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  1. GCrites80s

    NCAA Football: General News & Discussion

    I remember personally attending those kinds of bowls back in the John Cooper days.
  2. GCrites80s

    Health Care

    That's also why I always said no to heavy psychedelics.
  3. A whole lot of worthwhile projects could be done transit-wise in town using a combination of existing rail corridors and street tracks.
  4. GCrites80s

    Favorite Streets in Ohio

    So it was basically her equivalent of Eddie coming out during a Maiden show or an inflatable pig flying around when Pink Floyd plays something from Animals.
  5. GCrites80s

    Health Care

    I'm almost as bad. In the caveman days we'd be totally dead
  6. GCrites80s

    Columbus: Housing Market / Affordable Housing

    You also have to think about how much they're filling the lot. Even a quarter-acre lot can easily wind up with a 2000 square foot house with living space over the garage.
  7. The last landlords/management company I had told me about constantly getting checks from people's parents with no information about which property the checks were regarding. So every month they'd have to send notes back to the addresses on the checks (or call the phone number on the checks, which most people leave off these days) that had Stryker or McConnellsville or whatever addresses essentially saying "What the hell is this FOR?" since it was too tough to properly match the names associated with 600 properties.
  8. GCrites80s

    Favorite Streets in Ohio

    I bet they wouldn't have done that in the early 2000s when you had to sit through 10,000 traffic lights in Canal Winchester and Lancaster alone to get from Columbus to Athens.
  9. GCrites80s

    Cincinnati Enquirer

    It's all one big pool of money!
  10. GCrites80s

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    Is that helping with getting the rates down though?
  11. GCrites80s

    Portsmouth: OH 823 bypass news

    I bet eventually a dry carryout that looks like a pole barn and sells chicken will open. It will have a big conspicuous blank wall where the beer would be if the area wasn't dry.
  12. GCrites80s

    Columbus: Housing Market / Affordable Housing

    Hmmm, not sure. That's something that wouldn't be covered well by the media, New or Old. If it was in the Cool Crescent it would have attracted a lot more attention.
  13. GCrites80s

    Columbus: Housing Market / Affordable Housing

    Shannon development? Was it near Shannon Road?
  14. GCrites80s

    Columbus: Housing Market / Affordable Housing

    It's really had to motivate builders to do smaller houses since it only costs them a little more to do 400 more square feet e.g. another bedroom.