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  1. For $4/month, you too can get creepy text messages from random "Facebook Live" "reporter." We get it. They are money hurt. But this is an outrageous request that borders on creepy and unnecessary. It's not even remotely cutting edge. I've never seen an entire response be nothing more than laughing emojis:
  2. And dueling Ferris wheels! (Except, isn't Cincinnati's temporary?) $40 Million Music Venue Coming to Newport's Ovation Site The first phase of the Ovation development in Newport will include what developers are calling "a world class music venue". An announcement took place at the riverfront site late Thursday morning. Covington-based Corporex, which owns the long-dormant site, reached an agreement with AEG Presents/PromoWest to construct the $40 million venue.
  3. Welp, time to update my article on the former St. Vincent building: http://abandonedonline.net/location/st-vincent-de-paul-building/. Is NYO offloading its properties since the indictments?
  4. They (and the Enquirer) are all part of the USA Today network, so it's all centralized. All of our papers here in Ithaca, Elmira and Binghamton are printed in... Rochester, a good 2 hours at a minimum from Ithaca and 3-4 hours from Binghamton. But with print demand declining so much, they can eat the transportation costs.
  5. The Guyandotte Hotel is a long abandoned hotel in the coalfields of West Virginia. Guests in the hotel over the years included then-Senator John F. Kennedy, United Mine Worker’s President John L. Lewis, Babe Ruth, Will Rogers, and other dignitaries. 1 Note the high water mark on the wall from flash floods in 2001. 2 The hotel closed circa 1978. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 I've held this old hotel in my maps as a place to return to for close to 15 years. I used to pass by it a lot when I was younger and it was in much better condition then. When I returned, the rear wall partly collapsed, leading to the destabilization of part of the upper four floors. I did get an encouraging message from the town council who informed me that they are working through West Virginia University in securing funds to stabilize the Guyandotte Hotel and shell it out for future restoration. It lies right on the path of the future four-lane Coalfields Expressway, which for now is ending just outside of the town and will provide a high-speed connection to Interstates 64 and 77.
  6. Parking garages will support the development, absent that the area receives a mass transit system that's worthy of removing such requirements. But in every rendering, those garages were tucked underneath buildings and there was no iteration of any surface lot. Judging from their other projects, and the length of time this has taken to come to fruition, I highly doubt this will be a slapdash project.
  7. You mean: THE Harbor Freeway, THE Hollywood, THE Ventura, THE 105. California is unique in prefixing their freeway names and certain route numbers with "The." If freeway names are suffixed to shields, it should be plain text adjacent to a shield like how Illinois does. Other states try to squish all of the text into a shield until it becomes unreadable.
  8. Is this a sign of a struggling downtown market or something just limited to this development area?
  9. I don't think the office building is a permanent stop-gap for any blue line extension. It may not follow the same trajectory across the intersection, but it can snake around the building and continue onward?
  10. Fresh Market, in general, has been closing stores and exiting states. I shopped at the store on occasion for cuts and seafood but always found other staples to be vastly more expensive than even Whole Foods. A Giant Eagle Market District would be amazing.
  11. Sunday's drive through Hartford, Connecticut was the capstone of a long three days with some old and new friends. Having passed through a heavy storm along Interstate 84 approaching Hartford, I noted that the clouds were beginning to part. I quickly exited the interstate and head over to the historic Connecticut State Capitol, which I had long wanted to photograph. As I set up for minute long exposures, the storm clouds began to break away, revealing the late evening sunshine. The Connecticut State Capitol, the third such building for the state since the American Revolution, was constructed between 1872 and 1878. It was designed by Richard Upjohn and James Batterson in the Eastlake Movement architectural style, also incorporating French and Gothic Revival styled elements. The exterior was built of marble from East Canaan and granite from Westerly, Rhode Island. The Connecticut State Capitol remains one of my favorite capitol buildings to photograph.
  12. I did a post not long ago about the Friars Club murals, painted by Lumen Martin Winter: http://abandonedonline.net/friars-club-murals/ The mural looked oddly familiar and evoked Classicism, Modernism Regionalism, and Romanticism styles, which I've seen in numerous other WPA-era murals in post offices and buildings, including the abandoned Armory in Detroit. In fact, I came across one in Boston last weekend which I swore was painted by Winter but was mistaken. "While living in the now-demolished Friars Club in Cincinnati, Ohio between 1941 and 1944, Lumen Martin Winter painted murals on the walls of the residents’ lounge. The 1,600 square-foot scenes, painted in tempera emulsion on a casein ground, depicted regional highlights of industry, music, religion, and literature. Winter had labored on the murals for four years, although his work was interrupted for 18 months while he was enlisted as a chief artist illustrator for the Air Force’s Signal Corps. The murals were dedicated on November 12, 1944."
  13. Anyone going to the Biden kick off May 18 in Philadelphia?
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