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  1. That's good question. I can't answer as we are generally looking in the S and UH. And yeah, Hudson and Chagrin Falls have both been popular for a while and certainly Lakewood. But while Lakewood had been booming the past several years CH seemed to be humming along as normal. But I've never seen this amount of activity that you have multiples, often above ask. I know of someone getting 16% above ask. So this is all anecdotal my pure speculation on why CH is that interest rates are low, supply is low (I guess??), and maybe bigger is the ability (though getting much harder) to get a quality home for $150k or less close to downtown / university circle. In a pandemic no less!
  2. My IgG was positive. Never really had much symptoms beyond loss of sense of smell and a runny nose and had a tough run one day. But got tested because I was exposed to someone who did get sick (who never had a CV test but was positive after the fact on antibodies)
  3. Residential real estate in C.H. right now is insane. I can’t speak to high priced properties but I’m licensed (just on the side from reg job, so do very few transactions) and helping my cousin buy a house and good houses under $200k are going instantly with multiple offers often selling for more than ask. I know Lakewood was like that a few years ago but I don’t think C.H. was. But is now and I’m actually pretty surprised it’s as active as it is especially with COVID. I’ve never seen C.H. as much of a seller’s market as it is right now.
  4. smith

    R.I.P.: Robert Pence

    Bump for OG Robert Pence
  5. Obviously iran isn’t a friend of ours, but you can’t equate killing osama bin laden to a senior official in a foreign government. Friend or not.
  6. Wait what the f..k are you saying killing one man isn’t meaningful? And you’re saying if someone killed our secretary of defense we can just easily replace them so no big deal?
  7. So you're saying the Constitution can be amended.........
  8. There's an article on Costar.com titled "Macy’s Hints at More Closings After Holidays" and in particular that sales at lower-tier malls lower than expected in Q3. I haven't been to this Macy's in a while, but it's certainly a lower tier mall and there is a lot of competition in the area. Hopefully they are doing OK here, but wouldn't bet on it.
  9. ^ https://www.cleveland.com/community/2019/06/cleveland-heights-turns-over-small-city-parking-lot-for-expansion-to-aid-top-of-hill-construction-schedule.html ^^ Generally I agree with @Htsguy, but I am OK with adding retail at Cedar/Fairmount and the Lee/Meadowbrook lots as it is filling in gaps in strong existing districts. Severance should be redeveloped, but we don't need to create a new retail district. If not all residential, the challenge with bringing non-retail commercial to the site is on the one hand the one thing I like about C.H. but bad for business attraction - our lack of highway access. Some other thoughts I have on C.H. The former Coventry school was sold to the library for $1 who now lease it out to non-profits and other users. I'm all for having a non-profit center in the city, but frankly that shouldn't be the location. We are essentially subsidizing the non-profits by getting no taxes on that property. It's valuable land in that location. I'm all for subsidizing non-profits, just not there. The city owns 1 of the tudor buildings on S Taylor N of Cain Park and will acquire the other 2 due to back taxes (I think). These building have functionally obsolete retail. This retail should be repurposed as a non-profit center for the city.
  10. Speed is more important than accuracy?? Sure. Well I guess over 24 hours to write that speech was too fast to get this out. But sure, let's keep placing the blame elsewhere...it's not Trump's fault he misspoke, it's Twitter culture. It's not the easy access to weapons of war that are causing these mass shootings it's video games or the media.
  11. @Ram23 Trump must have said Toledo on purpose, right?
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