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  1. Yeah, pan left and you can see the yellow apartments that came down for Phase II.
  2. The good cut-throughs behind Kroger are all gone now... or is there one left?
  3. I'm going to ask for the "Pedantic Statement ot the Day" Award by pointing out that's it's densification rather than infill since occupied residential was there before.
  4. It gets really old dealing with Poisson events going off all day every day for years. People would go nuts without that stuff
  5. ^Sounds like "Crazy Bernie" is Hillary's term.
  6. what do you mean "antifa" didn't show up? Spinal Tap didn't play either
  7. GCrites80s

    Off Topic

    Motorcycle racer Ricky Carmichael has been called the G.O.A.T. since at least the early 2000s.
  8. They mostly served rural areas which is an extremely tough market for their products due to low population density.
  9. 25+ years of manipulative Right Wing think tank rhetoric has taken its toll on the ranks of the Moderate Republican. Once common in the wild, Perotus Republicanus has been hunted unrelentingly by the rest of the party to near extinction. Members of the species have no idea that their numbers are so few since they still mostly travel in their own packs.
  10. Ohio is an open primary state. You can vote in them.
  11. westerninterloper is on there too
  12. Here's a recently uploaded film from the '70s about I-64 and I-77 cutting through black neighborhoods in Charleston, West Virginia:
  13. We need to completely change how losses for the rich are treated in this country.
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