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  1. Looks like the restaurant opened this past Thursday and the owner is scheduled to be at our block club later in the month.
  2. A "Park-N-Ride" type red line station (similar to Brookpark or Puritas) near Babbitt would do great. It would be the only such station in that part of eastern Cuyahoga and would draw interest from Lake County residents who could easily access it from I-90. I know these areas are served by RTA and Laketran Park-N-Ride buses during rush hours but train accessibility would offer much more flexibility in usage time. Perhaps the train station could be used as a catalyst to spur development on the large swaths of empty land occupied by the former Euclid Mall and K-Mart/Twin Value. Not to mention these properties are adjacent to the Babbitt/E.260 highway ramps.
  3. It is a win for the Flats that the NEORSD project includes the boardwalk along the entire project and will use part of the demolished house property for the future park. This will add some incredible riverside views to the park. Now, if only that boardwalk could extend to FEB.
  4. This is a great photo...probably from the late 20's? It's interesting that in addition to the streetcars that there were double deck buses. Were those buses used on regular transit service lines?
  5. lafont, I am not sure what photo you are referring to but there has not been a structure next to the house for at least 30-40 years...maybe longer. There was something there at one point as the yard is sinking with the deteriorating debris that was buried in the basement of the demolished structure. You are right, that house is not as late as 1860/70's. It is Greek Revival revealed, in part, by its low pitch roof, original full transom front entrance and wide trim bands under the front gable and eaves. Also, the house has a 66 foot wide lot which is indicative of an early house as the later 19th century homes have lots that are half that width. It was mentioned at a recent block club meeting that the house was from the 1830's and I did not question it since most homes of this style were built between 1825-1850 in this region. Regardless, due to the architecture style and lot size I highly doubt it was built after 1850. Also, I share your sentiments about the Hubbard House. I do believe these earlier homes although not as grand as the later and larger homes are very important to the historic fabric of the city.
  6. It is the house on the SE corner of Bridge and Randall. There are hundreds of homes similar in size that have already been renovated on the near west side. I believe the historic homes that make OC unique should be preserved over more bland townhomes that are being built everywhere.
  7. I applaud the pushback to demolishing the 1830s Greek Revival house. It is one of the oldest remaining homes in the city and there are very few homes of that style remaining in Cleveland. It is located in a historic district (local and national) and epitomizes the type of home that should be protected by this status. Furthermore, its location makes it economically feasible to save and renovate. This house has never been on the market but rather the entire lot of several parcels (3 homes, a garage/warehouse and several empty lots) had to be purchased together. That would only appeal to a large developer who would build several homes and not a person/developer looking to renovate a single house. There are many homes in worse condition than this home that have been beautifully renovated in Ohio City and do quite well on the market.
  8. I also thought the petition was misleading since it included the church. I asked the person involved with the petition and he felt it was demolition through neglect since the school has allowed water damage to continue to the church. Nevertheless, I still support the petition since the two houses should not be demolished...certainly not for surface parking. The house adjacent to the Jesuit Residence has been owned and maintained by the school for years and is in good condition. The house behind the church likely dates back to the civil war era, as does the church, and should be saved.
  9. I believe Ignatius owns that building and is using it for a St. Vincent Charity Clinic. The appeal to design review was posted somewhere up thread.
  10. I think the Lake Link Trail/Towpath and proposed Canal Basin Park are huge for the Flats and surrounding areas. This will set the foundation for some significant development. I was reading the following article regarding Lake Link and had a couple questions maybe someone here can answer: Cleveland Foundation gift helps Metroparks link to the lake (slideshow): http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2014/08/new_lake_test.html Slide No. 12 in the link (also was on the PD front page today) states: "One problem that needs to be solved in order to take the Lake Link Trail from Scranton peninsula to Whiskey Island is the historic cereal mill, which is built right up to the river's edge." Am I missing something here? The map in the article shows the trail on the west bank and the mill is on the east bank. So, how is it a hurdle? On a side note, does anyone know how far that mill dates back? It is in every 19th century photo of the Flats so I am guessing it is pre Civil War. Also, the trail seems to traverse the unstable land (under W.25th) that is currently in danger of sliding into the river. I assume this does not to be fixed if you are only putting a trail on it? Riverbed St. is in that area and is badly falling apart. From the article: "Zimmerman said it will be built in as many as four phases. The first phase from Scranton to Columbia roads is underway." Where is Columbia? Does he mean Columbus?
  11. I believe Bar 145 is supposed to open sometime in the spring. Do you know when Bar 145 is supposed to open? I have been to the one in Toledo and it is pretty good.
  12. The building being demolished today used to house Envy. It is being demolished to create more parking for Skylight Financial which is moving to the United Building next spring. Bar 145 is going into the old Grind location. It is difficult to keep all of the old problem nightspots straight!
  13. Ohio City has been named one of the 2013 Best Old-House Neighborhoods by "This Old House." The West Side neighborhood is a "Top 10 Editor Pick" by "This Old House," a long-running PBS show and magazine. Sixty-one "unique" and "tight-knit" neighborhoods in all were highlighted, 51 in the U.S. and 10 in Canada. http://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2013/09/this_old_house_names_ohio_city.html
  14. "That's the one. If it wasn't built as a Catholic church, I'm not sure how inclined they are to renovate or use it for anything." The church was originally built as the First Reformed Church by a German congregation and dates back to 1863. The church underwent a renovation in 1889 during which the steeple and stone facade were added (the church is actually brick). Below is a link to the blog with a short history of the church and a picture from the 1920's and shows how it could look if restored. The school also aquired the house behind the church (the one on Carroll, not the rectory) which is also a pre-Civil War structure. The house will be demolished and the school wanted to demolished the church as well...for a parking lot. The community made it clear they want the church saved and the school seemed receptive to it. Hopefully it will be as it would be a shame to lose two pre-Civil War structures in a historic district. http://clevelandchurchhistory.blogspot.com/2009/06/reformed-church.html
  15. The plan presented at a community meeting was for Hecks to restore the 1860s house adjacent to the restaurant with a new addition toward the rear of the property linking the two structures. I was pleased to see that a restoration of the house was part of the plan as I have heard it is in very poor condition. At a more recent meeting that I could not attend, plans for the Jay Hotel were on the agenda. Does anyone know what the plan is? It would be nice if someone at OCI or the councilman's office could send out a brief summary of the meetings for concerned citizens that cannot attend every meeting.
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