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  1. "Good artists borrow, great artists steal" -Pablo Picasso, then Bill Gates, then Shepherd Fairey, then Banksey...
  2. Well... that was good news... my roommate must of thought he was in on the dunnhumby presentation and was actually sitting in on a mega-walgreens presentation.
  3. The plan would be to expand downwards, and replace layers of the parking garage with office as dunnhumby expands their business.
  4. Roommate and I went to Do Division Fest today and discussed the projects we were working on at our co-ops. He got to sit in on a dunnhumby presentation at Gensler. Building skin is the debated topic right now while massing has been mostly settled on. Shorter than we had all hoped. All I feel comfortable with sharing is that it is less than 15, including parking garages. Debates on the skin revolve around taste of the players and the results of these conversations "What is alternative/progressive? What is traditional? What was traditional used to be alternative. What is classical proportion? How can a contemporary building be classically proportional? Why must a contemporary building be classically proportional" and a whole lot of other Vitruvian bullshit that is slowing down the design. There... that was ambiguous enough, I think.
  5. Every time I ask my roommate, he just says that it is in massing. I'm beginning to sound like a suspicious nag. I have to imagine it is much further along by now. He did, however, get a full digital file of the city of Cincinnati. My jealousy is rampant.
  6. "Drunken Bento" If I'm not mistaken, is the new name of the establishment. It has certainly garnered some attention. More people talk about going to the place now, than I've ever heard of before. I think it is interesting the pressure that US@tL is putting on nearby businesses is only making a positive change. Adriatico's moved up and expanded. Spicy Pickle went independent (at the cost of their corn and green chili bisque :[ ). Glow moved in. Bzhar's rebranded. Drunken Bento. Chicago Gyro. An almost full capacity UPA. I feel like it is more like Cincinnati to complain about new development than roll with the punches of new development. Very proud of CUF.
  7. I beg to differ. The Asian Food Festival was shade-less, table-less, and respite-less. I ate my food, drank my beer and went to the park because there was no place to just "linger" on the street. I thought it was a poorly designed festival, however delicious the food was.
  8. I kind of assumed they are building from 214-226 Rochelle. See attached.
  9. Looks like 5 more buildings of Corryville's stock will be torn down for this to happen. Smh... they are nice looking buildings too. Waste.
  10. Likewise. I'm very excited to see a clean DAAP building. I was back in Clifton for the first time since the re-cladding had begun and the entire building on the west side had the blue under layer up. Very excited. As for the colors, I heard a Robert Probst argument for maintaining the original color that in such a historic, deconstructionist example of work historians would lament the decision to alter the original intent of the building. I can't disagree.
  11. Mary Beth McGrew insisted, the last time I spoke with her (or rather... she spoke to me... and many others... in a large gathering) that the University's new policy was to retain as many of the buildings on UC's campus and focus primarily on renovating them, ex. Rhodes Hall has a new student lounge and laboratory, DAAP's recadding, Proctor Hall's recladding and rooftop garden, CCM's new white roof, etc.
  12. Michael McInturf's office is working on plans for Wilson Auditorium and DAAP/SAID just received an endowment for $12,000,000... I wouldn't be too quick to write its eulogy.
  13. Gensler probably does so many of these short high rises that all they have to do is settle on a massing and then apply all the constraints in Revit.
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