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  1. RE: Macy's, the most devastating thing that happened to department stores is the lack of white-collar jobs in this country brought on by computers and the internet. Most jobs now either have uniforms or it's OK to wear Wal-Mart clothes at them.
  2. Well if you want a preview of what the economy will look like if people give all their money to the internet rather than spend in in their communities, this is it.
  3. Where I went, SSU, is already back down to the enrollment level it was at when I was there in the late '90s/early 2000s after peaking in 2009-2010. People look at P-town and are like "No way will I find a job here unless it is at the hospital/middle school/MRDD/bar."
  4. All in the name of Supermax security levels in the buildings.
  5. You mean like old used copies? I don't know if the Governor's Office is going to be too impressed with a stack of 3.5" floppies in a box. I don't think you can even get physical copies of Windows 10 or MS Office.
  6. Seems like a good place to film a Tik Tok later in the year.
  7. Haha, GameStop tried pulling the "essential business" trick in California then got shut down. Something about having work-from-home supplies... I suppose PS3 and up controller charge cables are also USB cables. I bet they wish they were selling Lotus 1-2-3 and copies of Windows 3.11 still.
  8. I remember a buddy of mine's folks rented their half from their neighbor Maxine in the '80s.
  9. Husted has already said that they're not necessarily going to drill down into every different business to determine if it's "essential", so nothing might happen with this.
  10. Probably wouldn't be hard to orchestrate something again where Council saves it as Cranley publicly whines.
  11. It's taking a lot of people a decent amount of time to be ready for WFH. I haven't printed at home in almost a decade for example.
  12. Basically the only way summertime would have helped is no school and people spending more time outside which are nothing as compared to shelter in place or lockdown.
  13. China's big change in the '70s-'90s, like much of the rest of the world, was widespread electrification, telephones and computers.
  14. He's trying to drag the conversation back to the '50s.
  15. People don't have to leave Cincinnati because it is a major city that is very well-networked.
  16. AIDS was perceived as being for the 4Hs by the public until Rock Hudson (the fifth H) died from it.
  17. Lots more attention in the biomed sector these days, one just as full of insane ups and downs and "innovation" (promises) as tech, but less-public facing so we don't hear about them all the time.
  18. Right as the oil market tanked, sucking all the money of the nation's economy. But righties would never blame Trump for Atlantic City melting down.
  19. Not just socialism -- "Crazy Bernie Socialism"
  20. Yes! Another opportunity to say Rwanda -- Laissez-faire at it's finest.
  21. That's interesting that you wound up living with that many people from one smaller town, but that's the kind of stuff that can happen. Because of college I wound up with an enormous Columbiana County personal network.
  22. Well, we're not going to have really good statistical analysis like you'd see in a well-known refereed journal for at least a year.
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