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  1. One option would be to have 24/7 meters on certain streets, but parking on those streets is free if you have a residential pass
  2. It includes almost all of the West End east of Linn and South of Liberty
  3. For Cincinnati, a one mile circle from Fountain Square includes the public housing projects in Newport that were cleared for the Ovation Project and the Queensgate Jail, either of those could have contributed to that decrease in population.
  4. And more people attend games in urban areas here's a chart I made a few years back of average MLS attendance vs. miles from city center
  5. I forgot May Festival, Ballet and Pops. Add those in and there would be three conflict in a year. All you have to do is move the FC games to earlier on those days and problem solved. Next year, just coordinate schedules. And if FC has a really, really big game that can't be moved, maybe you'd want to play at Nippert where you can sell 14,000 more tickets.
  6. Based on this years CSO schedule and FC Cincinnati schedule, there would only have been one conflict between the two; and that's without them trying to coordinate. CSO- March 30, 8pm FCC- March 30, 730 You wouldn't have any Opera conflicts. And this is just random chance, not scheduling. This can't be to difficult to figure out.
  7. I think a free (or free combined with parking) streetcar could help encourage people to park at the Central Riverfront Garage and streetcar to their office. People take the Metro Route 85 Parking Meeter to park near longworth hall
  8. Central Parkway was down to one lane for months for subway tunnel repairs and no one noticed or cared.
  9. Metro funding consists of three main sources with a few other smaller amounts. 1. City Earnings Tax 2. Fares 3. Federal Funds The City Earnings Tax is about 1/2 of the total funding for the system, so while that portion will increase by 2/3rds, the overall system funding will increase only about 35% (I'm just assuming the numbers are correct). Now, increased miles and hours will increase our federal funding as well and our fare revenue as well too, but I think that's what they were trying to say. Also the IGA between the City and SORTA already prohibited these funds from going to the Cincinnati Streetcar, but I'm glad they put it in the ballot language to prevent COAST from saying that we were increasing taxes to pay for the streetcar.
  10. I didn't see anyone post this- https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/01/11/data-with-cutbacks-on-the-table-what-time-of-day.html
  11. I was hoping for an urban miniature golf course in that little might be a park but I think it's owned by CRC north of Panino.
  12. In terms of people visiting places for historic architecture New Orleans, Charleston and Savannah come to mind. They are all in the south and near the ocean. Are there any northern cities that people visit for the historic architecture? Maybe Boston? (also near ocean)
  13. The parking lot right next to it, the parking lot at 12th and Vine and the entire Davis Furniture/Salvation Army block are all better candidates for redevelopment first.
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