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  1. ^ ICU and hospital utilization in Florida by county (Miami-Dade hasn't reported data) https://www.sun-sentinel.com/coronavirus/fl-ne-coronavirus-florida-hospital-bed-capacities-tracker-20200403-tasn7rj2vncsjivrg75wb6gqkm-htmlstory.html
  2. @mrnyc - from today's Lorain paper - https://www.morningjournal.com/news/lorain-county/vermilion-origin-of-fire-department-sirens-debated-as-racist-benign/article_a2b4a6fe-aff3-11ea-88e0-b373bfadc4bf.html Plenty of people of color I know refer to that 6 pm siren by one name... and it's not "volunteer fire department test siren".
  3. ^Interesting scale on the left - the return of passengers to planes is logarithmic?
  4. Amherst - today 1 pm Avon - today 2 pm https://www.facebook.com/avonohpolice/posts/888882484957864
  5. You can go to questdirect.questdiagnostics.com and get a COVID IgG antibody test for $119 plus fee. No doctor order required.
  6. Not in any way defending his politics or his qualifications to comment on epidemiology, but he is an actively licensed physician in the state of Kentucky. Name: Randal H. Paul M.D. Address: 200 Lakeside Way City, State, Zip: Bowling Green KY 42103 Phone: (270) 792-6767 License: 29638 Status: Active Physician Expiration: 2/28/2021 0:00:00 Practice County: Warren *Area of Practice: Ophthalmology Type of Practice: Private Practice Year Licensed in KY: 6/28/1993 0:00:00 Medical School: Duke University School of Medicine, Durham Year Graduated: 1988 Board Action: None http://web1.ky.gov/GenSearch/LicenseSearch.aspx?AGY=5
  7. Marion Correctional - https://www.marionstar.com/story/news/local/2020/04/17/covid-19-marion-prison-home-one-ohios-largest-outbreaks/5151815002/
  8. ^ Jimmy Bryda from the Polka Sharps was the DJ of the WLRO/WRKG Sunday Polka Express radio show in Lorain. Lorain still has the Sunday polka radio show, now with Tom Borowicz on Kool Kat Oldies 1380 AM. It's gotta be one of the longest running radio shows in the country, starting when WLRO went on air in 1969. https://wikivisually.com/wiki/WDLW
  9. ^ But the Cleveland Clinic is basically offering to pay employees (including "supplemental pay"), keep CCF benefits, accrue vacation, provide housing/meals/laundry, etc while on loan to a hotspot. Not sure what they've negotiated with Henry Ford or systems in NYC, but it's different than being furloughed and doing agency work.
  10. @FeralChicken - let me see what happened to my Photobucket account - it's been years. Not sure I have the original images digitally stored anywhere else.
  11. ^ One of the two largest manufacturers of the viral swabs has the misfortune of being located in Lombardy, Italy... https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/03/18/817801222/testing-swabs-run-in-short-supply-as-makers-try-to-speed-up-production https://thehill.com/policy/defense/488282-air-force-moves-500k-coronavirus-test-swabs-to-us-from-italy
  12. 2nd testing site should be operational at Landerhaven. Check local news or clevelandclinic.org uhhospitals.org to verify.
  13. OK, I'm no Constitutional scholar, but House of Representatives terms expire on January 3rd, and with a divided Congress, I can't see either party agreeing to extend a Congressional term if no Presidential election occurs. Why would a Republican controlled Senate ever agree to such a scenario?
  14. Follow the daily situation report from WHO for case numbers by country. Situation report released daily at 10:00 CET. https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/situation-reports/ 13 March - Italy - 2651 new confirmed cases in past 24 hours, 189 new deaths. Iran - 1075 new cases, 75 deaths Spain - 825 new cases, 36 deaths Germany - 802 new cases, 3 deaths France - 591 new cases, 13 deaths US - 277 new cases, 7 deaths Switzerland - 213 new cases, 2 deaths -- S Korea - 110 new cases, 0 new deaths -- China - 11 new confirmed cases, 33 suspected cases, 7 deaths
  15. ^all international BUSINESS travel... unless the Clinic is buying back my tickets to England within the week, I'm headed to the UK for vacation on Saturday... I do have plans to attend a conference at Mayo in May, and have yet to hear back on my inquiry of whether that's going to be allowed or not.
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