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  1. The reviews are brutal. Almost all of them say the food is pretty good, but the service is awful. How you can spend that much to open a place up and then run it into the ground with poor service is beyond me.
  2. And may the county with the most residents and businesses win!
  3. At a company I worked for a while back (where many workers commuted from collar counties), I (half) joked with a coworker from Lakewood that we should put tollbooths at the county line and only charge tolls coming into the county at morning rush and leaving at afternoon rush, then use the revenues to subsidize businesses to stay within the county.
  4. That's the same reason Sweet Melissa closed in University Heights.
  5. Thanks for the maps, those are awesome. Does any of that change with the OC? I assume some of those properties are chopped up or no longer city owned. I don't mean to say that new development can't work here or even disagree with your assertion that marketing to non-Clevelanders is likely the best strategy because they don't know the history of the neighborhood. I think I mainly just disagree with the idea that the dangers of the area are perception only ("burned into our memories"). (Maybe you weren't even saying that.) If new housing can get people to move in and that changes, then that'd be great.
  6. That one small area, which is mostly rail lines, is shown to have low crime. But it is completely surrounded by high crime areas, including just west of where the E. 79th station is. I'm not saying redevelopment wouldn't help or couldn't be done, but that area certainly still has a lot of crime.
  7. I want to see this area rebuilt as much as anyone, but there is still an absurd amount of violent crime around Kinsman.
  8. Yep, you're right, I missed the part in parentheses.
  9. I think the losses must be even higher than what you showed in your post. I see the 7/1/2018 estimate is just over 13,000 people less than the 2010 census population, but adding your numbers up gives a net loss of only about 9,500.
  10. The school district is almost as sprawling as the city limits. The only places that may be considered urban core not in the school district would be something like Grandview Heights or Bexley. But there are also many areas surely not considered part of the urban core that are in the school district.
  11. At first, I thought the same thing as well, but the supertall with Amazon on top is on the Jacobs lot. It's kind of hard to tell from the perspective of the drawing, but it's definitely on the east side of W. 3rd, across from the rest of the complex shown.
  12. It's 7 weeks away (from yesterday). If they keep up at the pace they're moving, I think they may be over 25 floors by then.
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