackson’s interim chief of staff, Sharon Dumas, wrote in a letter to the company that was obtained by cleveland.com. The response is to a letter AT&T’s regional president, Adam Grzybicki, sent Feb. 8 to the mayor complaining that slow action by the city was hindering the company’s efforts to make Cleveland the first city in the nation with a 5G, or fifth-generation network, for wireless communication. “We look forward to continuing to invest in the people and city of Cleveland,” Grzybicki wrote. “But currently, most of our investment plans are on hold, due to a lack of urgency from your administration.” https://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/2019/02/cleveland-disputes-atts-claims-that-a-lack-of-urgency-is-hindering-5g-development-rebuts-foot-dragging-complaint.html
  7. Believe or not, we're all kinda saying the same thing, regarding this Avenue District Phase I and Phase II project. Looking at this project, it further cements in a tone for the area all the way to the highway (btw which is how Downtown is defined by the city http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/2010census/downloads/All_SPAs_2014.pdf). Agreed it is both weird with being the wide Avenue and having industrial buildings, and also ripe for development. My whole point of seeking retail is not that I personally want retail, but recognize it as a missed opportunity for Downtown and the city to continue to build out its urban fabric. It reminds me in a way of what Lake South Union, north end of Downtown Seattle, looked like 10 years ago, before it's mind-blowing transformation from light industrial to full mixed-use neighborhood: https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/data/amazons-south-lake-union-turf-do-you-recognize-this-place/ How it related to a townhome project -- simply having the streetscape and potential amenities in place raises residential property value. --- With all this said, will be happy if this project gets built as is? Of course. But I feel it's fair to criticize a small, surprising pivot point on how the area gets developed in the short term, against how it will look and function 5 to 10 to 20 years from now.
  8. Cleveland neighbrohood real estate sales: 1) University, which includes the University Circle and Little Italy areas, had the highest median of $325,000. There were just 21 sales there. However, last year’s prices on the limited sales follow a longer-term trend in the neighborhood, driven by some high-end new housing. 2) Ohio City - $169,000 median on 81 sales. 3) Edgewater - $165,000 median on 51 sales. 4) Kamm’s Corners - $134,450 median on 420 sales. 5) Tremont - $126,500 median on 81 sales. 6) Detroit-Shoreway - $125,000 on 185 sales. Edgewater, Ohio City, University median home sale prices in Cleveland top typical suburban price; Kamm's Corners' steady drive up continues By Rich Exner, cleveland.com | Posted on February 14, 2019 5:35 AM | Updated February 14, 2019 5:35 AM CLEVELAND, Ohio - The median single-family home price in Cleveland’s Edgewater, Ohio City and University neighborhoods last year topped the countywide suburban median, according to cleveland.com’s annual analysis of property sale. https://www.cleveland.com/expo/news/g66l-2019/02/4498aa5609337/edgewater-ohio-city-university-median-home-sale-prices-in-cleveland-top-typical-suburban-price-kamms-corners-steady-drive-up-continues.html
  9. This is apples to oranges IMO. That spot is completely isolated. Phase I of Knez literally butts up against a city block with storefronts that already include a brewery and a bank....two very solid anchors for walkability and amenities GOOGLE STREETVIEW: https://www.google.com/maps/@41.5040407,-81.6851558,3a,75y,252.46h,99.05t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sgIPuYGbKIt7oDsIPxRhSSQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 I personally would be fine with a compromise with something similar to the Langston where some of Chester frontage incorporates retail development, but not all / most. GOOGLE STREETVIEW: https://www.google.com/maps/@41.5039427,-81.6742914,3a,75y,60.11h,97.76t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1scF9_x8ZlK3ApjpqFxaibtw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 I know Cleveland isn't a Portland or a Pittsburgh, but it often feels like short term visions when rebuilding our urban fabric new.
  10. ^Agreed. No other time than the present to build the foundation of walkable streetscape / urban fabric...especially with the project sitting along the main road of Superior. Past sins hurt, but there's a trending upward demand to want to live and play in the area...and there's a chance to foster that desire. Building even another extension of essentially brick wall will be a nail in to the coffin for the area for the next 50 years. Masthead Brewery alone is magnet / cornerstone in the neighborhood that can be extended.
  11. Man, wish there was some sort of first floor retail in the design since it fronts Superior. This would raise the value of the other properties too by increasing walkability and amenties.
  12. Whoa! Great to see University Circle development continuing to spill outside its borders and into neighborhoods like Hough. Too bad some of these units can’t be some “for sale” units with the $10K-$30K of free money University Circle gives employees of the area: https://www.universitycircle.org/live/incentives-for-home-buyers
  13. City of Akron passes $337 million capital investment and community development plan for 2019 Updated 2:05 PM; Posted 2:05 PM By Robin Goist, cleveland.com AKRON, Ohio -- Akron City Council voted Monday to approve Mayor Dan Horrigan’s plan for capital investment and community development, which totals $337 million, up from $330 million last year. The capital budget, formally known as the 2019 Capital Investment and Community Development program, provides a plan for investments in Akron’s streets, sidewalks, parks, public facilities, police and fire services, economic development, housing and water and sewer infrastructure over the next year, the city said in a press release. “The 2019 capital budget reflects $337 million in new investment in our infrastructure, neighborhoods, and public facilities that will enhance safety, transportation, housing, and quality of life and set the stage for job creation and population growth,” Horrigan said in a statement. “By efficiently leveraging state and federal funds, we will be able to make a significant impact in 2019, including our catalytic project to completely renovate Main Street downtown.” https://www.cleveland.com/akron/2019/02/city-of-akron-passes-337-million-capital-investment-and-community-development-plan-for-2019.html
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