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  1. Central Parkway was down to one lane for months for subway tunnel repairs and no one noticed or cared.
  2. thomasbw

    Greater Cincinnati Metro (SORTA) and TANK News & Discussion

    Metro has a higher than average farebox recovery.
  3. thomasbw

    Greater Cincinnati Metro (SORTA) and TANK News & Discussion

    Metro funding consists of three main sources with a few other smaller amounts. 1. City Earnings Tax 2. Fares 3. Federal Funds The City Earnings Tax is about 1/2 of the total funding for the system, so while that portion will increase by 2/3rds, the overall system funding will increase only about 35% (I'm just assuming the numbers are correct). Now, increased miles and hours will increase our federal funding as well and our fare revenue as well too, but I think that's what they were trying to say. Also the IGA between the City and SORTA already prohibited these funds from going to the Cincinnati Streetcar, but I'm glad they put it in the ballot language to prevent COAST from saying that we were increasing taxes to pay for the streetcar.
  4. "check out this site: www.citystreetcar.net" check out this site: www.cincystreetcar.com
  5. I didn't see anyone post this- https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/01/11/data-with-cutbacks-on-the-table-what-time-of-day.html
  6. I was hoping for an urban miniature golf course in that little might be a park but I think it's owned by CRC north of Panino.
  7. thomasbw

    Driverless Cars

    What will be the impact of driverless cars on cities? Discuss. [for the purposes of this conversation let's assume a 'driverless car' is basically a car that can drive itself 99% of the time and costs say 15-20% more than a regular car]
  8. In terms of people visiting places for historic architecture New Orleans, Charleston and Savannah come to mind. They are all in the south and near the ocean. Are there any northern cities that people visit for the historic architecture? Maybe Boston? (also near ocean)
  9. The parking lot right next to it, the parking lot at 12th and Vine and the entire Davis Furniture/Salvation Army block are all better candidates for redevelopment first.
  10. The City of Cincinnati collects $0.00 per year in sales tax. 70% of our city's collections are from income taxes, paid by people who live or work in the City.
  11. I like Municipal Beer works, or whatever it's called
  12. thomasbw

    Cincinnati/NKY International Airport

    I loved having the train and shuttle buses at CVG, when people asked, why not just run a bus? you could say "at the airport, would you rather take the train to Concourse B or the Shuttle Bust connection to Concourse C?" and every time they went, "oh yeah"
  13. I had never heard of that brewery
  14. Lucy Blue's Goodfellas A Tavola Taglio Venice on Vine Place up near Rhinegheist Harvest If you count Taste of Belgium in Findlay Market, (they sell pizza by the slice) that's 8.
  15. "The CVS pharmacy at the corner of Sixth and Race streets closed Sunday, and the building's owner plans to redevelop the site to potentially house offices for a new Fortune 100 company." "We've been talking to some very large Fortune 100 companies,'' Flaherty said. "We're working hard right now to bring something new to a great old building.''" Seems suspicious
  16. The old Cincinnati Street Railway system was critical infrastructure that was needed to support neighborhoods of this density. Once that was gone, the density went with it.
  17. I have the feeling there will be some fraud charges against the Transit X backers at some point.
  18. I doubt it would even be a news story in Dayton
  19. thomasbw

    Electric Scooter Sharing

    Good deal of both still on the street in the City That Sings
  20. It only takes the six democrats on council to stick together to override a veto
  21. thomasbw

    Greater Cincinnati Metro (SORTA) and TANK News & Discussion

    It's only a bus lane 12% of the time. The other 88% of the time it's a parking lane. That's the problem. If you paint it, it might be even more confusing.
  22. thomasbw

    Cincinnati: State of Downtown

    That Walgreens is much nicer than the CVS
  23. I went into Clifton Market when it opened. They had a juicer and a sign that said "juice bar coming soon" Went back months later and still not open. The juicer was sitting within direct line of sign of the produce section and they never seemed to make the connection.