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  1. It only takes the six democrats on council to stick together to override a veto
  2. thomasbw

    Greater Cincinnati Metro (SORTA) and TANK News & Discussion

    It's only a bus lane 12% of the time. The other 88% of the time it's a parking lane. That's the problem. If you paint it, it might be even more confusing.
  3. thomasbw

    Cincinnati: State of Downtown

    That Walgreens is much nicer than the CVS
  4. I went into Clifton Market when it opened. They had a juicer and a sign that said "juice bar coming soon" Went back months later and still not open. The juicer was sitting within direct line of sign of the produce section and they never seemed to make the connection.
  5. I think he's pretty happy on his boat
  6. "The 550-space garage underneath the music venue will cost $29 million and sit underneath the music venue and a future lawn next to Paul Brown Stadium" $52,727 per spot parking garage
  7. October 2018 Streetcar Down -16.9% November 2018 Streetcar Down -3.7% And as the weather got colder, the declines went back to single digits. Pretty clear scooters took a big bite out of streetcar ridership during the highest streetcar ridership months of the year.
  8. FCC has no impact on Pendelton
  9. I've been in that unit before. It's a studio condo which is strange, the table mirror thing is a murphy bed.
  10. I got my Kevin Huber jersey signed at Lachey's
  11. I disc golfed in the wrong order
  12. First announced 2006 Groundbreaking in 2010?- https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/blog/2010/05/ovations_could_break_ground_in_a_year.html If this project were on the Cincinnati side, it would have constant negative media.
  13. Below is the High Street caps in Columbus and Walnut Street over FWW in Cincinnati at very, very close to the same scale. It seems like caps like this, even if they didn't full cover the trench, would help. Covering the trench for a park seems like you'll just have empty dead space given the Riverfront park right there.
  14. thomasbw

    Cincinnati: Findlay Market

    that's a great idea
  15. thomasbw

    Cincinnati/NKY International Airport

    Agreed. CVG is a pretty great medium sized airport. Way more open and comfortable than most.