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  1. jam40jeff

    The Trump Presidency

    I'm also a 1. He's a scumbag just like Trump.
  2. jam40jeff

    Connecticut Western Reserve

    If you want to see some old Western Reserve stuff, I suggest starting in Chagrin Falls and heading up Chagrin River Rd. There are old farms and buildings all along the way, but especially around Wilson Mills and Gates Mills. You could then head up through downtown Willoughby and hop on SR 2 east to 44 to Jackson St. to see Rider's Inn as @eastvillagedon recommended.
  3. Ah, I see what you mean. Yeah, hardly anyone gets it correct. I think this is why "The 5th Street Arcades" was a good brand name. The "Euclid Arcade" was probably always the most confusing because a lot of people assumed it referred to "The Arcade", being the most well known and fronting Euclid Avenue.
  4. @YABO713 What do you mean by that? Are you referring to the name 5th Street Arcades, or what the original names of the arcades were?
  5. The Arcade is the big one which the Hyatt is in between Euclid and Prospect. The 5th Street Arcades is the "brand name" for the combination of two parallel arcades between Euclid and Prospect, the Euclid Arcade and the Colonial Arcade. The Euclid Arcade is the one closer to East 4th St. EDIT: I see StrapHanger beat me to it.
  6. jam40jeff

    The Democratic Party

    I think geographic compactness is the only priority that makes any sense. Otherwise, what is the point in having districts at all?
  7. If you like Kernels by Chrissie better (I also have never had them, but I'd like to try it now), then this may not be a good thing. Campbell's has better name recognition and could possibly put Kernels by Chrissie out of business if downtown can't support two sweet popcorn shops.
  8. jam40jeff

    Hillary Clinton

    LOL, I had to look it up. Tim. I was drawing a blank after initially being disturbed that the only thing popping into my head was Herman!
  9. jam40jeff

    Cleveland: General Business & Economic News

    What % of Cleveland's workers come from outside of the MSA? If I understand correctly, your stats only show what % of Cleveland MSA workers work inside and outside of the Cleveland MSA.
  10. jam40jeff

    The Trump Presidency

    I had to look it up and came across this thread... https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/what-is-npc-the-pro-trump-internet’s-new-favorite-insult.2555403/ It's a dork thing from 4chan. I wouldn't be proud to use that term.
  11. Here's a case from 2017 showing that railroads still pay property taxes in South Carolina at the very least. https://home.kpmg.com/us/en/home/insights/2017/03/tnf-fourth-circuit-railroad-challenge-to-south-carolina-property-tax-returned-to-lower-court.html
  12. jam40jeff

    Cleveland Browns Discussion

    10-5-1, here we come! (And if you buy that, I'll also bet you the under on the Cavs winning 76 games.)
  13. jam40jeff

    The Trump Presidency

    You have never read Trump's Twitter feed? That explains a lot. Please read it, though. Then you may realize why we're all so alarmed by this president.
  14. jam40jeff

    The Trump Presidency

    I calculated them myself. The negative value was for the date range from 1/20/2018 to 10/24/2018. The index dropped in that time period, so I'm not sure why you would doubt a negative number. R = (v2 / v1) ^ (1 / n) - 1 where v1 is the beginning value, v2 is the ending value, and n is the number of years. Using more accurate numbers (close of market on 1/19/2018, which was a Friday, until the close of the market yesterday): (24,583.42 / 26,071.72) ^ (4 / 3) - 1 = -0.07538 = -7.538% For the other values, I used the closest date I could to 1/20 of whatever year I was calculating from as quoted by Google Finance, so even if you find more accurate number I expect the figures to be accurate to within 1%. Also, note that I said DJIA, not S&P500, although I just did the calculation for the S&P500 and it came out very similar (-7.23%). I also provided the numbers since Trump became president (which are positive, but not as high as the previous 8 years) and explained my reasoning for providing both. Keep in mind also that the ranges you see in your portfolio are all through today, whereas I ended Obama's range calculations at 1/20/2017 and 1/20/2018, so they do not include the recent losses that the numbers in your portfolio will reflect.
  15. jam40jeff

    The Trump Presidency

    Re: the economy This isn't aimed at anyone here specifically, but I commented the following on Facebook a bit ago in reply to someone else's post...