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  1. Realistically if you want to do a "everyone needs to get off" point, it would be better to do it at the Banks. Just extend the platform. Stop at the first platform, everyone gets off (have a railing so people have to walk around so they would have to obviously run if they were going to re-board, then pull forward and board on the second platform. Plenty of room to extend the platform
  2. I had the idea to do something like this-. Have the front two doors open and have everyone alight and then have the back two doors open for everyone to board. Apparently you'd need to re-program the cars for this.
  3. based on a cursory search, there's copies available at the downtown library.
  4. Ovation has been empty for a decade. Any of those things (aside from perhaps a convention center expansion) could have gone there in that time. The fact they didn't probably means something.
  5. Bengals are selling out 73.8% of capacity, by far the lowest in the league. There are two teams in the 80s (Tampa Bay, 84.6; JAX 87.5) and everyone else is in the 90+s.
  6. The streetcar basically has to be free to be used for large events. If every machine at every stop sold 1 ticket a minute for the four hours that Blink is underway that's only 4560 tickets.
  7. 0.67% for SORTA, 0.13% for infrastructure is what I was told. SORTA can always go back and ask for another 0.2% at a later date if its needed. This represents net new funding and allows the City of Cincinnati to drop it's earnings tax to 1.8% which would be by far the lowest of any big city in Ohio. Let's not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Vote yes.
  8. “If I was king, I would never, ever let Hilltop go to a surface parking lot so people can ILLEGALLY drink beer 10 times a year,” Luken said. Fixed it
  9. That would be useful, apparently didn't realize how NFC worked.
  10. Unless we're doing all door boarding, it really doesn't matter.
  11. If you have a public library card, you have access to all Business Courier stories online. Go to "research and databases" on their website. It also gives you access to the New York Times, but it's annoyingly complicated to use.
  12. "Chicken Salad Chick, which bills itself as the only Southern-inspired, fast casual chicken salad restaurant concept in the U.S." Are there other, non-southern inspired fast casual chicken salad restaurant concepts? Based on a quick google search, there are not.
  13. ^you'd probably get 5x more ridership on a Newport spur than the Ezzard Charles spur.
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