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  1. unusualfire

    Cincinnati Bengals Discussion

    We lose one and gain one. Eifert out for the year. Burfect comes back next week.
  2. unusualfire

    Ohio Census / Population Trends

    Cleveland gained wooster to it's CSA. Columbus stayed the same. Cincinnati did not absorb Dayton. Next revision should be in 2023. https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Bulletin-18-04.pdf
  3. unusualfire

    Cincinnati: Crime & Safety Discussion

    Man these CNN guys don't do reasearch saying the 5/3rd building is the tallest in the city at 32 stories high. The shooter is dead from what I heard and three victim's died.
  4. unusualfire

    Cleveland Browns Discussion

    Mychal Kendricks is charged with insider trading.
  5. unusualfire

    Cincinnati's Homeless Population

    If this happened in Indian Hill do they also have to get 72 hours notice???
  6. unusualfire

    The Trump Presidency

    So Trump knew about the meeting with Trump Jr and the russians. Trump told him to continue with it.
  7. unusualfire

    The Trump Presidency

    That soccer ball had a chip in it!
  8. unusualfire

    The Trump Presidency

    Trump supporters what should we do about Russia??? Let them do what they want to do???
  9. Did they drop the ball on them meters again? One is not even on and another still has signs(This one is working) covered.
  10. unusualfire

    The Trump Presidency

    Trump is going to have another meeting with Putin. Can rupublicans be complicit to what is all happening and they do nothing????
  11. unusualfire

    The Trump Presidency

    Here you have it folks. Putin wanted Trump to win.
  12. unusualfire

    The Trump Presidency

    Trump is blaming America now for the sour Russia relationship.
  13. unusualfire

    Cincinnati Reds Discussion

    The Reds are playing well. They should keep and sign the core. Get a pitcher or 2 in the offseason. Sign Harvey for another year. And lets see what happens.
  14. unusualfire

    The Trump Presidency

  15. unusualfire

    The Trump Presidency

    Can any of Trump's supporters give a legit reason that Trump wants a 1 on 1 with nobody else present? Of course they will say there is nothing to hide.