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  1. ^Very good news for these buildings. We need to fill in the surface parking lots, but I also think we need to save as much of the historic fabric of the downtown as possible(what is left of it that is). These older buildings add character that you just cannot get with new builds, and they should be saved if possible as in this way, or at least the facades should be saved if not possible(as they are doing on Park street with the hotel). This is an interesting cluster of small buildings and ground floor retail and residential for these sounds great to me.
  2. Thanks for finding this as it is also the one I was thinking about. I really like the idea of this, just not so much the top tapering as it does to such a sharp point-maybe something at the top similar to Torre Verre in NYC? (Not that I am trying to suggest that I know everything about how real estate and development works, or that I know what is economically feasible or warranted, nor am I griping and expressing "height frustrations" and all. smh.)
  3. This is just bizarre. Mini Millennial Tower? It actually says that at the link. It almost does sound like a joke. However if they end up building both(very unlikely I think) I would be ok with that. *I think abandoned projects is probably the right place for this now unfortunately. Arshot strikes out again.
  4. Gee... I wonder which fans are going to travel there and which team the Irish will root for LOL! :)
  5. I guess I just have unrealistic hopes and expectations for Columbus. Sometimes I feel like just giving up for anything for Columbus that is more than mediocre. In other words, sometimes I feel like Jman on CU seems to feel all of the time lol. Development in this city just can seem so incredibly frustrating. ya know? I just want something better for the city.
  6. Too bad they can't coordinate the whole thing using both areas(red and blue). The top parcel of the blue part(the Dispatch building itself)is the only part of the blue that can't be used anyway. The last thing we should want is any surface parking facing Third. *sigh*. Probably won't be anything over 20 floors anyway, but as you said, hopes and dreams and all.
  7. It was right next to the Dispatch building and the top half was basically a tapering spire. There was a second phase that would have lined State between Third and Fourth with lower midrise buildings and parking. It might have had some massing over the Dispatch building but I can't remember and I also can't find it online. It was all shiny glass and they had renderings of it from different angles. It was on CU maybe Walker might be able to access it.
  8. I would kill babies for a 50 story 700 foot plus modern tower with intense angles and architecture at this site, but as many have pointed out, it will probably be a *midrise with some associated six story boxes and the(for Columbus)ubiquitous single use separated open concrete parking garage. *midrise likely to start out at 15-20 floors and be downgraded to 12 lol. I just can't get any expectations up-this is Columbus and all we are talking about. I fear a repeat of what happened at Gay/Long and High. *Anyone have any saved pics of that vision tower that was 1,000 feet for this site?-I know they had posted it long ago on Columbus Underground?
  9. My soul is dead after this post. And no bathroom privileges?
  10. If they don't go very big(as in not just dense, but tall)with this I give up on the city. If there is ANY place in the city that calls for height and yes, drama it is this site. Go big(and tall)or go home on this one. I would rather it stay like it is than have to "settle" like happens so many times. C'mon Columbus! And I hope those "700 footer" rumors are somehow attached to this. Dump Millennial Tower if necessary and push everything to this site if needed.
  11. As long as you were expressing your views the way you stated and were being respectful about it, then the lady who responded was the rude and obnoxious one. Probably one of those people who just look to be offended by anything. If she listened to if for 20 minutes rather than moving her ass somewhere else out of earshot kind of shows what she is about. She could have moved, right?-but instead chose to be offended for 20 minutes? Right. Regarding people transitioning at a young age, well they can take hormones now before puberty to block the physical changes that occur for boys-I just am not sure at what age that happens and in a sense that would be permanent but to block changes form puberty that would mean hormones at what? ten? eleven? For some of these kids, they literally KNOW they are in the wrong body from a very early age. If comes from the child and they fight attempts to "mold" them into the "right" sex for their body very vigorously and continuously. These are the ones where I think they should just let the child be who the child wants to be.
  12. Well the Northbank Tower has 20 floors and only about 80 or 85 units right? If they went a little slimmer they could get 65 units up to that height. Just sayin' and all as I realize we will probably get the brick box. But who knows? *As brick boxes go, I will say that Nationwide does know how to build good ones.
  13. Go for it and make it highrise-Grenfell Tower 2! Why should Europe/Asia/Middle East get all the good highrise fires, right? That last plot of land will get an 8 story brick box. Still better than a dead pen, and good enough for Columbus, right? /sarcasm
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