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  1. Edits made directly to post with data above.
  2. Hospitalizations: Deaths: Cases, Hospitalizations, and Deaths By Age Range: Cases, Hospitalizations, and Deaths Per Capita By Age Range: Cases, Hospitalizations, and Deaths By Gender: NOTES: You may notice that the data differs from what DarkandStormy had posted just before my post. I am going back and updating all data when it is posted rather than simply appending the latest counts. ODH has been revising the historical counts each day for whatever reason, and I believe this is the data that should be used to graph the data over time. However, this does seem to indicate that the last couple days may not be completely accurate at any given time. Also, as far as the number of confirmed cases goes, even if we assume that enough people are being tested and in a consistent enough manner to draw conclusions based on trends, the data from 3/18/2020 until present is still marked as "Preliminary" and should be discarded. I have graphed the data up through 3/17/2020, but not included this graph yet. However, the number of new cases for 3/15, 3/16, and 3/17 were 99, 141, and 163 respectively. These are all higher than the Mitigated forecast for those dates, yet still significantly lower than the Unmitigated forecast.
  3. Kent and Ravenna absolutely are Akron suburbs. I don't think there's much of a question about those.
  4. Not so anecdotally, the Census Bureau considers Hudson (as well as Streetsboro, which I would also agree with) to be within the Cleveland Urbanized Area. Akron: https://www2.census.gov/geo/maps/dc10map/UAUC_RefMap/ua/ua00766_akron_oh/ Cleveland: https://www2.census.gov/geo/maps/dc10map/UAUC_RefMap/ua/ua17668_cleveland_oh/ Akron: Cleveland:
  5. Also anecdotal, but one of my college roommates, my sister-in-law, and a few friends all either live in it grew up in Hudson, and all of them think of it as a suburb of Cleveland. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure I've been to Swenson's and Rockne's more than all of them combined.
  6. Hospitalizations: Deaths: Cases, Hospitalizations, and Deaths Per Capita By Age Range: Cases, Hospitalizations, and Deaths By Gender:
  7. Hospitalizations and deaths can have flaws, but they're of a much lower magnitude than the flaws in case count data.
  8. Thanks, I have seen that. I'm not a big fan of comparing case numbers over time due to testing limitation, but I'm especially not a fan of comparing case numbers across geographic locations because of the wide variation in testing by locale.
  9. Hudson is very much a Cleveland suburb. Stow (just to the south) is the first real Akron suburb. But how about Macedonia, Twinsburg, and Aurora? Those are good sized cities that are even more Cleveland suburbs than Hudson, and none of them count towards the Cleveland MSA.
  10. I think his point was that it's more helpful than just the raw numbers. Both the raw and per capita stats have the same flaws, but at least per capita does give you a little more insight by normalizing the raw numbers by population. But yes, I agree that you can assume the cases per capita would likely be much more even across all age ranges if everyone was tested. Hospitalizations and deaths are a much better measure in this regard.
  11. I'm not sure why that would be. They are charging 5x or more per room for them, so even if they only hold 1/4 as many riders, they still shouldn't be losing much more if any. How do they even run the numbers on something like this? It would be a shame to lose the sleepers. Sure, reclining seats are more comfortable than on airlines, but there is no substitute for the privacy and comfort of a sleeper. If they need to charge 10x for them, I'd bet most travelers already paying for them would still do so.
  12. Did you mean to quote something else? The blurb you referenced was about the number of deaths in Ohio, not the number of cases.
  13. I have also read that they believe the mutations have been very minimal and that immunity likely will last for at least a couple years.
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