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  1. $5.99 at Giant Eagle. $6.49 at Heinen's.
  2. I used to buy it when they sold it out of barrels at Crocker Park North Union Farmers' Markets... It's definitely crunchier than your standard krauts. I'm a fan of the Cabbage and Cukes because it's a little milder than straight cabbage.
  3. Drove past the Fisher House today - how disappointing. The architectural design is straight from the 1970's suburban catalog - looks like it could be a funeral home. Was the iron fencing supposed to be that foreboding? I couldn't even find the driveway until I circled around the side streets and saw the gated driveway. Looks like a horrific suburban fortress.
  4. ^ Don't tell a Ukrainian they're "Russian Orthodox" - it's Ukranian Orthodox and there are also plenty of Ukranian Catholics of the Eastern Rite in the Parma/Broadview/Seven Hills area as well. St. Vladimir at 5913 State Rd. is the Ukranian Orthodox Cathedral in Parma - https://www.stvladimirs.org/history.html There are other Ukranian Orthodox parishes in Lorain and Lakewood as well as Youngstown... St. Josaphat at 5720 State Rd. is the cathedral of the Ukranian Catholic Eparchy (diocese) of Parma - http://stjosaphatcathedral.com There are other Ukranian Catholic parishes in Lakewood, Tremont, Lorain, and Solon - http://stjosaphateparchy.com/
  5. ^ Agree, a single level of retail/restaurants topped by several floors of bland wall or garage is bleak and foreboding, rather than the welcoming atmosphere of existing East 4th with multilevel restaurants and apartment windows. This definitely needs to be rethought. Would rather see apartment balconies and windows right above the retail component, than several floors of parking above a single level of restaurants like the May Company garage across Prospect.
  6. ^ It's still a good addition - Delta flies 1x daily CLE-RDU but it's been a single class CRJ-200 in past years. I see it's a CRJ-700 now which is slightly better.
  7. ^ CLE-RDU on F9 has been a seasonal route for the past couple years at least.
  8. FULL ARTICLE: https://www.morningjournal.com/news/lorain-county/broadway-building-facade-net-comes-off-at-least-partly/article_fb5ff390-f4cd-11e8-8ce1-8b19b6c618a8.html PROJECT: Ariel Hotel on Broadway, Lorain Broadway Building facade net comes off, at least partly By Richard Payerchin rpayerchin@morningjournal.com @MJ_JournalRick on Twitter 13 hrs ago On Nov. 29, 2018, workers from Coon Restoration & Sealants began removing the netting that covered the brick facade of the Broadway Building, 301 Broadway, Lorain. The restoration is part of an $8 million project to bring new life to the building, a landmark for downtown Lorain. Heading into the holiday season, observers of downtown Lorain have a reason to cheer: The netting has come off the facade of the Broadway Building. At least partly. On Nov. 24, visitors to downtown Lorain’s Waterfront Winterfest saw the fencing and work platform elevator set up by Coon Restoration & Sealantsat the building, 301 Broadway.
  9. That type of secure facility that will take a patient with severe mental illness is hard to find. I can't imagine the social worker trying to place over 80 residents in a couple months. In my previous experience, I've had patients sent as far away as Millersburg or Alliance for that level of care.
  10. I have heard that the nursing home at W 32nd and Franklin - Vantage Place - is in the process of relocating their residents. Supposedly the building is "under contract" and "residents were informed this week that the building will be sold and turned into luxury apartments and they have until the end of the year to vacate the premises" anyone with "insider info" on this?
  11. PNC also has a technology center right across from the Islander Apartments on Sprague Road (Mohawk Drive actually) in Strongsville. It no doubt contributes to the popularity of the Islander for Indian IT professionals. Not sure if those jobs would be in play for a move to downtown?
  12. Lorain Council approves incentives for 383 Broadway By Richard Payerchin, The Morning Journal POSTED: 09/04/18, 11:18 PM EDT | UPDATED: 3 HRS AGO 0 COMMENTS The redevelopment of a former bank on Broadway will get an economic benefit from the city of Lorain. On Sept. 4, Lorain City Council unanimously approved a 12-year, 100 percent tax abatement for Jovic 2 LLC, a company owned by Lorain developer Victor Nardini. The former Cleveland Trust Bank could become a new brewery and event space – and a $4 million investment in downtown Lorain. http://www.morningjournal.com/general-news/20180904/lorain-council-approves-incentives-for-383-broadway Street View: https://goo.gl/maps/JjX9GGdQXkD2 (building to the right has been renovated into apartments and a currently vacant restaurant space below street level...
  13. YouTube video of existing conditions at the Broadway Building in Lorain, formerly known as the Spitzer Plaza Hotel, soon to be renovated by Ariel Cleveland as a hotel and event space: (video courtesy of Chronicle-Telegram) www.arielonbroadway.com image from Wikipedia: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/ab/Broadway_Block_%28SW_Erie_n_Washington%29_P2160036.JPG Listing on National Register of Historic Places: https://npgallery.nps.gov/AssetDetail/NRIS/85002833
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