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  1. The spaces that will be available for public access as well as how it incorporates many organizations from the surrounding area are very cool. It seems like it will add much more to the neighborhood than additional residential units. Thanks for the article!
  2. ^ I know this project has a couple of mishaps with walls collapsing. Good to see construction resume.
  3. More than 80 new apartment units are slated to rise in a part of Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood where real-estate group Sustainable Community Associates has developed a sizable portfolio of rental housing, offices and retail space. https://www.cleveland.com/business/2020/02/fairmont-creamery-developer-nears-finish-line-on-latest-tremont-project-launches-new-one.html
  4. ^ I'm not sure that is the correct address. There is an old warehouse set back from West 41st behind the old Convenience store/Bodnar funeral home on Lorain.
  5. Beacon apartment tower’s facade most visually dynamic architecture in new downtown Cleveland skyline https://www.cleveland.com/arts/2020/01/beacon-apartment-towers-facade-most-visually-dynamic-architecture-in-new-downtown-cleveland-skyline.html
  6. I believe that is looking east on Literary, near University Rd., with the towpath trail construction in the foreground
  7. Does anyone know what is being constructed in Rocky River adjacent to one of the bridges over I-90? It's clearly visible on the southside of I-90 when driving west . They look like townhomes but I'm not sure.
  8. I think they are performing restoration work on the church interior.
  9. 1500 West 25 St is on the SW corner of 25th and Church. It can't be on the same side as Riverview as that side of the street has odd numbered addresses.
  10. While I'm happy to see the new development in OC, not all projects developers propose are necessarily the best for the neighborhood (especially as first proposed). I don't know the details of this development and I don't live in this block club area. I'm not commenting specifically regarding this project but I think it's good to have a platform for community input whether by block club or other means.
  11. Looks like the restaurant opened this past Thursday and the owner is scheduled to be at our block club later in the month.
  12. A "Park-N-Ride" type red line station (similar to Brookpark or Puritas) near Babbitt would do great. It would be the only such station in that part of eastern Cuyahoga and would draw interest from Lake County residents who could easily access it from I-90. I know these areas are served by RTA and Laketran Park-N-Ride buses during rush hours but train accessibility would offer much more flexibility in usage time. Perhaps the train station could be used as a catalyst to spur development on the large swaths of empty land occupied by the former Euclid Mall and K-Mart/Twin Value. Not to mention these properties are adjacent to the Babbitt/E.260 highway ramps.
  13. It is a win for the Flats that the NEORSD project includes the boardwalk along the entire project and will use part of the demolished house property for the future park. This will add some incredible riverside views to the park. Now, if only that boardwalk could extend to FEB.
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