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  1. I was wondering when these pictures would finally show up! Great stuff. Glad to see you got all around those central parts. Maybe next time my car will be accessible for a broader tour! But boy, the most notable exception to this is notable as hell! Wood and vinyl Boston fascinates the geographer in me because it's what most of the city is, but it's so different from the popular brick-and-stone image of Boston, which comes from those older central neighborhoods that tourists rarely stray beyond. And as for unfriendly people, better to save your interactions for over here in Cambridge. People are much nicer on this side of the river!
  2. I love popping back to this forum for survey threads. Home base: Cambridge, Mass. February 2011: Quebec City April 2011: Washington DC June 2011: Dayton (including a day for Camp Washington Chili/Cincy Reds, of course) June/July 2011: Luxembourg, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris August 2011: Ocean City, NJ September 2011: The Poconos, Pennsylvania October 2011: Madison, WI (this week) November 2011: Dayton (presumed Thanksgiving trip) Plus four trips to NYC so far this year (including being stuck there during Hurricane Irene), some trips to nearby places like Cape Cod, and a couple of visits to northern NJ. There really needs to be more Ohio in all of this.
  3. Shut me down if there's already a thread on this (apologies for now following the forum too closely these days), but it was interesting to see this on the cnn.com home page today. The name of the program is a little grammatically confusing, but I think I like its spirit. The rest: http://www.cnn.com/2011/10/08/us/ohio-dayton-pro-immigrant/index.html?hpt=hp_t2
  4. Great tour! The "just like Dayton" building looks pretty interesting. I have really got to make some day trips to Providence. There's no excuse! That probably explains why there's no one downtown. :wink: In any case, how would they even get there now that one of the highways has been removed from downtown??
  5. What a town. Classic ColDay excellence! Forgive me if I haven't been following along closely enough, but what's that "the one for fun" business?
  6. PigBoy

    Where do you live????

    What do east coast cities count as — Other or Youngstown Suburb?
  7. ^That sounds about right. It's always been hard to succinctly describe the accent in Dayton. (Except some of the East Dayton people, who sound pretty hardcore Appalachian to my ears.) But I'd never thought that it might be peculiar to Dayton. Perhaps it is. I actually used to find the local accent kind of grating. If it were stronger or weaker it would be okay, but it's right at an annoying level.
  8. Agreed, it's really interesting to see, especially having heard remarks about Cincinnati being "one of the most segregated cities" in the country or some such. (No citations; it just seems to be something that comes up now and again.) I would believe that neighborhood-by-neighborhood the city does exhibit a lot of segregation, but it lacks the stark geographical segregation patterns of many (most?) other cities.
  9. Thanks for the little tour! I've driven past Rockford a million times but never stopped to look... though it doesn't appear that I was missing a whole lot.
  10. Fantastic tour! Very interesting to see the types of architecture and such in there.
  11. Ah, memories. Living there was nice, but visiting may be even better. Great shots! I especially appreciate your closing shot of my second home, Science Hall.
  12. I can't figure out what "dynamic and irrelevant" means here. Equal opportunity homicide or something? Is it really true that black males aren't disproportionally the ones being killed? (Honest question.)
  13. Here's a house in my neighborhood. I'm waiting for the whole block to fall over like dominoes.
  14. You can have my pencil sharpener. I probably don't use it more than once a year. I'll just get by with whittling next time it comes up. Copier, though... you're on your own!
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