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  1. Here's a photo taken during construction of the new Main Library from 1949; that means this photo would predate the Auditor's photo by 20 years. https://cdm16998.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/collection/p16998coll12/id/279/rec/16
  2. Their Facebook page says the Grand Opening is this Friday, November 15th.
  3. Is it time to revive talk of locating the Beer Hall of Fame in this space? I mean, with Rebel Mettle Brewery coming and Listermann Brewing opening their German style beer hall in that corridor, maybe the time has finally come?
  4. Troeros, some people have the absurd view that the entirety of Downtown/Over the Rhine/Westend are on the verge of attaining Chicago level crime rates. The way that you view the Grant Park area, they view these areas as being on the same level crime wise. There is nothing that will ever change their closed mind about this.
  5. Thanks for the replies. They were also awarded/approved for "2 Million dollars in Federal Historic Tax Credits and other financing." (this information per a CityBeat article from June 26, 2019) https://www.citybeat.com/news/blog/21075201/cincinnati-projects-win-ohio-historic-preservation-tax-credits
  6. So Rebel Mettle was supposed to go in the old Clyffside Brewery Building at 244-246 West McMicken Avenue. What happens to the 1.3 Million dollar Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit that was awarded to that project? That would really suck if those funds were lost. Can the credit be kept for that building and applied to another concept?
  7. Edale, it's cool. I guess I'm just a little aggravated today after a frustrating day at work. The constant use of hillbilly by several people just sort of fed my sour mood.
  8. ^In this case the meat might actually be "dog" or possum, or the latest roadkill. Do I want to know?
  9. ^ Thank you. I would use the term redneck and not hillbilly. Rednecks revel in being referred to as such.
  10. I never compared it to the use of the N-word. I am also aware that some in the Appalachian culture embrace the term. I am not one of them. If used by someone not of Appalachian descent it is almost certainly used as a slur. All of the negative connotations associated with it are very clear to the one using it and also to the person or persons on the receiving end of it. While some Appalachians have owned it, many still feel the sting of it. I am glad you are not offended by it. While I do not make it equivalent to the N-word, I would not hesitate to place it on equal ground with other ethnic/cultural slurs. And therefore, just as unacceptable imo.
  11. Funny that you share a story about an Asian couple having racial slurs yelled at them; and yet you think it nothing at all to throw around the slur of hillbilly and redneck. As someone of Appalachian descent I find the term hillbilly to be extremely offensive. Can we please refrain from using it from here on out?
  12. If the source of the alleged rumor is Scottfordtvguy's twitter feed, then I would advise you to consider the source. Of course, having said that, keeping my fingers crossed.
  13. I work at Menards in Evendale and there is a steady stream of Hispanic customers that frequently shop there.
  14. Is it just me, or does it look as though they have filled the site back in? The photo upstream showed that they had dug down to the foundations of the old building, now it looks as though they are going to pave over it with an expanded parking lot. Please, someone tell me that isn't the case.
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