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  1. We need to get a bell 13 feet in diameter at the Banks
  2. It seems like it would make sense to run Wasson Way into Eden Park then connect it to downtown with a protected bike lane on Gilbert if possible.
  3. Correlation of Walk Score, Transit Score, Bike Score and Population in City of Cincinnati Neighborhoods.
  4. The 78 gets better frequency in 2020 according to this- http://reinventingmetro.com/uploads/Neighborhoods/Cincinnati Routes Maps v1.0.pdf
  5. If the city proposed a bus lane that eliminated 203 spaces, everyone would be up in arms saying this would make parking impossible and ruin everything and 'just another reason to not go downtown' But here, we've essentially got 203 spaces dropped on the city out of no where and no one is saying it's going to fix parking and this is just what we needed, etc, etc.
  6. Good news- Streetcar ridership was higher than projected and higher than laster year. Bad news- it cost more to run the TVMs that we made in ticket sales for the month. Jan Ridership 2017- 35,344 2018- 17,220 2019- 22,362 2020- 26,385
  7. That's great. I suggested this years ago. There's doors that connect the RTC to the CRG. The reason to have not done it previously was, I believe, staffing for security and some repairs that needed to happen for the exhaust removal fans or waterproofing or something. I'm going from several years ago memory here.
  8. Do MLS fans travel more than MLB or NFL fans? It seems like you always see a ton of out of towns fans for Reds and Bengals games, more so than FC Cincinnati games just from my anecdotal observations.
  9. I was just monday morning quarterbacking with the 13th alignment. One thing I have noticed is that splitting the track on one way couplets really did encourage more development. Think of the amount of development on Elm/Race north of Liberty compared to Vine, Walnut and Main.
  10. This would have been an easy fix for Central P arkway
  11. Gotta fix Phase 1 first Fortunately, we could fix it in three months if City Council actually, you know, decided it wanted to have a successful streetcar system and adopted other city's best practices.
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