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  1. GCrites80s

    Rural Ohio is dying

    The map certainly illustrates how much money is being sucked into Silicon Valley and the PNW from people giving all of their money to the internet rather than spending it in their communities.
  2. GCrites80s

    Health Care

    ^Go Bottom 5 States! It's a great thing that so many politicians want to pull the entire country in their direction.
  3. GCrites80s

    2018 Gubernatorial Election

    That's out of spite for Corday's former position as the head of the CFPB.
  4. GCrites80s

    Cincinnati: Restaurant News & Info

    Here's a very Republican answer: A lot of times the big cities have a ton of regulations regarding food trucks (Columbus, wow what a racket... talk to a food truck owner who isn't "IN" in Columbus) whereas the smaller towns, counties and townships don't. They're not so much food safety regulations either since everywhere has those; its a matter of where they are allowed to set up.
  5. GCrites80s

    Suburban Sprawl News & Discussion

    People all over the world are the same. It is government and religion that make them different.
  6. GCrites80s

    Rural Ohio is dying

    That part of Appalachian Ohio (Belmont, Monroe, Noble, Guernsey, Morgan) doesn't have nearly the kind of destitution and sadness that much of the rest of Appalachian Ohio experiences despite the poverty numbers being almost equal.
  7. GCrites80s

    Cincinnati: Liberty Street Road Diet

    I hope those oldsters in Mason are happy. Will they be around to vote for Cranley by the time he runs for statewide office?
  8. GCrites80s

    Suburban Sprawl News & Discussion

    If sprawl was really that "natural" then Canada would look just like the U.S.
  9. GCrites80s

    Suburban Sprawl News & Discussion

    Also a lot of cities looked like this at the time: https://www.citylab.com/design/2012/06/what-pittsburgh-looked-when-it-decided-it-had-pollution-problem/2185/
  10. Because they owe someone $600,000 or some other giant sum that can't be paid off with wage garnishments
  11. GCrites80s


    I wonder if that kid's name really is Chad Kroeger. I'd be less likely to believe it if the other guy went by Barry Manilow or something.
  12. GCrites80s

    2018 Hurricane Season

    Hmm... Nadine+Oscar = NASCAR
  13. I remember it was really easy to accidentally wind up on it and over in KY straight off of 71.
  14. GCrites80s

    Columbus: Bicycling Developments and News

    Where the semi got stuck WAS the on ramp until about 1993. GPSes are so stupid that they resurrect old alignments ALL THE TIME. Autonomous cars will kill people because of stuff like this ALL THE TIME.
  15. The PS1 Tomb Raider fog on the renderings is a little distracting.