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  1. I know we had this discussion before, but I can't remember what thread and when. I believe that census block groups are too small to be meaningful, let alone census blocks (for which the census doesn't even publish data.). Census tracts seem to be the sweet spot, but even those can be a challenge due to the variation in size between tracts.
  2. Bexley is similar to the southern half of Cleveland Heights.
  3. Yeah, I don't get the significance of the comparison either, considering Columbus takes up 3 times the land area Cleveland ever did. If Cleveland merged with Cuyahoga County, it would have 1.3 million residents. So what?
  4. It seems like it used to happen much more than it does now (like 5+ years ago), but I believe it means either the train is (or thinks it is) too close to the train in front of it and is telling the operator to slow down, or the train is over the speed limit for the current section of track. But I could be completely wrong.
  5. MetroHealth's cylinders on Google Maps... Yeah, I'm mature.
  6. I agree, but I think his problem goes beyond just personal fueds. I think he tries too hard to be edgy and controversial (and maybe funny), which would all be taken care of by just trying to be more objective.
  7. It's not what he writes about, but how he writes. Constant snark and negativity.
  8. Please don't do that, for your sake and the rest of ours' as well.
  9. Sam Allard is single handedly ruining it. It's as if they took one of the cleveland.com all star commenters and hired them as a journalist. He must be a hero to all those people.
  10. Why can't we do both? Provide a dirt bike track, and also punish those who break the law. Other than the taking their homes part, I don't see anything KJP said as being out of line. These riders are continually putting the public in danger and need to be punished. Do you think they give a damn about consequences of their own actions if they're willing to drive ATVs and pickup trucks 30 MPH down the sidewalk and across yards? How would you feel if that was the sidewalk your young children walked on?
  11. A big difference is that urban gun murders are random a very small fraction of the time. Mass shootings are nearly always completely random.
  12. Not to mention the difficulty identifying the good guys with the guns vs the bad guys with the guns when the good guys aren't wearing uniforms and badges.
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