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  1. The chance of this being built went from 0% to 50%.
  2. @w28th That is good to hear, I hope it is will be something of significance. Tower City is an urban gem.
  3. Personally I wouldn't recommend it, you may never wake up again.
  4. This came out of nowhere! I agree that their architecture is not the best but it is better than a parking lot.
  5. -1500 jobs lost not including to two shits that were eliminated +1000 jobs @TJX. Looking at the bigger picture TJX doesn't really offset too much of the loss. These will be much lower paying jobs in a area where higher paying jobs are already sparse. Many in the area move to Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Columbus, or out of state for better employment opportunities.
  6. Awful news for the valley... Lordstown workers notified Cruze production ends March 1 LORDSTOWN — Sources confirm to The Vindicator that plant workers were called into a meeting this morning at which an announcement about the future of the plant was made. A source with knowledge of the meeting said workers were informed that as of March 1, 2019, the Chevrolet Cruze production at Lordstown will end. The source said no word was given on whether the plant will close or whether a new product will be allocated to the plant. In at least one previous announcement about the end of a product, the announcement of a future product allocation was made before production of the previous vehicle ended. 9:48 a.m. LORDSTOWN — The Vindicator has confirmed from multiple plant workers that they were informed in a meeting this morning that the plant will close its doors sometime after March 1, 2019. http://www.vindy.com/news/2018/nov/26/gm-close-canadian-plant-s-just-beginning/
  7. Cleveland 18.5 million Cincinnati 24 million Columbus 41 million
  8. The new UO site is awesome! Thank you to all that made it happen.
  9. You are correct I miss spoke. I was referring to Bauer not the starting pitcher.
  10. Here in South Florida we hardly ever get to see the Indians on TV unless it’s in the postseason. Today when they showed the starting pitcher I knew it was over before it began. In a must win game three this is not the guy that I would have chosen.
  11. The parallels to Bernie are evident. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves only time will tell. You all may have been drinking too much of that free bud light.
  12. House Hunters Cleveland this coming Wednesday 10 PM.
  13. Yep they are Nike Factory Store & Nike factory Outlet not Nike Store.
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