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  1. ^He sure has breached a lot of them over the years!
  2. There were also some Russian steel mills that were supposed to get built on 52 that never happened.
  3. "Too many semis were crashing on Rosemount hill" and "Too many semis were jamming up 23 and 52 in Portsmouth and New Boston".
  4. If it was in Columbus it would have its own District -- "The District District"
  5. They say the most popular meal in there was called "Baloney on Hand" since there wasn't any money for bread
  6. Perhaps it's unrealistic to keep an army of specialists on standby. That rhetoric about waiting that the Right-Wing think tanks fed Rush Limbaugh in the early '90s as if we did have elective surgery Urgent Cares here or something totally warped people's idea of how things really work.
  7. ^Today I learned via the revived Brew that Disturbed is now Classic Rock.
  8. GCrites80s

    Toxic Masculinity

    In my towns it was stealing BMX bikes from each other.
  9. GCrites80s

    Toxic Masculinity

    "Shrill" just means someone doesn't like the sound of a woman's voice coming though a P.A. system unless she's saying "Divine, dahhhrling"
  10. GCrites80s

    Toxic Masculinity

    Yeah, I'm more embarrassed that I was in that many fights rather than feeling tough.
  11. Columbus had eleventy billion Oldies stations in the '80s. '50-'60s only
  12. I'd say one of the biggest differences that people 35 and up got tons of exposure to the entire 20th Century and even can drop some 1800s stuff if prodded since there was so little newer content on the telly. So much of our upbringing was video content from the '30s-'70s in reruns. Round about mid-late '90s there was enough TV content that those under 35 can maybe talk about the '80s more '90s but you just can't drop a Carson line, a Mr. Ed reference, Looney Tunes or even *gasp* Seinfeld on them and expect to come out OK.
  13. ^Agree on all counts. That Homer Simpson SMRT business is a gigantic distraction.
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