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  1. Must have had two windows open, no idea? I was mostly just annoyed to open a thread I was excited about to find no new information. Which is to say, back to the topic.
  2. I hope this is tall enough to block the view for the people in the hideous Bergen Village condos so then everyone moves out and then they have to tear them down and build something that doesn't look like it belongs in the suburbs.
  3. Before it was Pizza Pan it was the Silver Fox, which one can assume was a strip club for men with mature tastes. That said, it's a testament to the market for expensive condos that this project is going up between a welding shop and a heroin treatment facility within a couple hundred feet of the highway.
  4. New York garage rock record company moving to Franklin Castle and Screw Factory Updated Jun 5, 10:48 PM; Posted Jun 5, 4:51 PM By Michael Sangiacomo, The Plain Dealer msangiacomo@plaind.com CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Norton Records of Brooklyn, N.Y., plans to open an office in the renowned Franklin Castle and move its record warehouse into the Screw Factory in Lakewood. https://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2018/06/new_york_garage_rock_record_company_moving_to_franklin_castle_and_screw_factorycompany.html#incart_m-rpt-2
  5. Surprising new tenant for the Franklin Castle: NORTON RECORDS IS M-M-M-OVING ! BIG TIME FIRST FLASH- NORTON'S ON THE MOVE DEPT. Well gang, the plans are in place- Norton's move is set for late summer -- our "operations" will head west to beautiful Cleveland, Ohio. Our main office will remain in Brooklyn, but the warehouse, Norton Record Rendezvous record shop, and our fabulous partnership with our friends at Franklin Castle will keep us on the road and very busy through the our Autumn launch there and as we set up to fly in the new year. Stay tuned for developments and new releases -- and if you can, help us spread the gospel as we give all things Norton a giant push in my old stomping grounds by Lake Eerie. This is a little (lot) scary, but no scarier than a night at beautiful and ethereal Franklin Castle- ha ha - see you all there. Love you all very, very much. CRANK THIS UP!! Please share-- full story on the way! Thank you Marty O! https://www.facebook.com/miriam.linna/posts/10155255567382016
  6. I'd love to hear what credentials are neccesary for someone to be an artist. Like, really an artist.
  7. The Constantino's is supposed to be going into the old Olney Art Gallery building and the adjacent building. I read all about it here: http://bit.ly/2DxvKcy.
  8. Wake me up when Sam McNulty starts to support the arts in Cleveland a tenth as much as Scott Mueller. Back on topic, the demolition listed above will be devastating for that intersection. It's already has the AIT spaceship on the other side of the street killing density, and the backside of the Masonic isn't helping either. That stretch is one of the worst for drivers pulling out of curb cuts blindly on pedestrians and cyclists.
  9. And here I opened the thread expecting another vaguely related post about drilling in the parking lot. Is this type of funding deal common in other cities? It's a fascinating proposal, I imagine it is not a new thing.
  10. While it would be a big footprint, a driving range would be a hole in one with the crowd that is starting to coalesce around FEB. Though I'm not exactly sure what you do at a driving range in the winter. It kind of requires a big open window to hit gold balls out of. https://topgolf.com/assets/uploads/gallery/west-chester/playing-bay-topgolf-west-chester-01.jpg
  11. If I remember from the ins and outs of this, the Schaeffer Printing facade is also staying. Silver glass brick and all.
  12. Tremont news you can use: Press has closed and has signage that suggests a bowling alley bar is in the works. It will be called the Hi & Dry, after the old Tremont haunt that became the Southside. http://www.crainscleveland.com/article/20170119/NEWS/170119780/press-wine-bar-to-close-at-the-end-of-january Hopefully something will stick there, but it's been loser of a spot thus far.
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