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  1. I was surprised how many of our peer cities have free downtown circulators
  2. They have increased service frequency to 15 minute headways all the time, down from 20 non peak/15 peak They also added a some morning service and they run extended service for Bolts games, etc. Ridership is up 191% this month. I would guess that if you just made it free, ridership would be up 135-150% If you just added the extra frequency and service, ridership would be up 15-20% doing both gets you 191% Of "fast, frequent and free" the most important is free followed by frequent then fast.
  3. Tampa Streetcar July Ridership 2018: 26,112 Went free September 2018 July Ridership 2019: 76,043
  4. I would love to see ArtWorks do a mural of every team that has played there as their home arena on the giant blank white walls that surround the arena.
  5. It's been a while since there was a good "drive around Cincinnati and take pictures of all of the development" Thanks!
  6. I was wrong on what caused the drop in headways for the Kansas City Streetcar from July 2018 to July 2019, turns out it was improving signal timings, signal priority, and a tighter schedule that reduced peak headways from 12 to 10 minutes, not adding a 4th car, but the ridership data is still correct, only a 1.2% increase.
  7. Kansas City started running four streetcar service in June 2019, but July 2019 was the first month of a full month of four car service. Four car service reduced peak wait times from 12 minutes to 10 minutes. In July 2018, ridership was 262,593. In July 2019, ridership was 265,826 up 1.2%. We only have one month of data, but reducing headways had virtually no effect on ridership. It's increasingly clear the reason they have high ridership is they have a fare free system. For FY20, the Cincinnati Bell Connector is only budgeted to bring in a total of $70,834 in net fare revenue. We need to make the system fare free if we want to increase ridership. No other policy or combination of policies will be as effective as eliminating fares for increasing ridership.
  8. Portland has some stop signs, but as you can see they built a stop at the stop sign, so it works out pretty well.
  9. There's so much low hanging fruit its ridiculous. For example the streetcar stops at mid block crossings on Walnut, Main and Race where it makes a lane change. At all of these there's a pedestrian walk signal that comes before the streetcar gets the signal to move. From the moment the light turns red, it's 23 seconds before the streetcar moves. These three lights, with 78 trains per day with 23 seconds of delay per cycle result in the streetcar sitting idle for 89 minutes and 42 seconds per day, every day. It would cost about zero dollars to change this. The light at Race and Green literally serves no purpose (go look, it's remarkable). If you just covered the lights with crosswalk signs (which I'm sure we have a bunch of sitting in a warehouse somewhere) you'd save about 11 minutes per day for the system. These two basically free changes alone would cut 1 minute and 16 seconds off the time it takes for a streetcar to make a loop.
  10. The community council voted to endorse. A group of residents who did not go to the community council showed up at historic to oppose the project.
  11. Streetcar Ridership for July through the 21st. Last year a Reds game added, on average, 150 riders per game day. For July we're adding about 650 riders per game day. It costs $4,646,454 a year to operate the streetcar. The bang for the buck we are getting for this $10,000 promotion is incredible. Thanks Woods Hardware!
  12. From this years state of downtown 10.47% Class A Office Vacancy Rate Downtown Neighborhood, Cincinnati, OH 13.85% Class B Office Vacancy Rate Downtown Neighborhood, Cincinnati, OH
  13. When I googled "Columbus open location Over the Rhine" none of those showed up.
  14. Bretzel (which is closing) BrewDog (which is really from the UK) Mikey's Late Night Slice ....am I missing some?
  15. The streetcar was blocked 2,016 times in the recently completed FY19 or about 5.5 times per day.
  16. There would be a lot of discontent if they made some non-park changes that were permanent
  17. The yearly VTICA payment from the Artistry will be greater than the annual net fare revenue
  18. The area right around Jackson St. is still all regular meters- https://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/dote/assets/File/OtherMaps/OTR_Parking_Permit_Area_Map.pdf
  19. Just looking at the new liquor licenses issued in OTR in this calendar year Holiday Spirits Social OTR Platform Urban Axes Wodka Bar Oddfellows/Mikeys Zundo
  20. If you raise the fine from $65 to $68 you could make it free.
  21. I've posted this before, but in light of the Louisville article-
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