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  1. The destruction of the courthouse was at a time of wholesale urban renewal efforts in Columbus. Many treasures were lost without a second thought. The freeway building did horrific damage to the urban fabric as well.
  2. There was a movement to save the old Franklin County courthouse, but it fell on deaf ears. The building had been badly altered in the 50s but not beyond restoration. The interior was wonderful, with beautiful woodwork, high ceilings and grand staircase. I remember it well.
  3. Great shots of Palm Springs! This time of year is perfect for a visit. I've been living here in the desert for 4 years after 25 years in San Francisco and have to say I enjoy it a lot. I'm glad that you were able to see so much during your trip. Palm Springs offers a lot for such a small town, but is quite a different place during the summer when the tourists have returned home. Although the summer is brutal here, you get more or less used to it and plan the day accordingly. We don't spend much time outside after mid-morning in the summer, unless at a pool or somewhere with good AC. The cost of living is surprisingly low compared to the Bay Area, and the people here are genuinely nice. Also worth seeing are Joshua Tree National Park, Anza Borrego State Park and nearer by Indian Canyons. Good hiking, interesting flora and fauna, and fairly close by.
  4. Great photos of Southern Illinois. A few years ago I visited friends in nearby Equality, and toured the towns along the Ohio from Cairo up to Cave-in-Rock. A rather forlorn area with wonderful people.
  5. I remember this well. The building exterior was still imposing, even though it was bastardized with the horrific stucco boxes in place of the mansards. The interior was still impressive, and largely intact. There was a fantastic staircase and an amazing antique elevator. I went there a few times. The opposite side of High St was a mess of wooden one floor ramshackle offices painted battleship gray. Depressing would be a kind description. Quite a few people were disappointed when the old courthouse was torn down, many wanting to have it restored to original state. Their pleas fell on deaf ears. The Hall of Justice was a sad replacement, looking dated and adding nothing to downtown. The old county jail was just around the corner on Fulton. It was a spooky looking building resembling a medieval dungeon.
  6. SFSpike

    R.I.P.: Robert Pence

    Very sad news. Rob had an interesting life, was a wonderful source of Midwest history, train history and was a gentle, nice soul. Thanks for posting the pictures showing him in his "prime". I think UO lost a great friend.
  7. Beautiful photos. The city looks great with the blazing colors of the autumn, and the cemetery memorials are amazing.
  8. That was great! Love the photos of the crowd on the balconies watching the performance.
  9. Great looking small town! Something very special about those Pennsylvania towns....I can't put my finger on it. Kind of like time has passed them by, but in a good way. Thanks for the tour.
  10. SFSpike


    I know exactly how you feel. With two visitors from overseas we went to lunch at a fairly well known restaurant at Fishermen's Wharf. The maitre d' looked us up and down and asked if there was a circus in town! I am 6'2" and the shortest of the trio. Mildly funny, but stupid. He then asked if we were locals or visiting, and commented how wonderful it was that I took my grandchildren out to lunch. My guests were 30 and 32. Of course my guests thought it hilarious, but I was p.o.'d all day. The years taken their toll, but I don't think that old.
  11. Great photos of the state! Dayton looks fantastic, and Mt Vernon looks like like the quintessential idyllic midwestern small town. Very impressive, and inviting.
  12. Beautiful photos of Indy. It looks so thought out and clean, but liveable. The monuments are stunning by any measure, especially the War Memorial. Of course my favorite picture is you looking like a kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and the cop next to you! Nice!!
  13. Beautiful photos. Tremont looks like a wonderful area. St Theodosius has an unbelievable interior, which is completely unexpected. I always wanted to take a peak in there as well, having seen the outside many times as a kid when going to Cleveland. The workmanship is amazing. Cleveland never fails to impress. Or maybe it's just your photography!
  14. SFSpike

    Pet Peeves!

    ROFLMAO! Thing 1 or 2 don't grocery shop for me. That my nephews responsibility! Seriously, I grocery shop, I'm just not good at it. I nearly fell off my chair laughing when I read this. This is why I love UO! Grocery shopping is enjoyable to me. In my neighborhood there is a great, albeit expensive, store, where the clerks and deli people know the customers by name, smile and are genuinely nice. The store even gives me a ride home--the entire 2 1/2 blocks--if I am too tired to trudge up the hill. This will all change soon when I relocate. Arghhhhhhhhhh. I HATE MOVING. Any aspect of moving including: packing, sorting, schlepping boxes from the store, deciding what to throw out, what to give away, touching up the paint on the walls, filing the zillion nail holes, letting prospective buyers look through the place and comment on my stuff, etc. Soon it will be over--breath deeply, count backward from 100.
  15. You seem to have captured the essense of LA completely in your series of phots. Amazing shots. Although it is blasphemy for a northern Californian to say so, LA is fantastic, enthrawling, crazy and wonderful. My compliments! Especially like the freeway shots winding through the hills. Not pleasant to be driving on, but they have a strange beauty.
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