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Huntington Tower 330'
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  1. I went to school at Washington Elementary for half a year and most of my relatives went there so I'm glad to see they went for renovation over demolition.
  2. the night view of the new tower, all lit up with construction lighting, looks amazing from the highway. :clap:
  3. Fades of Glory! What a great name for a barber shop.
  4. Another great OTR thread! Love the mix, from chic to downright scary.
  5. Great pics. I too could easily see myself living in this part of the city.
  6. ^ too funny! Move-in day must be a lot easier these days with the newer, smaller technology the kids own. LCD monitors and iPods make the load a little lighter. Unlike my cathode ray tube TV and computer monitor, IBM 486, CDs, cassette tapes, etc.
  7. Nope, hot guys in Orange 'n Black are way sexier! :-D
  8. I just never understood why a small city like Lima needed two malls and why were they built so close to each other?
  9. #5 is my favorite from this set.....the river, Roebling, Covington, hills, and the interstate all look great together.
  10. Very cool thread idea! Dayton and Lima's Masonic Temples are beautiful. I'm not digging the exterior of Cleveland's, but those interior shots are awesome.
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