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  1. I know we're so desperate for development in this city that we cheer for basically anything that's proposed as long as it's built without a setback and isn't beige (for some reason), but that doesn't mean that everything that's proposed is good for the overall community. Glad you have such a rosy view of what Downtown's capable of supporting, though. That's definitely something we could use more of. Have you walked it in February? Or in the rain? Sure, but it's still a tourist attraction then. It's not your neighborhood theater, and it's not someplace you'd go spontaneously. I'm not sure what kind of base that provides for the theater. I just honestly think that this is going to force TCC out of business (just saying- not making any excuses for FCE), and then if this place finds it doesn't get the traffic it needs and goes belly-up, we've lost an amenity downtown. People on this board may not like the crowd at TCC, but they've been the ones supporting it for the last 20 years.
  2. Sure they are. You really think the market downtown is robust enough to support TCC and this theater?
  3. Yeah, you are. Because it's more accessible to a broader spectrum of people from across the city.
  4. I'm not sure the percentage matters. I'm do think the tickets will be at least 50% more than they are at Tower City, but accessibility is the bigger issue. For someone like me, living in Tremont, I could hop on a bus to downtown, get off at Public Square, and walk through the mall to the movies. The theater in the Flats won't be nearly as convenient to visit. Suzie Middleburg might love the idea, but she's not coming downtown to watch a movie nearly as often as someone in the city.
  5. You're right. It'll undoubtedly be a success. But it just cements the fact that we've created a place for people of a certain socioeconomic status to enjoy, paid for through everyone's taxes.
  6. We've been hearing those rumors for a while now, but still, what an awful idea. Tower City Cinemas are much more accessible to moviegoers from both sides of the city as well as downtown residents. Crocker on the Cuyahoga indeed.
  7. That's not true. Visas have expiration dates.
  8. I took a bus out of the station in March, and there was definitely a food counter. I bought a ham sandwich.
  9. Agreed! I hope the overall feeling on Newton will be similar to E. 115th behind UH.
  10. Almost all the parking is on the interior of the blocks, which is about as good as you can do given the reality that the residents and visitors are going to have cars. And Innova includes a smallish garage, which reduces the number of surface spaces they would otherwise have had to build.
  11. NEOMG always uses "Cleveland, Ohio" as the placeline for their content on cle.com, for whatever that's worth
  12. FWIW, the Silver Lines in Boston, which for the most part are as BRT-y as the CSU line, are also on their system maps alongside the LR and HR lines.
  13. No, first picture. Bottom left-hand corner, with the water tank on top. The view is from Columbus Rd. looking east along Abbey Avenue.
  14. IIRC, the two tallest buildings on the Clinic campus are the W.O. Walker and Crile buildings, which are both around 15-16 stories and 200 feet
  15. Growing up in the neighborhood, I always liked those buildings and it's a little weird to see them getting torn down. If the buildout of A Place For Us is anything close to what they show in the site plan, it'll be worth it. At least they're keeping the retail strip along Madison. I'd love to see a similar TOD development at the Trinity site near the W. Blvd. rapid station, but it seems like that'll remain a dream.
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