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  1. Rain kills ridership. We had five free ride days around the holidays There was very heavy rain on two days, light rain on one day and clear on two days. When you look at ridership in light of the weather, you can see free fares increase ridership even more when it's not pouring. Below are the average riders per day for the five free days based on weather conditions. Heavy rain (more than one inch) 2405 Light Rain (1/3 an inch) 3257 No Rain 4522
  2. Let's look at some traffic counts- use this site to see them http://traffic.oki.org/ Liberty has 3 data points, they average about 15,750 Ludlow Business district 14,551. Four lanes, goes down to two most of the time Hamilton at Blue Rock 15,059 (same)
  3. Three Points refers to the the triangle shape of Pendelton.
  4. With net fare revenue project to be $188,710.19 ($62,710.19 if you take into account the cost of checking tickets) for FY2019, getting the ease of use and ridership boost from going fare free seems like the right call.
  5. The Philadelphia Fusion is an "Overwatch League" team. I would have guessed indoor football. We don't have an Overwatch team. The New York Excelsior is a pretty good team name using the State Motto. If we tried that, we'd have the Ohio With God, All Things Are Possibles Atlantic Division Boston Uprising Florida Mayhem Houston Outlaws London Spitfire New York Excelsior Philadelphia Fusion Pacific Division Dallas Fuel Los Angeles Gladiators Los Angeles Valiant San Francisco Shock Seoul Dynasty Shanghai Dragons
  6. FC was the last pro team we're getting. How large are e-sports arenas? That's actually a pretty good idea. And if you build an e sports arena (which I'm assuming is a room with lots of seating and giant televisions I've never been to one) put it next to the casino and have it set up so that it can be a sports book lounge when not being used as an e-sports arena as sports betting will be legal in Ohio in the next 3 years.
  7. This whole free fare thing might just work- https://twitter.com/BRADLEYWTHOMAS/status/1113472315998838786 In February 2018 the @TampaStreetcar had 25,221 riders. Tampa went fare-free in late 2018. In February 2019 ridership more than tripled to 82,996. Peak service is 15 minute headways, off peak service is 20 minute headways. Remove the fare barrier and ridership explodes. I'm not sure how to imbed tweets.
  8. Here's something interesting I found looking at the seasonality of Cincinnati's streetcar ridership, Kansas City's follows an almost identical pattern (the y axises are scaled differently)
  9. Right now 2 streetcars until 11am and after 7pm weekdays; 3 streetcars 11-7 Saturdays I thinks it's a similar 2-3-2 but I'm not sure of the exact hours, Sundays I think it's just 2 (I could be wrong on that one)
  10. Kansas City had 211,456 riders in March. Our March ridership isn't in yet, but even if March is 150% above projections (my guess is that it will be within 5% of projections) Kansas City had more riders in March than we had in October, November, December, January, February and March combined And once again here's the routes to scale
  11. I just requested them, I'll post if I get them and if that's allowed.
  12. Just to show what the current ridership is and when people rider, here's the riders per hours charts again
  13. I was there yesterday, unless someone told you they were separate places, you'd never know.
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