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  1. Toddguy

    Health Care

    LOL. This is so true for me on many fronts, not just being blind as a bat. Thank God we are not just left to natural selection.
  2. True, but I still think this northeastern one would be the best. And it might even help them hurry up and densify Easton as well, as that process seems to be moving at a snail's pace.
  3. Toddguy

    Columbus: Housing Market / Affordable Housing

    You can get 2000 square feet easily with a two story home with built in garage on a smaller lot than that. 60 by 120 or even 50 by 100, which would be an eighth of an acre(sort of like how they cram them together in middle class new suburban developments in the LA area and similar areas). If only people could let go of the idea that they need large yards and 50 feet of space between their home and the one's next door..."privacy" and all..as if they can't just draw the curtains/turn the blinds smh. Communities could build less expensive housing and still get the same property tax dollars because there would be more homes on smaller lots, and less infrastructure to be maintained with more density than less. And people just don't seem to need or use "yard" like they used to back in the day.
  4. If they are going to do this, they might as well get the rights to extend it up along 270 or Stelzer to then have it connecting three important nodes: downtown, the airport, and Easton. Would make it easier to go carless downtown too with the Easton access. If only though, right? This is one place where I think a rail corridor would work.
  5. The original announcement for this in March had it at 300 feet and 22 floors. https://www.columbusunderground.com/new-20-story-convention-center-hotel-proposed-downtown-we1 The diagram is hard to read/see but the article says 22 floors and 300 feet. I would imagine it would be pushing 350 by now if that is the case, especially since one of the floors added was for meeting space and those tend to have the higher ceiling heights as opposed to hotel room floors. *I am assuming that a floor was added for meeting space since it went up in floors and added 14,000 square feet to the meeting space although I did not see that specified.
  6. Looks good. Glad they increased the meeting space from 61,000 to 75,000 square feet. Just curious...but if the last notice we got was that it was to 26 floors, and this latest update shows 28 floors, then didn't it grow by 2 floors instead of just one as the article states? Well anyway I really like it. And this one will get built and it is my favorite of the 3 proposed towers. The north side of it is looking better as well in the renderings.
  7. Toddguy

    The Trump Presidency

    I am just that desperate. Throw in Schumer as well. Temporarily incapacitate them all right out of office. Hell I would take it myself if it would get rid of Trump and Pence
  8. Toddguy

    The Trump Presidency

    I don't want to wait for impeachment. Why can't Trump and Pence just suffer some non-fatal and non-permanent 'disorder' that causes them both to be obviously unable to perform their duties at all and have to step down? Is that such a terrible thing to hope for lol and if so I guess I am a terrible person. This last two years seems like an eternity.
  9. Sounds nutty. God forbid anything upsets the "industrial look of the corridor". I mean really? Industrial NIMBYS. smh.
  10. Toddguy

    Columbus: Housing Market / Affordable Housing

    Yeah but the recession is over and we have a housing shortage now. I don't get why they don't start up? Yeah this area Yeah called Shannon Green...that whole area north of 33 and centered I guess around that World Harvest Megachurch. Also there has been almost no building on the west/southwest side of Columbus in years. Grove city is building, but most of it is sprawly stuff to the south. Hell even West Jeff has been building in a small condo development, and has plans for a mixed use 400 acre development (that will include a much needed Kroger) along Broad east of 142.
  11. Toddguy

    Columbus: Housing Market / Affordable Housing

    Yeah especially with two story homes-you don't have to spend on expanding the foundation footprint and all of the cost is already in the bathrooms and kitchen. But a way has to be found. There are only so many people who can afford McMansions and something has to give at some point. And of course the rise in material costs and the shortage of construction labor does not help one damn bit.
  12. Toddguy

    Columbus: Housing Market / Affordable Housing

    It seems to be a particular problem in the wealthier areas, up north. Cbus has pretty dense development in the sliver between Hilliard and Dublin, and also up north east of Hoover dam. other areas up north(especially southern Delaware County)need to start building more of these and less huge houses on acres lots. Even that Evans Farm development they have planned will be somewhat less than 5,000 persons per square mile I think. I hate these just really wasteful huge lawns that really are not used. Front yards are really never used and never really have been and large backyards are not used like they used to be because kids just don't play in them all the time like they used to since they became permanently attached to their various tech devices. *What ever happened to that large area in southeast Cbus around that Shannon development? It looks like building in that area just ground to a halt and that seems like a good area for ore of the small lot house and apartment development?
  13. I must be one of the only people who really like glass block when it is done right.
  14. Well once again one of the usual suspects gets the new Apple site. And to think Raleigh/Durham thought they had it all wrapped up. Lots of new expansions also...but not in Ohio..sigh. News here: https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/13/tech/apple-campus-austin-texas/index.html A good piece by Aaron Renn showing who the winners are: https://www.urbanophile.com/2018/12/13/rich-keep-getting-richer-in-tech-as-apple-picks-austin-for-1-billion-campus/
  15. Toddguy

    Columbus: Housing Market / Affordable Housing

    ^^ Could not agree more. Especially with the point about building in the 'uncool crescent' south of 70. If anywhere can take and needs affordable housing it is this area. And yes there needs to be more infrastructure improvements. There are jobs locating in this area as they are throwing up warehouses as fast as they can around Rickenbacker. It just seems like smaller new homes just stopped being built in the last 20 years. We really also need to have some of these suburbs rethink the 'minimum lot size' crap and not be so afraid of apartments, rowhouses, townhouses, etc. as if smaller lots and apartments will being 'the wrong element' into their communities. And Columbus really needs to double down on the damn NIMBYS. We have known for years that housing construction has not kept up with demand, but nobody is willing to do anything about it.