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    Are you kidding me? The worst risks are over? You really don't think that we are at least going to double our death totals given how small the number of people infected has been in the US-and given how we are opening up now? I can't believe you have said this. The deaths and misery have only started. Wait until 200 million or more of us have gotten it and then compare that time to what we have dealt with so far. I have no doubt that the final death toll in the US will be at least double what it is now(100,000)so I would hardly call that an uptick or a surge, or anything short of "the worst is still ahead of us". The reality is the exact opposite of what you are proposing! Of course you could be talking about the economic consequences for well off people like yourself, but I would not know about that. *eyeroll* And we should never forget this pandemic, because if we do we will never learn from it. The LAST thing we should do is quickly move on and put it our of our minds. And I doubt people will because it is not just "COVID-19"(and that has gotten people to name their damn newborns "Covid")but coronavirus, corona, rona, Miss Rona, etc. etc. This thing will not just fade from memory. This will be to Corona Beer what AIDS was to AYDS dietary candy. This thing could become endemic and look at how another endemic disease like AIDS has not been forgotten. I can't believe the nonsense you have spouted here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And people in the US "showing their a$$es" regarding Asian people on the street is ridiculous. As if those people walking the streets of American cities and probably American citizens have anything to do with pangolins at wet markets and the CCP of China when the virus mostly got here from Europe anyway. American stupidity at it's finest. smh.
  2. Gravity looks good, but are they going to ever have any real trees at all on that side of Broad? Also too bad they could not stick a few container trees on the rooftop spaces.
  3. It looks like a good plan given it would be too expensive to keep the third floor(regarding the two Franklinton buildings.)
  4. Well only one other American city besides NYC has been able to pass it. You never know though. Who in 1950 would have thought that Columbus would have more than 200,000 people than Detroit? Or that Cleveland and Columbus would basically be trading places regarding 1950 populations by 2020? Who knows, with the way Columbus annexes(per other residents of certain cities and certain editors of certain .com local news websites that got rid of their comment section not too long ago)in 30 years Columbus might extend all the way from the Ohio River to Lake Erie, cover 10,000 square miles, and have more than 3 million people!
  5. 2019 estimate 898,553 https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/columbuscityohio,US/PST045219 Midwest Cities (250,000+): City / 2019 Estimate / Change since 2010 Chicago: 2,693,976; -1,622 Columbus: 898,553; +111,520 Indianapolis: 876,384; +55,939 Detroit: 670,031; -43,746 Milwaukee: 590,157; -4,676 Kansas City: 495,327; +35,540 Omaha: 478,192; +69,234 Minneapolis: 429,606; +47,028 Cleveland: 381,009; -15,806 St. Paul: 308,096; +23,028 Cincinnati: 303,940; +6,997 St. Louis: 300,576; -18,718 Lincoln: 289,102; +30,723 Toledo: 272,779; -14,429 Read more: https://www.city-data.com/forum/city-vs-city/3158922-2019-city-estimate-prediction-discussion.html#ixzz6NGcUqk38
  6. Well there is the "Columbus Curse" for anything that is 20 floors or over that you always have to consider. lol We have not had a single building built over 100 meters in 29 years! *channeling Jman here*
  7. Well I am not in the know either, but I am not ready to throw in the towel when we get a bit of good news, especially in the middle of an economic meltdown. Arshot was horrible with Millennial Tower, SPARC,-anything involving any Schottenstein makes me very wary at this point. Wasn't it a Schottenstein who threw the fit over the Central Crossing plan in the areas south of Vine and involving "the triangle"?-another flop proposal. *I am less optimistic about the Scioto Peninsula development right now compared to Market Tower though.
  8. DeWine is caving to the pressure and is going to doom us to a very bad second wave and I doubt there will be a second shutdown-more likely just a "die out" allowed like they have had in Sweden.
  9. But we are not dealing with Arshot are we?(thank Christ) If this was Arshot then I wouldn't think it would have a chance in hell. But with anyone else, we can remain a bit optimistic I think.
  10. This link is great! Sometimes my old @$$ really does love technology lol. That pit is really huge and pretty deep too. Love to see the progress. It gives hope for the future and reminds me that we will get through this current mess and will be able to enjoy things again like our soccer team and new stadium!
  11. This. I am careful about what surfaces I use a bleach solution on. And you have to replace the solution pretty frequently-once mixed with water it starts to become less effective-I change it every couple days. but you only need a very small amount of bleach mixed in with water in a spray bottle and bleach is cheap so no big deal. It is great for bathrooms, kitchens, door handles, keys, etc-all kinds of things. I uses gloves when I use the bleach solution. I luckily have a ton of gloves from OSU. Whenever I have had a Dr's appt. there I take a box of large gloves with me. They know I do it but have not cared and just laugh and turn their heads and let me do it lol. My old doctor would give them to me so I got used to them and I like the purple color. Might not be able to get away with that now with PPE needs and all though.
  12. While I was at Kroger there was a man probably in his late fifties or so with no mask and loudly on a phone talking about how the whole coronavirus is a fake conspiracy and that he knows nurses and doctors who have confirmed this and blah blah blah. I really wanted to tell him to move his a$$ down the aisle because I was getting sick of listening to him. Ugh. *Also both Krogers I went to had plenty of disinfectant wipes at the entrance.
  13. I found plenty of toilet paper and paper towels at Kroger today(had to shop for myself and my father). I ordered a digital thermometer online and it already arrived, a pulse oximeter was also ordered and should arrive tomorrow. *I would get a pulse oximeter just in case-that silent hypoxia of people who are near death from low blood oxygen levels and they don't even know it(they are not struggling for breath, they are just breathing fast and shallow)is very scary. There was also some liquid hand soap, and also antibacterial and non-antibacterial(yeah I know this is a virus and all)dishwashing liquid that can also be used as a hand soap. There was plenty of Palmolive. And you know you can put that in hand soap dispensers. Remember the old commercials with Madge: "your soaking in it! What?-I am soaking my hand in dishwashing liquid? But it's okay-it's Palmolive! lol. There was also plenty of bleach. You can use regular wipes/paper towels, etc. with a diluted bleach and it will disinfect-instructions abound online. *and I would kill for some hair clippers. If I knew someone who had them I would pay them to shear my hair off outside while I am wearing a mask and all for safety lol. I am to the point of wearing caps/hats/etc(which I HATE)because my hair is that damn long.
  14. I was just joking around(not in a nasty way though.). I figured they edited it. I know we need to open up gradually and if people would just follow the social distancing and use common sense it would not be such a problem-and it only takes a few idiots who will defiantly not follow the guidelines to send us into a severe second wave IMO. It is what it is at this point. I am preparing for the second wave that is on. it's. way. *now where did I put that expired fish tank cleaner?-I am feeling a bit parched and in need of some refreshment.
  15. That may very well be a part of it...but DENSITY is DEADLY in a PaNdEmIC!!!! so we must all disperse to our exurbs and sprawl! Look at NYC-living on top of one another and dying like flies! MOAR freeways and large lot single family suburban housing tracts are needed!
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