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  1. They have started putting out a few cafe tables and chairs like they have across the street. I was the only one using them yesterday after work. Also--unfortunately--they removed the "YOUR SPEED" detector signs on Sycamore. I guess that was just a temporary acclimation thing?
  2. This is something I brought up during the streetcar "pause," to wit--shouldn't we have a cost/benefit analysis of the WHV cost? Isn't that the new standard for such major infrastructure projects in the wake of the streetcar?
  3. Their mea culpa could have struck a much more contrite headline....
  4. By the way, 3CDC is taking steps to demolish those old tow truck garages behind Wielert's/Kaze patio. That should happen fairly soon.
  5. Also, re Imagination Alley, residents of the Brickstone building to the North have frequently parked cars in a haphazard manner on the northern, rear half of the space, causing consternation for some of their neighbors. I don't know if this issue has been resolved or not.
  6. I was thinking the same thing. And the Pendleton cranks are already poised for HOWLS of protest/outrage.
  7. King Records site remains in limbo. http://www.soapboxmedia.com/features/042517-soapdish-record-store-day-cincinnati-vinyl-tradition.aspx Hopefully the city and possibly Cranley chum Neyer Properties can come up with a plan to save it from the owner's demolition dreams.
  8. I remember the old Vine and Erkenbrecker entrance as always being closed when I moved here in '03, except maybe for the Christmas extravaganza. It had a jungle safari/thatched roof and spears kind of look, with maybe a cheetah and gorilla statue to complete the tableaux. My favorite entrance was off of Forest. When my kids went to Zoo Camp, they would give us the access code to that electric gate so we could pick them up after-hours when the zoo was closed. That code continued to work for a long time after zoo camp was over.....
  9. Living at this intersection, it's amazing what a difference it makes to have actual windows in the surrounding buildings. Four buildings in that immediate block now have new windows.
  10. Just change the hours from 9am-6pm to 10am-7pm every day We have been saying that for years. Most of the old school purveyors absolutely abhor that suggestion. Avril-Bleh is the same way. It is simply not done. Let's not forgot how staying open on Sundays, something which seems mandatory and natural, was met with howls of protest--not that long ago--and threats by many longtime vendors to pull out altogether. Old traditions die hard with many of these people.
  11. The restaurant news here is that they are looking to get a restaurant/bar down in the sub basement of 1313 Vine, and the entrance to it will be off of Republic Street. http://www.soapboxmedia.com/features/032817-1313-vine-street-adaptive-reuse-soapdish.aspx
  12. The 15th Street homes were all pre-sold. I thought only one of the Towne homes on Elm was under contract.
  13. It does look like the W 15th homes are doing really well. But I only see that one of the Towne Properties homes have sale pending; do you know otherwise that the others are sold? I just had the impression that those units were going to go slowly. Yeah, you know, I just hadn't seen a lot listed so I figured they were already sold, no insider info at all. I did notice though on pictures I wasn't the biggest fan of them compared to other listings I have seen in OTR Pretty sure the 15th Street ones were all pre-sold. Re Wade, several had to be pre-sold as a condition to obtaining financing. Also re Jim Uber comment above on the objections by certain members of the "community," well, I could not have said it better myself.
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