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  1. How quickly is the line moving?
  2. Graham caught a lot of sh*t from people when he first started developing the Hingetown concept. But he has really doubled down on his investment in the neighborhood. When it all shakes out, the neighborhood would not have been nearly as vibrant without the their efforts to make it more than just a property.
  3. Would a microgrid like this be an important part of a project to build say, a research and design facility? And if it would be, would it be enough to change the mind of a large corporation planning to move said research and design facility to a boring patch of grass in the suburbs?
  4. I know parking downtown is tightening up, but this is ridiculous. Can't they find a garage somewhere?
  5. Nice that the storefronts have been fixed up. I can't see how this concept will work either, but then, there's several improbable business on Larchmere.
  6. Four posts stacked? What is this my mom's instagram? To return to the topic, considering the TC site was in play until recently, the announcement feels like a play for cleanup incentives. If they wanted Brecksville, they could have it.
  7. I wonder if sailors look at this kind of thing the way I look at the stupid pedalcabs with the drunk people blocking the bike lane.
  8. One of my favorite things about Larchemere is the view looking west. On a clear day, Terminal Tower rises up in the center of the street in the distance. It gives you a real sense of the connection to downtown from the East Side.
  9. It was a real Cleveland institution, you could park your car, get a payday loan, and then get a sandwich. It's a shame we can't preserve our historic parking garages.
  10. NEO-Trans name dropped on NPR this morning. @KJP is going viral! That's how the internet works, right?
  11. That's not a very nice way to describe lawyers. Seriously though. If the Justice Center goes on Public Square how much of the Weston lots would it require?
  12. If the JC goes the the Jacobs lot, could/would the complex extend to the Weston lots as well, or is that just wishful thinking?
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