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  1. Smitherman and winburn just called a special financing of the streetcar session... Can't link because im on my phone but its on fox19 website
  2. Darryl parks just said "80% of the people don't want this streetcar" & that "the people have demonstrated over and over that they dint want it but the city continues to move forward" Apparently he forgot the 2009 & 2011 elections
  3. Chris smitherman hheas his own show on 700wlw now..on right now.... He criticized fountain square and yelled about the streetcar "choo choo". Will have winburn on to rip on the streetcar later
  4. I disagree. COAST needs to be continuously called out. Just look st their tweets. Masturbation streetcar jokes, continuing to lie about source of funding, cheering on murders on otr, linking children deaths to streetcars, comparing 9/11 to streetcars, etc Edit: sorry octo I misunderstood your comment. The easiest way to get rid of fake anonymous names is to just make everything require logging into facebook
  5. BTW, the above was posted in the thread "New to Cleveland: A Guide to (re)Discovering the City" -- not sure why!! I moved it here Thanks. I was wondering where it went haha
  6. Tom luken in rare form on 700wlw "its been declared a bad thing" "its illegal to accept the money" "its not transportation"
  7. Steve chabot and dan carroll talking streetcar on 700wlw. Said the feds will never give 56 mil "to this rathole". Carroll still claiming no one wants it. Asks if city hall is listening. After the election results, its probably wiser to ask if he is listening
  8. I see hes already deleted 2 anti 48 posts from this morning
  9. ...AGAIN! Until the next proposed amendment. Should this wretched amendment fail, theyll try every trick in the book to delay the project.
  10. Enquirer finally starts to report what's actually in the wording of the amendment http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20110917/NEWS0108/109180336/How-far-does-streetcar-ballot-issue-really-go-?odyssey=tab|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE
  11. Tom Luken is now demanding a streetcar debate with Mark Mallory. Enquirer cheerleading naturally
  12. Isn't there some kind of legal precedent that states you can't keep bringing up the same petition in a certain amount of time? Anyone can get 7500 on any issue. If they lose this one, whats to stop them from getting signatures again?
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