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  1. Yeah I was referring to just how they look in that specific last pic. As other stuff fills in it will just add more variety.
  2. ^^ Great views. I really can't help but like 250 South High. I know it is not perfect, but I really like it and it was such an unexpected surprise for that narrow surface lot. Those original 2-3 floor apartments in the area are looking a bit dwarfed now. I would really like to see this view in a year or two with a Millenial Tower rising. So what is going to happen to that corner with the little hold-out bar...I think it is Rich and High?
  3. Toddguy

    Columbus Crew Discussion

    This is really where it needs to go. The site is open and ready, it is just down the road from Nationwide Arena and all of that parking nearby. This is a warm weather sport and people would not mind a little walk then and they could also add some shuttles, etc. They could open up a new entrance directly to the south to 33, and even take Nationwide Blvd. across the Olentangy to 33 as well. The strip between the site and the river would be great for ground floor restaurants, etc with residential above and a nice ribbon of a riverwalk park. Also the area to the direct south(except for the power plant of course) would be ripe for development as well as the weird triangle of land to the east. Would also probably help fill in the rest of the western part of the Arena District as well. If only this will happen!!!! *going to remain upbeat and positive on this until I know otherwise
  4. Toddguy

    Off Topic

    Yes it is...but I do kind of miss the building thing. I am stuck forever now as the Kettering Tower. At least I did not get stuck as the hideous Rhodes Tower lol.
  5. My parents are both still around (at ages 90 and 85) and they remember Cbus as crowded and dirty in the mid to late 40's. Part of that is nearly 20 years of deferred maintenance from the depression (lack of money) and the war (lack of materials and manpower). There was a housing shortage, and it was cheapest and easiest to build new housing in new areas-even before the interstate highway system a lot of Levittown type and other suburban developments were built. People back than generally could not wait to get away from public transportation and get private cars and move away from the central city even before racial desegregation became an issue for many.
  6. Toddguy

    Name your top 5 cities...

    How so?
  7. Toddguy

    Name your top 5 cities...

    United States: 1. New York 2. LA 3. New Orleans 4. Columbus 5. New York again...or maybe Sante Fe World: *not that I have been to all of these* 1. London 2. Vienna 3. Toronto 4. Valletta 5. Wellington
  8. Toddguy

    Columbus Crew Discussion

    Yes it will be nice to have a new rivalry with Cincinnati. This could actually help both teams and cities-a win/win. As long as it does not get to the hatred level of say, OSU and the team up north and all.
  9. Toddguy

    Columbus Crew Discussion

    Satan would be an improvement over Precourt.
  10. Toddguy

    Rural Ohio is dying

    Maybe much of rural Ohio outside of the three C's collar counties may be in trouble. I only can think of a few locations in the counties around Franklin that have lost population since 2010. I don't know if it is the same around Cleveland or Cincinnati (but I suspect it is at least partly the case). Maybe if many people are willing to relocate to areas closer to the major cities they would be willing to commute and still have that small town living that many of them want? I knew of people who commuted from Jackson and Athens to Hilliard to work back in the 90's and I could not imagine that commute. Besides long commutes or relocation, what is the answer for these remote rural areas and small towns? Finding key towns in certain areas of the state (like Athens or Findlay) that are within commuting distance of more of rural Ohio and targeting these areas for development and jobs? Some special initiative maybe?-something that is well thought out and studied so it won't be just throwing money down a bottomless well?
  11. Toddguy

    Columbus Crew Discussion

    I really want some good news about this! *I wish I could find if that old witch woman I visited in the Short North about 20 years ago is still alive and around. She is the person I got some voodoo dolls from way back then and if I could find one of them now it would be Precourt and would be full of pins that lying devious snake. Short North, great as it is now, is a little lesser for not having places where you could find quirky things like old witch women with voodoo dolls. *sigh* Such is progress! lol
  12. ^^Looks like a good little project in a place that has been generally ignored and can really use the infill.
  13. Well obviously you have no appreciation for the amount of work and effort put forth on this project and have no understanding or appreciation of contemporary architecture you philistine! lol /sarcasm. *I will admit this response may indicative immaturity.
  14. Wow. Tough crowd lol. I get that you guys are obsessed with height, but come on... 1) Market Tower is clearly alive and well, and in the capable hands of NBBJ and Wood/Schiff. That alone is GREAT news 2) These slides may reveal the latest direction of the project, which was no doubt motivated by economic reality, but they're not by any means final public/publicity renderings, or exactly what the details of the end product will end up being 3) Everyone tripping over themselves to trash the design as "ugly" are premature and also look pretty immature IMO. Maybe you simply don't like contemporary architecture (fine), but you should at least understand the amount of hours that it takes being poured into this day and night by a whole team of people working hard to make a project of this scale happen 4) Toddguy[/member] re: the "embrace the market" slide, those are clearly inspiration/precedent images of other work the designers were looking at, everything else is consistent and is the actual project I think maybe reading Jman's incessantly negative commentary on CU is beginning to rub off lol. I am not necessarily obsessed with height, but I do get damn sick and tired of nearly everything getting reduced. Especially after a tease of it possibly going up a bit, and from the repeated assertions from the entities responsible for this tower that it absolutely would not get a floor reduction-they repeated said that it would stay at 35 floors. If it has been reduced, they should not have repeatedly written a "it will absolutely be 35 floors" check that they could not cash. That is the part that bothers me-don't make repeated promises as a developer that you cannot keep. If it is going to be hideously ugly I would almost hope that if falls through. I would rather have a smaller but nice looking project eventually get built at the site. This thing looks ugly as it stands from these renders(which is of course, what I am going by here). If it turns out that it will be different than this, and will look halfway decent but be reduced in height, I can deal with that. Again I posted I will wait for the "official story". I do NOT want Market Tower built just for the sake of it being built if it is ugly as sin. We have had enough of the "well it looks like sh*t-but it is good enough for Columbus". We already have a much more likely candidate for that-in Millennial Tower. We don't need two additional highly visible POS buildings going up when with Arshot, we are probably doomed to at least one anyway(if that even gets built). JMHO I also do not appreciate the comment about "immaturity" and of not having an appreciation of contemporary architecture-those were cheap personal shots that I nor anyone else commenting on this project deserved. It is my personal opinion that these renders show an ugly building. That has nothing to do with "immaturity" or a lack of appreciation for modern architecture, especially since my opinion is apparently shared by more than a few people. JMHO as well. I also don't care how much time was put into this if the result is so unsatisfactory. A person can put a huge amount of work and effort into something, and it can still be a failure-regardless of effort or amount of effort.
  15. I hope this is not it. Ugly as sin and shorter too. This will just feed the chorus we so often hear about "everything being reduced in height in Cbus". I am beginning to think they are on to something. And damn this looks like a bunch of crap like some assorted unrelated blocks thrown together by a five year old. Also these images are a jumble as many do not seem to have any of the same design elements, colors, etc. as the others(the first image presented compared to the "embrace the market" image.) All together the different images do not coalesce or make a coherent whole-I will wait for official word I think.