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  1. Don't make me recite the "get avatars, people" haiku
  2. A gravel parking lot that big in a Downtown does not help a city's reputation at all, especially with out-of-towners.
  3. I think a lot of this "military families on the dole" stuff has to do with the lack of perspective of some of these young rural guys going in. $3000+ a month sounds like a mountain of money from their perspective. And it's not bad when you're single and have things like health insurance taken care of. But it also means they get back home at some point at 20 years old and fill the entire town with come. And everyone else in these small towns is on the dole too since the only jobs are Wal-Mart and the bar, so the moms can't cover the costs of the kids. The military needs to be doing a better job of educating these guys.
  4. And there's a billboard for a personal injury attorney RIGHT THERE
  5. Oh no, did the UO Cincinnati meet somehow warp itself into a subway tour the next day due to the "telephone game"? That's like when we had the author of a book about the 2014 OSU National Football Championship title do a signing. People started turning up thinking Urban Meyer was going to be at my store.
  6. I can see where they're coming from. These days to a lot of people "Motorist" sounds like someone driving on an open car while wearing leather gloves, glass goggles, a long scarf and a pudding bowl helmet.
  7. Trump LOVES world leaders that commit human rights violations.
  8. ^Appalachian towns certainly have their mom & pop vacuum stores (AKA Sweeper Shops) covered!
  9. Sorry, I can't come now. Pop-up HR issue at work. Hope to see you all in Columbus next week.
  10. If you plot a trend line over the entire graph though there is still growth with 2014-15 being an outlier.
  11. I wouldn't read too much in one year... look at what the other 2Cs have been through in that time.
  12. Actually Twentyone Pilots stuck around yet another day to play "Camptown Races" during the Doo-Dah Parade
  13. When the Boomers are retired there's a good chance that offices will move back Downtown from outside 275 where they are now.
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