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  1. The smell couldn't be worse than the stank emanating from the court during Cavs games this year!
  2. Ah, OK. I was thinking that the Jacobs lot would house an HQ tower, and the Weston lots would hold multiple R&D buildings, but now I see that the article never mentioned it and I was just making an assumption.
  3. Everyone is focusing on the 40 story bit, but wasn't that only with respect to the Bedrock location? I believe a building with similar square footage on the Jacobs lot would be much taller because the floor plates would likely be smaller.
  4. Big win that was even more lopsided than the score indicated. When CWRU scored at the start of the 4th quarter to make it 35-7, the total yards were something like 480-150 before they brought in the second string quarterback and played a soft defense. The only real challenge remaining on the schedule is CMU, but after watching them struggle against Waynesburg Saturday night, I'm not sure how good they really are. They always play CWRU tough, though.
  5. Great news on the SW HQ+R&D! Thanks, Ken, once again for proving you're one of the few true journalists left in town.
  6. And also at night. Every city's skyline looks bigger when all lit up like that.
  7. It's like when a basketball player gets fouled, they blow the whistle, and then he dunks the ball 3 seconds later with nobody playing defense, and the crowd invariably goes wild. But on that subject, I couldn't hear the game on the TV at that point so I didn't catch what was said when they were reviewing the play, but it looked pretty obvious to me that the ball had crossed the line before it was fumbled. Also, the illegal blindside block call on Landry was one of the worst calls I've seen in a long time. There were plenty of reasons we lost that didn't involve the refs, but the refs were bad.
  8. Good find. I did some digging and it looks like the Metroparks had a bid out as of last summer (2018) for designing a disc golf course on the property of the former Astorhust Golf Course, which they now own.
  9. Even so, how could they be fourth in the state if they are behind three Cleveland neighborhoods as well as OTR and Downtown Cincinnati?
  10. That article is poorly written. I can't even figure out what these two paragraphs mean... I assume they mean zip code and not area code. But what are they talking about with "4th highest in the nation" around UC when they already stated downtown (as well as three Cleveland neighborhoods) are higher.
  11. I'm on board as well. I rooted for and watched them when they were 0-16 and 1-15. Of course I will now. I'm just worried with what I see and not drinking the Baker Kool-Aid yet.
  12. This was my fear with him all along. When things are going well, it's easier to ignore, but his immature antics are going to get old quick (and he'll start acting out more) if we keep losing, ala Johnny Football.
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