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  1. Florida Guy

    Off Topic

    The new UO site is awesome! Thank you to all that made it happen.
  2. Florida Guy

    Cleveland Indians Discussion

    You are correct I miss spoke. I was referring to Bauer not the starting pitcher.
  3. Florida Guy

    Cleveland Indians Discussion

    Here in South Florida we hardly ever get to see the Indians on TV unless it’s in the postseason. Today when they showed the starting pitcher I knew it was over before it began. In a must win game three this is not the guy that I would have chosen.
  4. Florida Guy

    CLEVELAND - Fall in Flat

  5. Florida Guy

    Cleveland Browns Discussion

    The parallels to Bernie are evident. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves only time will tell. You all may have been drinking too much of that free bud light.
  6. House Hunters Cleveland this coming Wednesday 10 PM.
  7. Yep they are Nike Factory Store & Nike factory Outlet not Nike Store.
  8. As much as things have changed in Y-town the more they remain the same.
  9. Florida Guy

    Cleveland: Scenes from the Harbor

    Beautiful! A new Cleveland neighborhood forming on the shores of Lake Erie.
  10. Florida Guy

    Cleveland: Historic Photos

    From an outsiders perspective the change is significant. It is most noticeable because I’m not around it every day seeing the gradual change. With the new bridges, new Public Square, FEB, reconfigured shoreway , and Edgewater park makeover the change is evident and in some cases areas that are unrecognizable. All this didn’t exist the last time I was in town.
  11. Indeed. I have family that works there. Retail is already struggling in the that area. It has been migrating further into Trumbull County (Liberty) for decades.
  12. St E's (Mercy) is 2 miles from NSH. It is on the north side just north of downtown.
  13. I came into this world here. Sad but not surprising with St. E's not far away.
  14. Florida Guy

    Cleveland: Historic Photos

    This is an old photo but yes that is smog. Mid 1980's: 2018:
  15. Florida Guy

    Cleveland: Historic Photos

    Despite the loss of population, jobs, downtown department stores, etc. I'll take present day Cleveland over the 1980's version. Here is a photo I took of FWB I believe is from 1985: