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  1. I think we'll have to agree to disagree since there's no way to prove either of us right or wrong, but I don't see it as rugged individualism as much as the "us vs. them" mentality so many people have (on both sides of the aisle) and the president chose this as an issue to make partisan.
  2. I meant that the prevailing attitude toward the city of Columbus is generally more positive among suburbanites in part because the city of Columbus isn't synonymous with "inner city" like it is in Cleveland. In my mind, there are two reasons for this...a lot of "suburban" areas are within the city limits, and also OSU and downtown is all some people from the exurbs think of when they think of Columbus. This isn't a knock on Columbus. I'm just saying that I don't think the "old Columbus" area is all that different from Cleveland, it's just that the term "Columbus" has come to mean a much more encompassing area than "Cleveland" has.
  3. I would bet people in Pataskala, Hilliard, Powell, etc. have similar opinions of the inner city areas of Columbus as suburban Clevelanders do of Cleveland. The difference is that Columbus has annexed so much that much of what is within the city limits is not inner-city.
  4. I don't disagree that America is unique in part because of some of the things you mention, but I disagree that the resistance to masks is in large part caused by this independence. It is mostly caused by Republican politicians trying to drive partisan divide using this as an issue to do so. If this wasn't an election year and a normal Republican was president (like, say, Kasich or DeWine) I don't think you'd see any of this.
  5. The village of Chagrin Falls is very walkable (as well as very small.) You're probably thinking of outlying areas like Bainbridge Township and Moreland Hills. My point was simply that density does not equal walkability. Even the downtown area and small surrounding neighborhoods are not very dense due to them being mostly single family homes, even though it is extremely walkable in character. I suppose to make my point better, I should have used something around Columbus, like maybe Grandview Heights. It has a respectable density of nearly 5,000/sqmi, but I bet the area around Morse Rd. and SR 161 has a similar density, although the walkability of each is drastically different.
  6. I think the fact that many of the suburban areas are within the city limits helps them more than anything.
  7. There was also this one a while back: https://www.nbc4i.com/community/health/coronavirus/marion-mans-social-media-posts-against-coronavirus-go-viral-after-he-dies-from-covid-19/
  8. Good spot on the update! Here's that same graph from to 6/10/2020 to 6/23/2020: We bottomed out at 512 hospitalizations on 6/20/2020. As of 7/9/2020, we are at 905, a 77% increase in 19 days. Also, ICU admissions are up over 50% and vents are up about 40% since they bottomed out (which was a little after the hospitalizations inflection point.)
  9. Cuyahoga County is more dense than Franklin County by a decent margin, even with the Metroparks, 3 rivers running through it, and a national park. I could care less what percentage of the metro area resides in the city of Columbus because the city of Columbus is 3 times the land area of Cleveland and spans 3 counties. BTW, your stats are off. Franklin County contains 62.0% of the metro population. For comparison, Cuyahoga County contains 60.3% of the Cleveland metro area's population, while being only a little over 80% of the size of Franklin County. But as we've mentioned before, density doesn't always equate to walkability or less car dependence, which is normally what we think of as being the hallmark of sprawl. For instance, the village of Chagrin Falls likely has significantly lower density than this area of Columbus while being FAR more walkable:
  10. Where did you see this? I am highly skeptical of this, as I imagine most people probably test positive 5-10 times before they are released from the hospital.
  11. I imagine so. I couldn't even get the page to load between 2 and 2:30.
  12. Yikes. This is a sobering stat and a great rebuttal to the "it's just the flu corwd." And this is WITH measures taken to slow the spread.
  13. Once again, it looks as if we'll have no dashboard update today from ODH.
  14. My gut feeling on masks is that: (1) They cut down on the spread by some percentage. That percentage isn't 100% and you're not guaranteed of not getting the virus if you're wearing one, but they provide at least some impedance to the spread. (2) They are a subconscious reminder to people that we still need to be careful in other ways. If you yourself are wearing a mask and see other people wearing a mask, I think it's a constant reminder that we need to be vigilant in other ways (distancing, hand washing, etc.) that will also greatly slow the spread of the disease. (3) The benefit of the masks alone helps in some way. The benefit of masks combined with the behavior it promotes helps even more. It's not perfect and won't eliminate the virus overnight, but remember that we just need to get R0 under 1.0, not straight to 0.0.
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