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  1. Toddguy

    City Data Forums

    Perfect example of why citydata sucks...the sh$tshow going on in the city vs city forum right now-with Columbus dragged into it for no good reason. smh.
  2. Well I know it was not Franklin Commons-I was just speculating about a garage there and all. So does that mean the site at Main and High is out-or would that be considered "connected" to the building on the rest of that block. I hope it is not Dorian Commons...why do they have to tear up park space?
  3. If they are going to imitate a Wonderland Coaster, it should be the new Yukon Striker-but taller of course.
  4. Aside from the quality of the materials, and the few things that have been pointed out like the blank northern wall and stuff, it does not really look that bad to me it just is bad for the space it is in. If it were on Third of Fourth it would be more palatable and some things could be overlooked. But it is not ok for this prominent spot. Too short and too cheapo for this spot.
  5. I hope it is not there. If so, then the southwest corner of High and Main will be doomed to be a green but dead space-undeveloped because it is city property but also not fully developed into a functional park. And I really do not want them to demo the 22 story current building-just repurpose and use the extra space-it is government-you know they eventually will need it. Maybe they can eventually consolidate/expand some things there? Don't they have 120 million lined up for this? That would make a nice building for High and Main. Better than a dead off-limits forever green space-that nobody will utilize. *When I first read this I was thinking Franklin Commons instead of Dorian. They will probably expand parking onto the Franklin Commons space-a nice garage-nothing fancy-remember this is downtown Columbus we are talking about and there can never be enough parking! lol. I can see it now-a huge new monolithic clone of the building next to it on the High-Main greenspace, and a big ugly garage on the Franklin Commons site-with a big giant elevated walkway connecting them over HIgh! lol
  6. I just want better than this for such a prominent location. If we don't get the height we had better get good design and quality materials. This is downtown on our main historic commercial street(what is left of it anyway in downtown). It is more than just "any location" here..it is this very important location. This isn't out on Fourth or off Oak or anywhere...this is in the heart of downtown on High. It should be better than this...at least it is not Highpointe(which shows the very worst of what can happen in a prime location IMO).
  7. I am fairly old so I was not sure if many of the newer schools(such as in lower Delaware County)have them. Back in the day they were very scarce and it seems like that is still the case today. Seems like just the upper crust schools can afford such a relative luxury.
  8. I wonder how many high schools in Central Ohio have natatoriums? *and yeah, I had to look it up lol-I pretty much knew but had to make sure.
  9. Wow there is way more color and diversity in the brick than I had thought-I don't know why I had it in my head that it was more homogenous.. I really like how the shipping container-ish parts turned out as well. This looks really good. A little sunshine(something we have been really lacking lately like today!)goes a long way in bringing the colors out. The art is a great part of it too. This, Gravity, and Gravity2 are going to be killing it in East Franklinton.
  10. I agree with the above comments. The building is not horrible, but is sorely lacking for what should have been built in that space. And yes, the "good enough for Columbus" is and has been for decades a very bad "default" setting for city and urban development in Columbus.
  11. I believe this is the first time in a long while at least for this. Fortunately we have the natural increase(younger population)and the immigration. I was surprised as well. * I guess I will force myself to read the article and ...*sigh* the comments that go along with it.
  12. I can't remember...was that after being adjusted? *will try and check* Okay it apparently was not so and (like many areas) we are down a bit from last year. We edged out in MSA raw numbers Portland, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose(last two should be one of course), and were about tied with Sacramento, and only about 4,000 behind Raleigh-Durham and only about 6,000 behind Nashville. Not so bad really. We were about half of Austin, Las Vegas, and Charlotte. https://factfinder.census.gov/faces/tableservices/jsf/pages/productview.xhtml?src=bkmk#
  13. Please check your sources. Unless you are referring to the year before. "The fastest growing counties in Ohio last year were Franklin County (up 14,594 to just over 1.3 million) and Delaware County just north of Franklin (up 4,284 to 204,826)" https://expo.cleveland.com/news/g66l-2019/04/6d0312c650133/cuyahoga-countys-population-drop-9th-worst-in-the-us-last-year-new-census-estimates-say.html The data was just released to the public today. And we still are doing well compared to other metros and counties looking at the new data.
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