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  1. Even if they just got them in black they would blend in so much better. I had barely noticed them but now they seem to stand out like sore thumbs!!! It looks like somebody threw a bunch of snowballs at it and they plastered themselves onto the building. Dammit I can't unsee them either now and the building is ruined for me lol.
  2. Of course. And yeah, this looks kinda shady. None of the candidates right now are perfect-they all have flaws of some kind. I guess the only problem I have is with people just going over the same candidate again and again and again when they all have flaws. Hell I don't have a favorite at this point-I just want someone who can defeat Trump-anything is better than him-I would vote for anyone or anything if it gets him out of office.
  3. Yes we have to act but I don't think at this time that we can expect anyone to follow our lead..especially China or other developing nations. I think we should really start preparing for the inevitable climate change-which is going to happen I believe regardless of what this nation does. Of course it is already happening, but we need to be proactive regarding sea level rise, increased wildfire dangers, increased hurricane dangers, etc. Anything that the US and Europe does will be offset by the growth of developing nations emitting carbon emissions. Even with any reductions there the growth of those polluting economies will increase IMO. We are basically f%%%ed, and need to reign in our emissions but also start NOW to cope with the inevitable-which is not happening with the orange blob "leading" us.
  4. I agree. Also I think we should embrace our local culture of Buckeye fandom. So many people see that as a negative but it really is not IMO. It is part of what Central Ohio is and really is part of our "brand" as a city and we should embrace it and put it in the best light possible. Not doing that is like some form of self-hate IMO. Also without Pro Basketball and Pro Football we can support the teams already in place in Ohio and also occasionally catch a game(close enough to easily drive). And Lord knows looking at the situation of those teams they sure can use the support!
  5. @MyTwoSense Why are you "confused" lol? Don't agree? Why?
  6. I am surprised by the amount of hate for him online especially among gays. Many seem to despise him on an almost obsessive level-at least that is what I have seen. *Also when it comes to climate change I wish people would look at the bigger picture and how much of the carbon emissions are coming from less developed nations and how those nation are really going to determine things. The "west" can bend over backwards to change things but it won't matter one bit if developing nations just keep putting out more pollution. Look at China with massive pollution, look at what Brazil is doing to the rainforests, etc. Why is that seemingly ignored by young activists here and in Europe? Yeah we have to do things here but it won't matter if the bigger picture is ignored. JMHO.
  7. I doubt you can show me anything that awful. That house is just so terrible on so many levels I can barely stand to look at the pic. And yes the glass block is terrible too but there are so. many. other. things. wrong! with that house. It literally hurts my eyes to look at it.
  8. That last house posted is just an atrocity looks wise. It reminds me of some of those awful new upper middle class homes built in Eastern Europe-just terrible looking. What the heck is that in the far left window on the second floor?-it just looks bizarre and random. All of the windows are just awful together. And all of that pavement and then that tiny patch of bare lawn and no landscaping save a single shrub makes the house look even more ugly and brutal.. Damn all of that pavement must sizzle with heat in the summer.
  9. Thanks yeah I remembered that Cbus was undercounted but I could not remember by how much it was undercounted. For some reason I keep thinking that we might be overcounted this time, just because the estimates have been so good and are showing such growth...almost like it is too good to be true-especially given how new residential construction seems to be lagging and all which makes me think where are all of these people living? I know the vacancy rates seem to be much lower than in 2010. I remember going to visit my parents and there were so many vacant properties then, and now you barely see any there. I also wonder with so many new immigrants and given the relatively large number of people living here you that were not born in the US(something like 185,000 or so I believe)if the birth rate for that group and family size might be higher than average. Well we will just have to wait and see. I hope that the stupid changes to the Census questions do not cause an undercount.
  10. Seeing how well the Buckeyes are doing in both football and basketball reminds me of how we really get by ok without major league professional teams in these sports. They really are like our home team, and are so good. Also we can enjoy them and know they will not just pick up and leave and become the Boise Buckeyes because we won't cough up a billion dollars for a new stadium or something...in other words we will never have to deal with a Precourt type!
  11. Interesting that Columbus appears to be approaching a density of 5,000 persons per square mile. Also interesting is the big jump in overall tracts over 10,000 per square mile-about a 50% increase. I really hope these estimates are accurate. Do you remember(or have the data)regarding what the last census estimate was for Columbus before the actual official number was released? I can't remember and I was just wondering how close it was. If I recall correctly the actual number was significantly higher for Columbus than the estimate, which was unlike many other cities that were considerably lower?
  12. LOL! IMED and left to hang, wither, and rot on the tree!!!
  13. I can't remember but is there and official or *estimated* height for this building?
  14. Downtown Warehouse Building To Get Renovation and Addition: A 6 story downtown warehouse will get a renovation and expand by 50%: https://www.columbusunderground.com/addition-proposed-for-downtown-warehouse-building-bw1
  15. That would do. That would also include parking that can be converted. I think we should officially adopt this phrase. I just could not think of a good one but this sounds good.
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