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  1. Is it really the city that is not understanding the zero sum game? I think these businesses are private and not centrally planned. Yes business owners have to keep that in mind but its one of the cases where the strongest survive. And while there is a certain truth to the zero sum theory, the government has to choose where to spend to help promiote growth i.e. make it a non zero sum game but a plus game. Incentivig entertainment districts as part of a strong urban core is a good use of funds IMO. Unfortunately there will be businesses that dont survive. But in the end you hope growth is acheived and I think it is being acheived, albeit slowly.
  2. I've lived in Cincy for 8 years; moved from the Northeast. While I continue to be an advocate of the city and am certainly pleased by some of the positive momentum of the urban core, when I visit other comparable cities, it hits me sometimes how slow Cincy really is. I certainly am not going to compare Cincy to northeastern cities or larger cities like Chicago. but in visiting C-bus this past weekend, I was absoultely amazed how deveoped their downtown is and how there is a crane on almost every surface lot with new condos/rentals popping up everywhere. Ifeel like it takes Cinc forever to move on things and we spin our wheels like crazy. Cincy has such natural/ingerrant gifts and therefore I like the potential and the turnaround in OTR is remarkable but I still cant help the thought thaturban core renewals are happening everywhere and ours actually doesnt feel as special as it could be.
  3. Sorry i am not to speed on everything but is the liberty Street narrowing something that is on the table or just a dsire of urbanites on here? I have a post on here 10 plus years ago about the importance of beautifying imporving Central parkway as gateway to OTR and I feel the same way about Liberty so i am curious about this> I think they did an ok job on central parkway and hopefully they continue to improve it with development of various empt lots. The medians overall are a big improvement. I think they can make the sidewalks more landscaped and consistent. Liberty is a disaster right now.
  4. I am sure i am in the minority but i think the Law school at the Banks is a bad fit. I am all for more mixed use and making a bit less of a party district but I just can't envision a law school in that enviroment. For better or for worse, the banks has become the primary events/entertainment district. Open containers will only make it that much more. Does a law school really fit in that environement? I always hoped UC would covet/develop some of the empty lots by city hall i.e. Elm and 9th area. Some really cool undeveloped town homes, and proximity to OTR and CBD could be attractive.
  5. OK, landscaped medians....is this a concept that we will have to wait until we host the next major event? Seems like a no brainer to me but I don't understand why it has taken 5 years now (new Mehring way opened in 2010).
  6. I think some greenery and trees will be added as construction contines. I alluded to how sterile and uninviting TKILTBAG seems. Clearly there can be some kind of trees or greeneryplanters used on the sidewalks but also many of the restaurants can add there own smaller planters to green thinsg up. As the trees grow, it will get better; will probably be a few years before it ruly fels warmed up. Glad this is finally being addressed 3 years after it was brought up. In all seriousness, did the developers not see the need for this/ i know most on this forum have a particular eye for this kind of stuff but i just dont understand how delayed this was.
  7. are there any plans to landscape the medians on mhering way? They look very dingey and have been unlandscaped for 5 years now.
  8. "artisinal chili parlor" The whole "artisinal and craft buzzword thing is so annoying.
  9. They are renovating Kabat's office and have to go in through the garage side.
  10. I have to say as a general obervation, while its great to see so much contsruction and development, our city is really starting to look like crap and I think some of the shabiness is unnecessary. While ripping up the streets over the last few months is understandable related to the streetcar and associated work, it seems they have been ripping up our roads for the last few years. If you look at essentially any street in CBD or OTR, they are in horrible conditionand most sidewalks do too. The exercise of repaving has been sloppy done and it seems thee has been no thought of asthetics whatsoever. To me, it just seems like streets and sidewalks are just getting blown out on so many unrelated projects i.e. not anywhere near new construction or the streetcar. This has been going on for 4 or 5 years now. Please tell me there is some master paving plan in 2017 that will fix the mess our city is becoming. It seems excessive.
  11. I always thought they should move the Lincoln stature to the grassy area in front of he freedom center ( in-between the Yard House and Future restaurant)as it would be appropriate for the freedom center/freedom way. I guess the roundabout wouldd work too. With that, of course, I think they should build a Taft stature in Lytle Park, near his home.. How this city has yet to have a taft statue is beyond me.
  12. Has he ever used anti-gentrification when he has been on WKRC or WLW? I have not heard that once. Instead he comes off as if he is to the right of Paul Ryan when it comes to budget matters.
  13. I can't figure Smitherman out? To me he is a total enigma. I don't understand how you can be such a budget/fiscal hawk aligning with Coast and support President Obama at the same time.
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