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  1. I drive past it every day and often think the same thing, or at least somewhere downtown. It is part of the casino (Seminoles deep pockets). Although it could have the hotel component only with the support of the Rock Hall.
  2. Thanks MTS . With the lineup of restaurants already on the agenda this will be more food than I usually eat in a month.
  3. We all want to see that shiny new building but let’s not forget the human factor here. I’ve been through a similar situation. Knowing that there is a chance that you may have to relocate or even worse, lose your job is not a good feeling. It can consume you if you let it. I have empathy for the employees of SW.
  4. Perfect timing! https://www.greatlakesbrewing.com/2019FirstPour
  5. WSM, Slymans, Pier W, Lindey's Lake House, and Lucky's are on the agenda for food. Looking at the Cedar Point cams the foliage still looks green with some changing color. When will fall colors be at peak? All I can find were "predictions" from September which predicted peak on October 26th. Thank you for the suggestions.
  6. Don't shoot the messenger (Atlanta post)! Congratulations KJP you are getting some well deserved recognition!
  7. Paint Giant Sherwin Williams Eyeing Atlanta For HQ Relocation Atlanta Office October 15, 2019 Jarred Schenke, Bisnow Atlanta Atlanta is in the running to lure the headquarters of a global Fortune 500 company. Cleveland-based Sherwin Williams has eyed Atlanta as a possible relocation destination for its headquarters and research and development operations, a source familiar with the search tells Bisnow. It is a move that could potentially add up to 2,000 new jobs to the metro area. “I think the early favorites here, based on everything I heard, is Atlanta, Dallas and Charlotte,” The Boyd Co. principal John Boyd said. Boyd is a noted site selection consultant for private companies, although he is not working directly with Sherwin Williams in its hunt. Sherwin Williams officials were in the Metro Atlanta area earlier this year scouting sites, a source said, but it is unclear where their search took them. https://www.bisnow.com/atlanta/news/office/paint-giant-sherwin-williams-eyeing-atlanta-for-hq-relocation-101291
  8. Is the Terminal Tower observation deck open? I can only find outdated information on-line.
  9. We like art but due to time constraints we will not be able to visit the CMA. Slyman's is on the itinerary for lunch. Thank you for the suggestion.
  10. Saturday. Thank you for pointing out the fast lane plus. I would have not been happy to spend $100 and still have to wait in lines for the coasters.
  11. We will be taking the rapid so the WSM Cafe is a good option. Thank you.
  12. We’ve decided to fly in the night before to give us a full day in Cleveland. Therefore, I need some additional recommendations. The West Side Market is first on our itinerary. Is there any place there that you would recommend for breakfast food? Is there something that is better on the near west side or downtown? We will be visiting the Garfield Monument and it is undergoing restorations; the observation deck is closed. The view from the observation desk is one of my favorite views of Cleveland. Is there anything nearby that offers a similar view? We are considering purchasing the fast pass at Cedar Point to avoid long lines. Is it that crowded at the end of October that the fast pass would be worth purchasing? Thank you!
  13. Thank you. I was just looking at both Alley Cat & Lindey's last night they are both contenders. The waterfront line ends at 7 PM before the nightlife starts in the flats? http://www.riderta.com/routes/waterfrontline/schedules/current
  14. Thank you so much that’s exactly the type of hotel I was looking for but it did not turn up on any of the sites that I was searching.
  15. Thank you for the suggestions! @MayDay There will be 4 of us. I’m not too concerned with budget but I don’t want anything super high end/stuffy. Would you recommend the Mexican restaurant by the rock hall? I would like something that we could walk to like e4th, Flats, or WD. For the type of food I'm open, someplace that serves local dishes would be nice as well. Airbnb is a great suggestion, thank you.
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