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  1. There would be a lot of discontent if they made some non-park changes that were permanent
  2. The yearly VTICA payment from the Artistry will be greater than the annual net fare revenue
  3. The area right around Jackson St. is still all regular meters- https://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/dote/assets/File/OtherMaps/OTR_Parking_Permit_Area_Map.pdf
  4. Just looking at the new liquor licenses issued in OTR in this calendar year Holiday Spirits Social OTR Platform Urban Axes Wodka Bar Oddfellows/Mikeys Zundo
  5. If you raise the fine from $65 to $68 you could make it free.
  6. I've posted this before, but in light of the Louisville article-
  7. I was walking around Piedmont Park in Atlanta and on one 20 minute walk saw the following options: Relay Bikes (traditional bikeshare) Muving (powered scooters) Lime Bird Lyft scooter Uber scooter Bolt Scooter Jump Bike (dockless e bikes) Wheels (two wheel e bike without pedals, these are very strange) SCAD Bikes (college bike share)
  8. Just tried the electric Redbike (Cincinnati's bikeshare) for the first time. Wow those are better than the scooters in just about every way imaginable. Only downside (for the rider) is they have docks instead of just littering them all over the street wherever you want (this, however, is a positive for everyone else).
  9. I would have to imagine the Blue Ash system is doing terribly with the possible exception of any stations located in Summit Park which are probably doing reasonably well.
  10. According to the DCI State of Dowtown 2018 Regional Office Inventory the "West" Office Market has 1.7% of regional office inventory. https://www.downtowncincinnati.com/docs/default-source/stakeholder-docs/sod_2018_low-res.pdf?sfvrsn=d6718c49_8
  11. The Pacers are the closest NBA team to Cincinnati and I don't know if I've ever seen anyone wearing a Pacer's jersey. I don't know if I could picture what one looks like.
  12. Seems like Salt Lake, Charlotte and Portland would be the three logical choices for teams (assuming we're staying in the US)
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