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  1. Breaking today... Deadly Suicide Attack Hits Sufi Shrine in Pakistan https://www.voanews.com/a/pakistan-attack-sufi-shrine/4057680.html QUETTA, PAKISTAN — A suicide bomber blew himself up inside a crowded Sufi shrine in Pakistan's southwestern Baluchistan province, killing at least 20 people and wounding dozens of others. The victims, mostly members of the minority Shi’ite Muslim community, were performing the dhammal (dance) ritual, witnesses said. Doctors in the remote Jhal Magsi district, where the deadly bombing occurred, say they have received "a large number of casualties" and the death toll is likely to increase.
  2. South Africa is longer travel time but there is no real jet lag from Western Europe to South Africa. Flying due south for the most part. Seasonal disorders? :) I'm not saying players have any control of the process but it would be better for the Euro Leagues if it were played in Morocco. I don't think Morocco has a real chance but with Trump, never say never. They would have to build more indoor facilities due to the summer heat (although not nearly as bad as Qatar). It would be a big FU vote to the US for sure. The other possibility would be for FIFA to demand that the higher profile games be played in Mexico and Canada despite the fact that most of the venues will be in the US.
  3. If anyone but Trump would be in office in 2018 I'd say the North American bid would be a lock. But since he will be there don't be surprised if Morocco gets the bid. Since most of the players that matter are playing in Europe, I'd think they'd push FIFA for Morocco too as long as the facilities are OK. Yeah, it's hot but travel time is short and no jet lag.
  4. Talk about African lives continuing not to matter: this was reported on VOA and Reuters Africa, that's it. This happened on Tuesday but didn't hit the wire until yesterday. Islamic State kill one, injure two in Somalia's Puntland https://af.reuters.com/article/africaTech/idAFKCN1C913O-OZATP BOSASSO (Reuters) - Islamic State fighters killed one civilian and injured another and a police colonel in Somalia’s semi-autonomous Puntland region, police said on Wednesday.
  5. Marseille attack was the same day as the Las Vegas shooting. ISIS has claimed responsibility: French police detain four people over knife attack in Marseille http://www.france24.com/en/20171004-french-police-detain-four-people-knife-attack-marseille-station French authorities on Tuesday detained four people suspected of helping a man who later stabbed to death two women in the southern port city of Marseille. In a separate case, five people remained in custody after being detained by French authorities over an apparent failed bombing attempt in an apartment building in a chic Paris neighborhood.
  6. Islamic State claims deadly attack on court in Libya's Misrata https://www.reuters.com/article/us-libya-security/islamic-state-claims-deadly-attack-on-court-in-libyas-misrata-idUSKCN1C91CU TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Gunmen killed at least three people and wounded 35 on Wednesday in a suicide attack on a court complex in the Libyan city of Misrata, officials and a witness said.
  7. Islamic State group claims deadly Damascus bomb attack BEIRUT: The Islamic State group today claimed a bomb attack at a police station in the Syrian capital Damascus a day earlier that killed at least 17 people. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/islamic-state-group-claims-deadly-damascus-bomb-attack/articleshow/60924776.cms
  8. Need to talk about being welcoming to immigrants to get Cleveland's population going again. Gentrification can't lift all boats on this. I wish Cleveland State would do more than just studies on downtown gentrification. We get it, the downtown is growing and can be used to lift other areas as well. Yet the entire city continues to bleed out which more than offsets any real gains in the center.
  9. This article pretty much sums up Zappa's history as a whole. You could replace Zappa with Phish or Stevie Ray Vaughn in this article and get the same results as well. http://www.theonion.com/article/frank-zappa-fan-thinks-you-just-havent-heard-the-r-4644 Also, I'm not quite sure which white people could do more damage to jazz -- Zappa or the producers of La La Land. I think it's a tie. :-D
  10. Insanely talented from Beatlemania! up to Let it Be. There's a reason why they are on heavy rotation. When the Beatles broke up George Harrison immediately released a three-album set. Lennon-McCartney-Harrison wrote so many great songs in such a short period that technology of the time couldn't keep up and Harrison was the "screwed" Beatle. Speaking of Chuck Berry...one of the best YouTube videos is a rehashing of a TV program where Lennon and Berry played together in '72. Yoko Ono is playing the bongo and then begins visceral screaming and Chuck Berry's eyes open like two giant saucers. Best moment is when the sound guy shuts her mike off. Sorry, carry on......
  11. Really? In late August, the Fairfax County "non-partisan" school board just held a special election for an open seat that was held by Republican funded member. I've never seen such a partisan race in my life. On and on about transgender bathrooms from both sides but very little about overcrowding which is becoming quite the problem here and both Dems and GOP voters would agree is a real issue. It might as well have been Trump vs. Hillary. That's just one of a thousand examples of local non-partisan politics that are run in a very partisan manner. Between 2000-2010 Parma shrunk by about 3.5% yet it's 18-64 population actually grew by .5%. There was a sharp decrease in both young and old people. And Parma is not getting gentrified like Lakewood. Yes, household size plays a role but the other factor is young people with families are choosing to move away from the region in general. Even from almighty Lakewood. This is dragging the region's population down no matter how nice some 'burbs are compared to others. It's also a sign that new immigrants are not moving to region.
  12. Lakewood is losing population at a faster rate than Cleveland this decade. Not that great. The housing market there would suggest otherwise. Also city services, quality of life, dining, culture and activities are all very strong. They don't need anyone. I suspect the population loss is smaller households and less rental occupancy. Somehow areas in DC and the surrounding communities can have all those amenities and not lose population steadily over 50 years. But hey, it's Lakewood..they don't "need" anyone.
  13. Right. Everyone here talks about regionalism in Cleveland until we bring out concrete examples. Then Lakewood people point to Brooklyn and say "you should merge first". Shaker people point to Garfield, etc. I've got no issue with Parma merging with Cleveland. Parma PSD is a disaster, so no great shakes there. It would increase Cleveland's population by 80K and because Parma is not losing population at the rate of places like Lakewood and Shaker/Cleveland Hts. it would actually stabilize the city's population loss some more. And as mentioned up thread post-war bungalows can gentrify just like homes in OC. It's a big area to cover and Police and Fire services would be handful for the city. Of course, to be 100% fair, I don't live in Parma anymore so my investment is nil but I do see the direct benefits of consolidated services where I live now. Lakewood is losing population at a faster rate than Cleveland this decade. Not that great.
  14. He went to the Thunder! I guess he's not going to that soon-to-be dumpster fire which Irving got traded from for spare parts! Even if IT doesn't come back until January, IT is not a "spare part". Actually neither is Crowder. There's a Browns thread here to talk about dumpster fires! :lol: :lol:
  15. I think the bigger issue with the protest is that it has lost it's own narrative. No one is talking about police brutality or social justice. Everyone is talking about when to sit or stand for the flag, who is doing it and why it should be done. It's become Flag Etiquette 101 or 102.
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