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  1. Of course, since he's planning on taking on DeWine he has to pander to nutjobs who think DeWine is too restrictive.
  2. It's like how there were a bazillion different carmakers in the U.S. before the Depression.
  3. It will be interesting to see what products/services from the virus will be tossed away like Y2K kits or the special purple and orange 3D glasses from Super Bowl XXIII and what will continue to chug on afterward.
  4. ^Not just our city, the entire American culture and business environment.
  5. Home equity is not a very good source of capital but it is a source of capital.
  6. But Toyota isn't tech, bro
  7. GCrites80s


    It's the Middle Side's East Side so to speak. Though Evendale (nearby) is somewhat similar.
  8. GCrites80s


    What was this individual's expected payback period?
  9. If you get rid of nickels you have to get rid of dimes as well actually and round to the nearest quarter since you would wind up with awkward amounts like 85 cents that you can't fix with available coins. Unless you add a 20-cent piece like the EU has. You'll be handing people tons of dimes all the time if you don't.
  10. Mature trees are still in short supply at UC so losing any is a bummer.
  11. The other half of that is that senior citizens have totally turned on him since he is the exact opposite of the law-and-order candidate when it comes to COVID-19. Many seniors live in places far removed from from places where protests are actually taking place and are terrified of getting the virus due to Trump misinformation and inaction. Trump pretty much tripled down on Harley guys and lost everyone else in the process.
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