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  1. The CB Connector had more riders during three days of Blink (35,168) than it did in all of November (32,742). Milwaukee's fare free system had 52,998 riders in November,Kansas City's had 155,307. The FY20 Streetcar budget assumes $0.65 per rider in gross fare revenue (child, senior citizen discounts, multiple rides on day passes) and an average of $21,083.33 per month in ticket collection costs (printing tickets, TVM maintenance, credit card fees, etc). That puts net fare revenue for the streetcar at $351.16 for the entire month of November or about $0.27 per vehicle per hour. (Note this doesn't include the cost of paying police to check tickets, which is about another $10,0000 a month.) Even if we just get Milwaukee numbers by going fare free, for November that would be a 61.8% increase for the cost of $11.71 a day.
  2. The Georgia State Panthers are using old Turner field as their home stadium. Olympics-> MLB -> Sun Belt Conference Football -> XFL
  3. You also have the pedestrian walk signal occur before the streetcar signal at the three midblock lane change crossings along the route which adds 66 additional seconds every single loop. The Green and Race signal (which you could just cover with a Crosswalk sign) adds an average of about 8 seconds per loop.
  4. The money is coming from the Chamber and large employers. They care about the earnings tax because, but they don't care nearly as much about sales taxes.
  5. There's absolutely no basis for this statement
  6. I've always thought it would be better to do a Gondola closer to the Reds stadium and have one line go to Covington and one line to Newport.
  7. Don't forget Arepa Place and Wodka Bar which both started out at the market before moving to brick and mortar locations.
  8. It is the CRC, when we rented it out, it was the first time the space had ever been rented.
  9. Counter-point, because they didn't specify the amount of the sales tax, it's good it has a sunset. Otherwise a future board could put on a 0.1% sales tax which would eliminate the earnings tax and create a net loss in transit funding.
  10. Wasson Way bike trail will be a massive impediment to light rail in that corridor. The Central Park Bike lanes will not.
  11. Or, more likely it will be just a minor issue of the many many other potential issues.
  12. Come on. If we're going to use the subway ROW, the bike lane isn't going to be an issue
  13. I have no insider information, but the backers would look at a loss of Issue 22 within city limits and say "if we can't win a pro-transit election in the city, there's no way we're going to win in the county so why even try" Issue 22 (and the subsequent sales tax) mean more revenue for SORTA than the present arrangement, so I'm voting yes.
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