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  1. The manufacturers don't want you buying a minivan. They want you to buy an SUV.
  2. Seems like it has a bit of influence from the schools in town.
  3. This article came to my attention today despite being a year old: The Inside Story of How Uber Got Into Business With the Saudi Arabian Government By Eric Newcomer November 3, 2018, 9:00 AM EDT Corrected November 3, 2018, 3:52 PM EDT The Saudi Arabian government was set to give the San Francisco-based startup $3.5 billion, an astronomical amount. The company’s legal team had to double-check that it was even possible to send that much money in a single wire transfer. But on June 1, 2016, the Saudi Public Investment Fund sent Uber Technologies Inc. the cash in one lump sum. It was the largest single investment from a foreign government to a venture-backed startup ever—and still is. The sprawling consequences of that mega-deal have yet to fully unfold. Two years ago, the money helped Uber settle its war with Didi Chuxing in China, fortified its position against rival Lyft Inc. and empowered then Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick ahead of a long, pitched battle with investors who ultimately pushed him out. Now, the deal is drawing Uber into a global reckoning over the business world's relationship with Saudi Arabia. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-11-03/the-inside-story-of-how-uber-got-into-business-with-the-saudi-arabian-government As I speculated earlier on this site, Uber isn't being propped up by those looking to make money; it is being funded by enemies of transit, walking, bikes, good urbanism etc. in order to damage them and keep the world dependent on fossil fuels. Here is an article written today: Khosrowshahi was asked about Khashoggi to begin with because Saudi Arabia’s wealth fund is Uber’s fifth-largest investor, having provided $3.5 billion to the rideshare company, not including whatever money the Saudis indirectly put into Uber through major investor Softbank’s Vision Fund. Yasir Othman Al-Rumayyan, the managing director of Saudi Arabia’s wealth fund, sits on Uber’s board. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is the fund’s chairman.... Uber’s existence entirely relies on investors like Saudi Arabia to keep pumping money into its coffers because Uber does not and has never made a profit. It is, in the strictest sense of what we think business are, not a good one. So it relies on investors who are interested in things other than making money to keep it afloat. https://jalopnik.com/the-mistakes-we-make-1839812496
  4. I was going to guess Toyota based on the combination of "over $30K" "minivan" and "used".
  5. While I agree that the wheelbase and overall size requirements in relation to MPG of CAFE is poorly-written policy, I can't help but speculate that provision was designed by the automakers as their input on the policy. Contrary to the beliefs of some, in the U.S., the automakers themselves are at the table during these discussions and have enormous influence. It's the same way with the aftermarket parts manufacturers (SEMA). They are all welcome at the table. It is not 1972 where the EPA just drops things from the sky.
  6. Cars still aren't all that bad; it's the trucks, SUVs and crossovers skewing the numbers.
  7. The mileage isn't listed on the title until the vehicle sells. Boats don't keep track of mileage at all but I don't know if the hour meter is listed on the titles or not in the various states. I'm wondering if the values of cars and bikes are indexed to Kelley Blue Book or another source.
  8. There's no real excuse for mumble with as much good other music that's being made today. I can understand why mumble could have been acceptable during good music droughts such as the early-mid 2000s as long as it came with good melodies from the instruments but that wasn't the case. Female-fronted bands today are really important since they're not mumbling for the most part (except Billie Elisih), singing nasally like 14-year-olds or unintentionally sounding like Fez from That '70s Show. Just sing, people.
  9. No matter the genre, mumbling is lame. Don't hate it because it's new -- don't like it because it's new either.
  10. Kentucky and WV have that as well. One time I bought a used motorcycle in Kentucky and didn't have to pay sales tax on it in Ohio because the property tax had already been paid.
  11. ^Yes, the Crites corridors are definitely seeing some action.
  12. While West Jeff certainly has the characteristics of the Uncool Crescent, it's a little too far out of town to be "official". Now Alton on the other hand, epitomizes the tiny Uncool Crescent hamlet never recognized by Cool Crescent dwellers. Peers include Valleyview, Reese and Lockbourne.
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