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  1. I am not from Cleveland and I just occasionally check into Cleveland threads, mainly to see the new developments(congrats for NuCLEus btw)but I have not read through the 79 pages of this thread, so please don't give me any grief about bringing up this subject, especially since apparently it is a topic that is important or it would not come up all the time. Ok? If you would like to summarize the discussions, then do that. That would be the decent thing to do for a fellow forumer who may not know all the ins and outs of this particular topic and the 79 pages of discussion since I am not from Cleveland. *Has a consensus been reached about the airport, or is there very divided opinion? Anyone? Thanks.
  2. Toddguy

    City Data Forums

    I don't complain(not much if at all). When things get out of hand there are warnings, and people either stop(like they finally did in the racism thread)or it gets locked. The "pruning" that goes on is a good thing too-even when my own stuff gets pruned. It is usually the right thing to do. *although occasionally it is best to just let the thread run wild-like on Skyscraperpage with the thread that turned into a lively mess about the appropriateness of wearing shorts, open kitchen plans, kitchens needing to be in the windowless basement of the house next door, etc.-that thread was hilarious.
  3. WHY? Does Cleveland still have that airport on the lake? Is there any way it can be gotten rid of like how Chicago got rid of theirs? It just seems like a waste- an airport serving a small clientele that does not need to really be there and all of that lakefront property tied up like that that could be used for other uses-including much needed public recreation areas/parks right on the lake. This would drive me nuts if I lived in Cleveland. So much potential access to the lake denied. And it may not be the nicest lake or warmest lake, but it is still a huge body of water and is a great asset and should be used to the best of the community at large. JMHO.
  4. ^^ That interior shot is disturbing. It looks like some kind of endless human/maze/beehive/anthill. It is Orwellian, or like something from a mall in hell. The outside is so much better. It is amazing though how it all has been coming together. Especially when you look at the first page and the mess of a railyard the site was. Other cities can benefit from seeing how NYC has done this(one in particular that should cover up the damn railways through it's grand lakefront park, but I won't mention it.)
  5. This in particular is appalling.
  6. Yeah I was looking around the net and saw that. I am not exactly a huge fan of her work but I really like that one.
  7. With all of that vacant land and massive amount of surface lots, this is the kind of thing that Easton should be doing. Such a wasted opportunity. Something like this at Easton could be to the New Albany area like Bridge Park is for Dublin. WHY can they not see this? What is wrong with Easton leadership? This kind of development is the future-especially in sprawled out wealthy suburbs. Of Course it would not hurt that the development, while serving the greater New Albany area, would be within Cbus city limits.
  8. I hate to say it, but the top tier of The Vessel appears to be an ideal place for suicides.
  9. Some interesting kid stuff: This show was hilarious! They had this performance down! Better than the original! lol. This child was SEVEN years old! damn. No singing lessons, learned from just listening and watching youtube videos smh. She has plenty of good stuff out-now that she is at the ripe old age of ...eleven.
  10. I think some are ok, others..well... I have learned to look at the author-some tend to have a disturbing knack for being very fast and loose with "facts" in the articles.
  11. Tell me more about the Jetsons-looking building in the front. All it needs is to be on very tall stilts and it would fit right in the show. I like Hudson Yards-such a good idea to develop this over all those tracks.
  12. I liked the video of the building, but like so many of these and renders, the people...lol. They were all white-looking and not one obese person- this is Columbus after all..c'mon! lol.
  13. This cluster of 3 buildings(this, and the Normandy and the Neilston)will have close to FIVE HUNDRED units-just in those three buildings. We need these to start extending east down Long. Time for a new(and with some affordable/workforce/student housing)Neighborhood Launch.
  14. Damn. As if Christchurch has not gone through enough with their downtown being largely razed by that earthquake and having entire neighborhoods having to be abandoned due to extensive liquifaction damage. That city needs a break.
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