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    Yeah, my ulterior motives are compassion and empathy.
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    ^ While not very attractive, that's actually quite common around the Cleveland area at least.
  3. I was fresh out of college, looking for a career in real estate but had no experience and naively didn't really know how to find a job or what exactly I wanted to do. My aunt knew him and setup a meeting for me with him. I don't recall much about it besides his office. He was gracious with his time and after we met for a while, he sent me to talk to another executive. Nothing came out of it, but it was nice of him to take the meeting. One thing - I didn't get a "gift" that people always talked about!
  4. This is more common than people probably realize in NE Ohio. My cousin's husband is quoted in this article and has been involved in trying to stop it for years. https://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2018/09/fighting_human_trafficking_protecting_victims_drives_salvation_army_honorees.html
  5. Huh. I’ve been on opposite end of a 1031 and wouldn’t have guessed it would be that expensive. Figured it was more an accounting expense than an expensive lawyer’s expensive. Aberdeen could be different than Cincy LLC. You own all your stuff with same LLC? Going on third property with all different LLCs. Granted I have partners.
  6. smith


    Yeah go figure. Since not a single conservative lives in these liberal cities, just proves the point that liberals are the real racists.
  7. I think you (or his supporters) are giving this moron entirely too much credit that he'd actually purposefully make errors to appeal to them.
  8. I invested $1,000 into FundRise a few years ago just to try it out. It pays quarterly returns/dividends. As first, it would send me the money, but they changed and let you reinvest it now. I just checked the account... I invested the $1,000 in Dec 2015. All-time dividends paid are $272, with YTD 2018 of $93. So really, decent % returns. I would put more into it, but I've been more focused on direct real estate investing. FundRise essentially acts as an online REIT. That said, I don't know about smallchange, but FundRise is not very liquid. I can't just cash my entire balance out.
  9. So people making fun = unhinged? Don't be such a snowflake.
  10. smith


    this is coming from someone who stated she didn't even have to read one of Kavanaugh's previous decisions before deciding she opposed his nomination. It's a joke. I wonder how many previous decisions of Merrick Garland Turtle "sorry excuse of a human being" McConnell read.
  11. I have several nieces and nephews in the CH-UH school system and all are doing well. If you have active, involved parents, there is no reason kids won't thrive in the school system. As far as crime - it happens everywhere. I lived in Hudson when I was in high school and kids would go into cars and garages and steal stuff.
  12. I hate Julie. I've never used the Amtrak 800 number. At least not in this century. What problems are you having with the website? You might consider https://www.wanderu.com/en-us/ I've been thinking about taking a train trip - maybe to Montana, although prob not this year at this point. Does that website have premium cabins on Amtrak? I can't find it. It looks like that website's fare is $35 cheaper than on Amtrak site for the coach seat and was wondering about premium. EDIT: check that, when clicking the fare, it ends up showing same price as Amtrak website.
  13. How about we stop comparing sacrifices? I think we'd all agree Pat Tillman made the ultimate sacrifice. Does that mean anyone else's sacrifices aren't real? People make sacrifices everyday. Maybe a parent sacrificed their career to raise a disabled kid. Would you say - "THAT'S NOT A SACRIFICE! PAT TILLMAN SACRIFICED - YOU MADE A CHOICE LOSER!" ??
  14. ^^ Who is Cedar Lee Development? Obviously just an LLC, but I'm curious who is behind it. I heard it might be Snavely. Also, I'm not a pessimist, but ZERO chance this breaks ground in January. ZERO ZERO ZERO.
  15. smith


    Comrade Ram - in this entire thread, have you ever posted a story about a white person being racist towards a person of color?
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