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  1. I'd agree. I loved those 80's & 90's Miami teams when I was younger and I'm still a Canes fan today, but nowadays I can do without the jacka$$ theatrics on the field just fine.
  2. Tonight at 9pm following the Heisman presentation is ESPN's 30 for 30: "Catholics vs. Convicts" the story behind the 1988 Miami-ND game and the bitter rivalry between the 2 in the late 80's/early 90's. I personally enjoyed the t-shirts made after the 1989 game after #1 ND went to Miami and lost 27-10 to the eventual nat'l champs 27-10: "God made ND #1, but Miami made 'em #2". What a rivalry that was for a few years!
  3. John Carroll 31, #1 Wisconsin-Whitewater 14 Final.
  4. The streak is over (112 game regular season win streak)!! JohnCarroll 31, Mt Union 28......JCU OAC Champs! Jesus, somebody had to post this....Congratulations JCU and kick ass in the playoffs!
  5. ^Thanks, I check this site daily and don't ever recall this development being discussed.
  6. Has anyone here heard anything about a potential 11-story apartment building on the West Bank called "The Aqueduct"? I heard about this through some higher-up's in the building trades but have seen nothing in the media or anywhere else.
  7. My wife and I will have a 3br, 1.5ba single-family home in the 5-points area of West Toledo available to rent the beginning of September. It has a detached 1.5 car garage, all appliances (including w/d) and finished basement. The Craigslist ad is attached with more info and pics. $875/mo with 1 mo sec deposit, pets welcome with a $150 deposit. http://toledo.craigslist.org/apa/5187920206.html *Mod's if there is a better place to put this I didn't know where it's at. Thanks.
  8. Largest road comeback in NFL history, says MKC of the PD.
  9. Potentially big development for the Ashtabula area: http://inashtabulacounty.com/news/2013/09/24/refinery-planned-port-ashtabula/
  10. Thanks to everyone who responded, but my wife has been presented with an offer to work in North Canton (closer to both of our families and friends than Dayton) and we've decided to pursue that.
  11. That's good stuff ColDayMan, thank you!
  12. My wife is looking at a medical position in Tipp City and I'm a carpenter. We're in Mansfield right now, and we'd be looking to move sometime in the fall. We're thinking Springfield since she would have a reasonable commute and I would be able to pursue work in Columbus or Dayton. We have no knowledge of the area and are looking for any kind of helpful info(neighborhoods/rental resources/etc) anyone could offer. A little info on us: we're in our mid 30's, no kids (yet) and 2 dogs. We'd prefer to rent a house to get started, and go from there (our budget would be up to $900/1k/mo if real nice). Thanks for any info in advance!
  13. The St. Paul Hotel project on S. Market street is very close to opening. Also, the groundbreaking for the Merchant's Block project on the site of the former Freedlander's Department Store on Liberty St. happened last week.
  14. ^You mean 'eastward'; the wife and I moved back to Lakewood last fall from Toledo. We were there for about a year. One thing I do miss about Toledo is the abundance of top-notch Mexican restaurants.....this area doesn't seem to match up in that category.
  15. There's also a sign in the former IHOP on Detroit that says a 'Cozumel' mexican place is coming. That's walkin distance from my place :clap:
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