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  1. Oh, I'm right there with you. I didn't mean to imply that I think we can fill those lots if SHW decides to only build a single supertall. I was just explaining the disconnect everyone seemed to be having over the term density and what assumption was being made which led to it. I'd take the multiple 20 story buildings any day.
  2. I think the idea is that four 20 story buildings is better than one 80 story building and three parking lots, but what you're saying makes sense if you assume all the buildable land will actually be built on.
  3. Dolphins, Steelers, Bengals, Cardinals...we have a realistic path to 8-6.
  4. And public cursing? Terdolph the Puritan?
  5. But but but driving a car is an inalienable right guaranteed by the Constitution and it should always be free so by not feeding the meter you're just fighting the great injustice that is having to pay for parking.
  6. And all of them are slideshows where you have to scroll past a bunch of ads to find the next button on each side.
  7. The Browns need to fire him today.
  8. Well, to be fair, the Cavs were 2-2 at that point. Browns fans were similarly elated (myself included) after we beat the Ravens to go to 2-2.
  9. I believe the potential area is 3400sqft by itself, which would bring the total to 5300sqft if it is used. What can fit in a 20ft deep retail space? That seems awfully shallow.
  10. Sorry, you're right. I'm not sure what I was thinking as I just walked past Quattro the other day. Yes, nothing was torn down for that and what an improvement that is to the street. Are there any plans for the makeshift parking garage on the same side of Random? Or is that another "historic treasure" of Little Italy that can't be modified?
  11. Corbo's Golden Bowl was demolished, then it was a parking lot before the development was planned. If anyone wanted the old place to be preserved, they could have bought it when the Corbos couldn't keep it open. Does "neighborhood history" also include the long boarded up Mayfield Theater with graffiti on the front? Maybe they should focus their energy on attracting uses to the abandoned properties that are worthy of saving rather than fighting new development on empty lots.
  12. I know that, but my point is that the numbers for 9-11 for each school are significantly higher than the numbers CMSD gives for 9-12.
  13. That may be so, but transient students still take up space. If 400 students attend a full year, but at any given time there are many more transient students moving in and out, you need space for more than 400. The OHSAA takes a snapshot enrollment figure at the end of October. October 31, 2018 put both Glenville and Collinwood at nearly double what CMSD has them at. There has to be something else going on.
  14. Again, why is the district saying enrollment is below 400 for these buildings when the OHSAA says there's many more students than that? I feel like CMSD is trying to "get creative" with numbers here to justify not having to pay to maintain a big old building.
  15. I'm confused by the low enrollment numbers given. The OHSAA shows both Glenville and Collinwood each having almost 500 students in grades 9-11 alone, meaning for 9-12 they'd each have around 650 students.
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