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  1. Below is the High Street caps in Columbus and Walnut Street over FWW in Cincinnati at very, very close to the same scale. It seems like caps like this, even if they didn't full cover the trench, would help. Covering the trench for a park seems like you'll just have empty dead space given the Riverfront park right there.
  2. thomasbw

    Cincinnati: Findlay Market

    that's a great idea
  3. thomasbw

    Cincinnati-NKY International Airport

    Agreed. CVG is a pretty great medium sized airport. Way more open and comfortable than most.
  4. They have one commuter rail line- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_City_Star
  5. thomasbw

    Electric Scooter Sharing

    just call them "mobility lanes" problem solved
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    Cincinnati: Findlay Market

    Expensive food court
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    Electric Scooter Sharing

    Speaking of induced demand, free parking and massive automobile subsidies induce more demand than anything else.
  8. "check out this site: www.citystreetcar.net" check out this site: www.cincystreetcar.com
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    Ohio's 1st Congressional District

    In this case, it's a dog whistle
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    Cincinnati City Council

    One political party ran sent a mailer that stated "OUR" Democratic Party Leaders took a position that was the exact opposite of the that position that was actually voted on by that party's actual party leaders. If the Republicans sent a mailer that showed Joe Manchin and said "OUR Democratic Party Leaders Support [insert gun policy that's the opposite of the actual policy] that's the same thing that happened here. Charter's supposed to be the good government people. They sent out a mailer the day before that, accurately, said these former mayors support issue 10. Disappointing to see them being intentionally misleading when they have a large amount of funding for this campaign against no organized opposition of any sort.
  11. thomasbw

    Cincinnati City Council

    Charter sent out a pretty misleading mailer for Issue 10. It was mailed from the Charter Committee and it said "Our Democratic Party Leaders agree" vote yes on 10. Despite the fact that the actual democratic party leaders endorsed a no on issue 10.
  12. Here's a chart of ridership since we opened (September & October 16 omitted as they throw off the graph)
  13. I'm just guessing it would be so donations are tax deductible.
  14. thomasbw

    Cincinnati: Crime & Safety Discussion

    There was absolutely no reason to publish that letter.
  15. Gondola station (other station being Classen Park).
  16. The designers of Sim City- https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2013/05/the-philosophy-of-simcity-an-interview-with-the-games-lead-designer/275724/
  17. There's much, much, much lower hanging fruit that we can work on first.
  18. I've been looking at that intersection too, just make the right hand lane of northbound Elm there right turn only and throw a few bollards out there.
  19. I’m not sure if there are any clear examples of how transit marketing, independent of other service changes or the introduction of new service, has led to increased ridership. No gold standard exists for marketing transit that I’m aware of. Every single bus only transit agency has tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to market transit to ‘riders of choice’ since the end of the Second World War; however, only when high quality transit service is provided are the agencies successful. Transit is effectively a utilitarian service. People will use effective transit, but not take a slow and unreliable system, regardless of how it is packaged to the consumer. Marketing transit effectively only provides the public with the knowledge of the existence of the service. If the utility of the service is insufficient, no amount of marketing will increase ridership. For the Cincinnati Streetcar, most if not all of the marketing budget should be redirected to the offsetting of lost fare revenue in a free system. The streetcar has been the most publicized and well covered transportation story in the past several decades. Every Cincinnatian is aware of the existence of the streetcar. Marketing dollars, if deployed, should be narrowly focused at conventioneers and visitors from out of town who might not be aware of the system. Considering the costs of collections of fares and the average fare revenue per rider, every dollar of marketing expenses has to attract about three new riders to break even. Those marketing dollars would be much better spent in underwriting free fares. I think we need to do a few things, in this order to turn the streetcar around. 1. Aggressively work to prevent blockages and delays; increase the fines for blocking the tracks; improve towing response time. Create a new cultural consensus about blocking the tracks (it's like blocking a hydrant or parking in a handicap spot, you just don't do it) 2. Evaluate the schedule, cutting unproductive times (after midnight, early morning, weekday late night in the winter) and using those resources to underwrite free fares/improve service when busiest. 3. Re-time the lights and allow the streetcar preemption or to hold green, increasing running speed and decreasing headways. 4. Re-launch the system as a fare free system (Streetcar 2.0)
  20. Signal prioritization would be huge. There are 43 traffic signals along the streetcar route. If we can even just let them hold a green for longer, that will be a big help. Some lights, like 13th and Race should never stop the streetcar. For the mid-block lights, the streetcar should trigger it as it approaches and get the movement signal first. If you can get the streetcar to only stop at 8-10 lights instead of 22 in a full loop (I'm assuming you've got a 50/50 chance of green/red and the average light time is 40 seconds based on what I timed today on Main Street), you could save about 4-5 minutes, which means headways should drop about 2 minutes. Then you have a system that's running 10 minutes at peak and 13 at off-peak. Free allows a “re-launch” of the system. Improvements to OTP or running times will help, but it will be difficult to sell that to new or previously unhappy riders. Free fares, which can likely be done at no or low cost will be front page news and give us the chance to get people to ride or give it another shot.
  21. Ridership has been trending downward, but if you look at the numbers, there's a massive drop in line with when the scooters entered the market. June 2018 Streetcar Down -6.0% July 2018 Streetcar Down -6.3% July 26th, Bird Launches August 2018 Streetcar Down -15.7% August 29th Bird Expands September 2018 Streetcar Down -24.1% September 11 Lime Launches
  22. Not sure if there is a West End thread but here's an article from the inimitable P. Casey Coston- http://www.soapboxmedia.com/features/012616-soapdish-casey-coston-dayton-street-west-end.aspx
  23. thomasbw

    Cincinnati-NKY International Airport

    I would have to assume that WOW pulled out due largely to their business model. I have no earthly idea how these budget airlines turn a profit.
  24. If they add bump outs, you'd have to remove at least the north side bump outs to go back to the original version. If the concern is the water main, then maybe they need to add some protected bike lanes as a buffer. Don't have to move the water main for that.
  25. jmicha[/member] so it turns out I can use sketch up but I can't load import it to google earth. Can you throw a 750' box at the site and see how that looks?