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  1. I personally loved the interpretation of Shaker. It isn't so much how it is now as it has become a bit less stringent and a little more laid back with the influx of people from Cleveland Hts. etc., but it still has that reputation due to lingering things like not being able to make changes to the outside of your house without going through review and approval, not being able to leave trash out or tree ;awn items in the front etc. And of course the history was very restrictive. The way the high school is depicted with the racial divide seems rather on point as well. It is cool that they sneaked in some of that history though (planned community, winslow doubles etc.). I think there are people like Elena everywhere (a neighbor on Parkland is pretty similar, a previous employer was very much similar). And I'm sure there used to be more of the type in Shaker when it was predominant fortune 500 exec. wives. Love the show. 4th episode should be up at midnight tonight!
  2. Likely Miracles was the longest, but it does seem as though it should be a great location. Previous to this cursed spot was the 10427 Clifton Spot that was "The cursed restaurant spot", but the Clifton Martini Bar seems to have broken the curse (and it could be the fact that my uncle doesn't own the building anymore).
  3. They are not going to get a better opportunity that is for sure.
  4. Is Chris saying this as a future prospect for mayor.... Please please....
  5. Pugu, I was thinking the exact same thing. There should be big windows/lots of glass on that corner, but this looks depressing.
  6. It probably has the most cosmopolitan collection of restaurants anywhere in the city as well as the citys best bookstore. All it needs is some more feet on the street as it typically feels too quiet, and maybe not so many hair places which seem to have proliferated more than anything else in recent years.
  7. 125 jobs from Richfield to Midtown! January 03, 2020 01:11 PM updated an hour ago Food manufacturer plans move to a Cleveland headquarters Stan Bullard Consumer foods product maker Eagle Family Foods Group LLC is preparing to land in the Phoenix Building, a 1918-vintage building at 1975 E. 61st St. in Cleveland that Hemingway Development has updated inside to serve as a contemporary corporate headquarters. Legislation to provide incentives to Eagle is pending before Cleveland City Council because the company would bring a $14 million annual payroll, producing an estimated $225,000 in municipal income tax from bringing 125 jobs to Cleveland, according to a briefing document the city's economic development department filed with council. https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/food-manufacturer-plans-move-cleveland-headquarters
  8. I meant as opposed to selling it as that just happened while certainly these discussions were taking place. As it is now the buyer doesn't seem that reputable or experienced, and their technology is unproven. I'm guessing GM wanted this as a new venture, separate from GM wages etc.
  9. Why didn’t they just use the existing gm plant for this?
  10. I keep waiting for that one to be announced. It is never busy, in fact it is usually nearly empty (at least the 2nd floor). The only thing is that all the other nearby Macy's are gone as well, which would only leave Mentor for whole east side.
  11. Yes similar to Mayo in Jacksonville, but Mayo is nearly 3 times the research $$$ as the Clinic. The only thing that has me thinking that may not be the case is the mention of it potentially happening in "a market they are not currently in".
  12. Perhaps you need to reread, as the first sentence indicates "It wouldn't be the entire headquarters" as rumors that I had seen on here had indicated, but instead creating a "dual hub". This should be semi-public knowledge as it was mentioned and discussed at a Clinic finance event. They even mentioned that most of the departments (departments that most people would associate with a headquarters) would be duplicated and that we would have first dibs on those positions. Of course this is a ways down the road so who really knows. I'm simply stating that considering some of the reasons that were given, it has me a bit concerned and would/could certainly take emphasis off of Cleveland, where I would much rather see the growth of some of these functions as opposed to putting them somewhere else.
  13. There's really nothing to disagree with here as Cleveland wouldn't even necessarily be considered the primary facilities anymore (maybe maybe not), but we also don't know enough at this point. Unless you know more about, disagreeing isn't really an option yet.
  14. You are exactly right. They are actually calling it "Dual Hub", but depending on where it would go and how these things affect the local picture, I can certainly see it as very damaging. This would not be good for Cleveland, but the Clinic does not care about Cleveland.
  15. It wouldn't be the entire headquarters, but would basically create a dual hub, and be a multi-billion $$$ investment. So in essence it is being thought of as duplicating Cleveland's role. Its not certain that it would be in FL., but it would go to a growing market, but I also heard it mentioned that it may be a market they are not currently in. There are multiple reasons that this would happen, but the bottom line is they are hungry for growth and they are constrained in Ohio. They also expect it will help with recruiting researchers that are not always willing to come to Ohio.
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