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  1. thomasbw

    Cincinnati-NKY International Airport

    I would have to assume that WOW pulled out due largely to their business model. I have no earthly idea how these budget airlines turn a profit.
  2. If they add bump outs, you'd have to remove at least the north side bump outs to go back to the original version. If the concern is the water main, then maybe they need to add some protected bike lanes as a buffer. Don't have to move the water main for that.
  3. jmicha[/member] so it turns out I can use sketch up but I can't load import it to google earth. Can you throw a 750' box at the site and see how that looks?
  4. Not sure for Qualls but from 2013 to 2017 the streetcar didn't really affect anyone's vote
  5. thomasbw

    Ohio Census / Population Trends

    This is interesting, where's this data available?
  6. thomasbw

    Cincinnati: Restaurant News & Info

    That's its biggest problem
  7. I'll try to figure out what those words mean and give it a shot.
  8. I'm not sure if this software exists, but is there a program that lets you simulate where the top of a build would be visible from? For example if there was a building 750' at 5th and Vine you could see it from this red-shaded area on the map? I've always thought there was more fragmentation and parochialism in Cincinnati due to the geography 1. actually dividing up people into clear neighborhoods and 2. blocking out the downtown skyline for most of the city, which prevents the daily reinforcement of "oh yeah, Cincinnati"
  9. If only there were a city owned garage directly across the street from District 1 HQ
  10. thomasbw

    Ohio Census / Population Trends

    Weird choices for "Peer Cities" Providence, Akron, Virginia Beach, San Antonio, Toledo, Portland, Ft. Wayne all on the same list.
  11. That piece of information would be un-knowable if someone buys a day pass for Cincinnati as well or for the Portland MAX/Streetcar system. You'd basically need a MARTA or DC Metro style scan in, scan out system to know how many times unique individuals are riding. Semi-related, I wonder how many times individual cars are counted in a "vehicles per day" count. If you commute from Loveland to the Airport, your car is being counted as a vehicle on 275, 71, FWW, BSB, 71/75, 275 (again).
  12. ^they stop sales at 1:59am on Spring ahead
  13. Basically all bars in Ohio have to close at 2:30am there's an exception for qualified major events in Franklin and Cuyahoga Counties that allow them to stay open until 4am but I don't know if this is ever used. This is a statewide forum, did they do that for the RNC in Cleveland or any other events?
  14. The Cincinnati Streetcar had 3,124 riders on Sunday September 2nd, the night of the fireworks over Labor Day weekend where we extended the hours until 1 am. The last time the Kansas City streetcar had a single day where they had fewer than 3,124 riders was April 3rd.