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  1. Thanks for posting this official map. Funny how some of the taller proposals(12 floors river and Rich, 12 floors Gravity 2, 30 floors Whittier Peninsula, 10 or so floors Westminster-Thurber, Jeffrey Park 12 floors etc.)are outside the official CBD. Also the new OSU hospital tower.
  2. I kinda hate that we are not getting hispanic immigrants. I wish we could get more of them. A certain elected official and his agenda is not helping I am sure. smh.
  3. I would rather us not be playing Clemson right off, but really I am just glad we are undefeated and in!
  4. I wish more people would point out to the public how much higher the highest brackets were in the 50's, 60's etc(you know, when America was "great" and all /s)and how the wealthy and most other people benefitted. Wealthy people just did not disappear during that time-there just were not quite so many of them and they were not quite as wealthy but they mangaged just fine.
  5. Hopefully we will get a middle of the road candidate who can appeal to the middle ground voters and this time even the far left, etc will hold their noses and show up to vote for him now that the horrors of a Trump Presidency have been felt. I am also hoping/praying for a recession to help turn things against Trump. We need an electable candidate and electable conditions a well. I actually agree with some of the far left proposals, but I think a longterm solution would be best. Incremental, just adding one thing to another over time to make the transition easier for the general population and making the proposals more likely to get enacted as the general population 'gets used to" the changes. Look at LGBT rights as an example. Incremental change has been fairly effective, while some of the extreme "can't see the forest for the trees" before the last election may have played into conservative hands. JMHO
  6. Two things that stuck out for me: -Big drop in Haitians-probably because of higher numbers right after the early 2010 earthquake-seems like a big decline in new numbers-over half..probably due to recovery after the earthquake-what recover has taken place anyway. -We are not getting any of the Venezuelan diaspora from that nation's ongoing crisis. Great that we are getting more Asian and African immigrants-wish we could also get more hispanic/Latin American immigrants(like some of those Venezuelans. For Venezuelans Is it a matter of reaching out or are they just not coming to this area no matter what?
  7. I am not worried about any environmental concerns as we have seen at other sites this has been mitigated. What is concerning is access to the site-the road network. That seems to also be the concern expressed by the city-which seems to see this new proposal in a positive light. I hate to say it, but I would be ok with the city pitching in money to help-because improved access would help the park as well-it would be worth it IMO.
  8. Or facing impeachment or being mocked by World leaders or losing their sanity or...ad nauseum. lol
  9. OK the latest Dispatch article says that they are planning a bike and pedestrian path along the west side of the tracks to connect to Mound street. Is it going to be a path or a street for vehicles? If not this will not work with the transportation access they have now. This must be more interconnected(and yes I mean for vehicular traffic.)
  10. ^^ These new renderings are like porn on this site! It has a sort of European look to it. Like something you might see in Rotterdam maybe(minus the parking of course.) *If this gets built I hope it is just tall enough to in December cast a late afternoon shadow that would reach across Pearl alley and into German Village. You know they are gonna be able to see it from there...
  11. I looked it up and Pew Research Center "redefined" the generations in 2018. Anyway he is at the edge of it and really is more defined by his birth class/wealth than anything else. To say he is the very essence of a baby boomer is to say that a black woman born at the same time in Alabama thinks like him, or a gay man born in Los Angeles at the same time would have the same outlook. It is too judgmental and extremely broad and is, in fact. ageist and discriminatory to do this kind of generational stereotyping. It is no different than saying all Millennials or Post-Millennials "think alike" and all. Would you do this based on race, ethnicity, sex? Why is it ok to do it based on age? Trump is not the leading edge of anything except possible insanity.
  12. I had always heard that boomers were 47-64. But I see that many definitions are 46-64. Hmmmm. When did it change? I am also seeing 44-64?
  13. Let's not get into a "generational war" either with the "boomer" stuff. I am pushing 60 and hate Trump and the Republican Cult(I agree with the rest) And technically, Trump himself is not a boomer-he is at the end of the "silent generation"-too bad he is not silent though.
  14. Seriously y'all I want this building to be preserved. Where are the preservationists/NIMBYS when you need them??? Someone needs to get Walker in on this so he can post in on CUfacebook and get the pitchfork and torch crowd ready if needed.
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