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  1. While on the subject of counting cranes check out Downtown Fort Lauderdale the skyline expanding expeditiously.
  2. If there is a will there is a way but any adverse policy changes will defiantly have an effect on the Cuban people. There were over 3000 people on the cruise that I was on. 93% of them were American tourists as was announced by the cruise line. Another American ship arrived a day later with what I’m sure was several thousand more. Tourism is their bread and butter and they have survived from tourism from abroad without American assistance. However it is not a coincidence that I counted 12 construction cranes building new hotels. There were some hotels that were built in the last 30 years but the vast majority of them were built pre-policy change by far. The Cuban exile community here in South Florida largely supports the embargo. Although that is slowly changing with the younger generation of Americans of Cuban descent.
  3. Please visit Cuba before any policy changes. Support the Cuban people you will not be disappointed. 4/11/19
  4. Don't waste your time by blocking numbers they are "spoofed" and spammers will use another number when there is no answer. Most robocaller apps on the market do not work, the only one that works is Robokiller I tried them all. Robokiller works because it first forwards the call to their data center where it verifies the call before your phone rings. On occasion an unwanted call will get through but that is rare. I was getting about 20-25 robocalls a week before installing the app. It costs $25 per year or $2.99 monthly. It is well worth the cost. https://www.robokiller.com/
  5. Cut off your nose to spite your face?
  6. This 911 call was on the local news here in SFL this morning.
  7. ^ That's why Victoria Secret is closing to make room for Google's relocation to Cleveland
  8. Thank you I can see them now! Sports Tap Room, Studio 250, Byron, <cant see the name> Bar and Grill.
  9. They could have paid homage by naming it something relevant to the location. Don’t like the name or the ridiculous thunderbird logo on the side of the building. Other than the name this development is long overdue and it is nice to see that it is finally happening. Edit: Possibly they are paying homage to the Indians that came before but I still don't care for it.
  10. The flats/scranton can be difficult to navigate. One of a few areas of Cleveland where I can still get lost. Limited access to get in and out.
  11. One could see the possibilities in this "blank canvas" as shown in these 2008 photos I took on a visit the Cleveland.
  12. Could be the nail in the coffin for retail. I do not see retail working here along with this concept.
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