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  1. Haven't the NIMBYS gotten passed some kind of resolutions limiting the height of new structures(wasn't the old 80 South Street grandfathered in)? If not I would not be surprised to see Gale Brewer throw her(considerable)bovine weight behind blocking another supertall proposal for the site.
  2. Since it is an entertainment related thing too, can we talk about the Jussie Smollett stuff in here or is that the very reason the 'racism" thread got locked? Anyone? Mods?
  3. Toddguy


    Well damn, Jussie! Say it ain't so! *If it is so, apologize, cry, and then have a "collapse" and enter an exclusive "haven" or "retreat" for unspecified "treatment" and go from there...and try to look as cute and adorable and remorseful as possible.
  4. As long as there is not a Cin-Day as of now and there never has been a Cin-Day and the talk of a Cin-Day is just really fantasy talk at this point, I am happy. *just joking around y'all!
  5. Toddguy


    Even if it was staged, that does not mean that Jussie was a part of the staging-it could have been bad blood from on the set of Empire, etc. We don't have all the info in yet. I admit this does not look good, but we still have to let the police do their thing. It is an attack until the police say it was not, and say that Jussie was involved in any staging of it. * I suspect that the snow queen Lee Daniels might be behind it! (just kidding really...kind of). ** not that there is anything wrong with a black gay man being a snow queen/liking white guys and all. Some of my best friends...ya know...;)
  6. Toddguy


    The Chicago Police Department has just disavowed this report. https://www.thedailybeast.com/chicago-police-shoot-down-reports-jussie-smollett-staged-attack-2 He is one of the foremost openly gay and black actors in America, and this was an "alleged" attack that was a hate crime in both homophobic and racist terms. That combo does not happen everyday, fortunately. Add in the details of the attack, the skepticism/questioning going on about the alleged attack and if it really happened as he said it did, and that is why you are hearing about it/it has so much coverage.
  7. Well with all the billions being spent, they could at least throw in a damn skyscraper or two. Just sayin' and all. I mean it is an innovation district...how about an innovative skyscraper or two, huh?
  8. Well at least they did not mention the Hilltop as one of the neighborhoods. The Hilltop is quickly moving to be the number one bastard stepchild neighborhood of Columbus, completely ignored and left to rot. At least there are initiatives or even thoughts about other neighborhoods-the Hilltop can apparently go(even further)to hell.
  9. West Jefferson getting another huge warehouse (over 850,000 square feet): https://www.dispatch.com/news/20190213/west-jefferson-to-get-large-new-warehouse-near-i-70-and-state-rte-29
  10. As this kind of development goes, it should be fine given it is in Hilliard schools. Now anything south along Alton like I mentioned would be Southwestern City schools, and Westland High School...which could be problematic.... (even though I went there it is not what it used to be.)
  11. Toddguy


    ^^ even if said celebrity(Jussie)is lying, we should just let him apologize and maybe check into rehab for "exhaustion" or something. He is just too hot to prosecute for filing a false police report! /shallowness.
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