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  1. There was this too. http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2017/09/cleveland_browns_security_guar.html
  2. I do think a lack of balance has hurt Cleveland. There's no doubt that 1 party rule is bad. It just doesn't really matter which party it is. Indeed
  3. Unfortunately, I think to do much about it now would have more people leaving the region.
  4. There was also a new travel ban announced. Keep in mind that he may still carry a grudge against the NFL because of his USFL debacle. Of course he did. That's his MO. I don't know that it is specific to the Jared news as there has been a continuous stream of things to detract from (more Russia info.........) , so he just keeps it coming.
  5. Look for an announcement regarding the Unique Thrift building soon (no it wont be torn down).
  6. I know I have heard that a lot regarding limiting the time etc., but that was never mentioned regarding the Fed. Courthouse tower.
  7. Don't get me started DWCLE. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. A few years ago when I contacted the building manager, he said it was due to efforts by the GSS to conserve energy etc..... Which doesn't seem to apply to other GSS buildings, or the nations capital.... He also indicated that they still light the building on special occasions, which of course doesn't happen. I still encourage everyone to contact the building management regarding this...
  8. David. I feel like your post if from last year as I thought you were more tied into things in the area. There has been many stories about the Brewery going in for quite some time. In fact it was supposed to open in July, August, September...... Now next Spring. So the district just wrapped up a street scape project that has been happenings since last year. I must say that it seems to be one of the worst streetscape projects I have ever seen. Many people think thinks actually look worse. The surfaces are mismatched, old and new, lighting doesn't line up, tree placement is random etc. etc... I guess they are done, although it shouldn't be. Agree about Rib Cage.. What a treasure. But the Fix places, well what started as an overpriced/overrated sandwich shop that took over the beloved Sweety-fry space has grown into all of these businesses. He must be doing something right, and he does seem to be a quality operator. I guess with all of the demographic changes in this area its unrealistic to not expect the business's to follow suit. But yeah its odd to me to see one person control so many spots as well. I must say that Rudy's Bar is another example and frankly a gem. And a former Solid Gold dancer is the owner/bartender! *Other gems on the street; Marrota's (pricey but great Italian and wonderful takeout pizza) and Taste (great happy hour, vibe and great food). Dobama Theatre as well. I thought mam178 was responding about the Meadowbrook/Lee lot, but is instead talking about Top of the Hill. They are now so behind the 8-ball with the Meadowbrook lot, it was really a vital project in order to stabilize the area.
  9. We were assured that we wouldn't have what happened at Avalon Station with a partially build development. So the plan is for staggered construction in an effort to get some sales , before moving to the next section. I have seen these marketed, but have no idea if any have sold. Personally I wouldn't be willing to pay low 300,000 for that spot. That side of Van Aken is suddenly too close to Cleveland and all of its associated problems to be able to recoup enough of that kind of investment.
  10. eyehrtfood. I recall it mentioned a year maybe 2 that Bomba was supposed to open there (although initially reported by a "Paladar exec" that Bomba would open in the current Paladar space with Paladar moving to Pinecrest), but is there still room for a tavern there? Happy about 3 Palms as I thought it was a cool concept in Hudson, just wish Shaker could have snagged it. Interesting and odd about Maggiano's
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