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  1. Jake, I'm going to tell you something that you may not want to hear but I feel like we have enough rapport that it won't be that big of a deal: All that time you spend working at additional blue-collar jobs in order to make another $35 a day might be killing your ability to make a lot more and not have to deal with all of these out-of-hand unskilled laborers all day. I struggle with the same thing; I can't go to Columbus professional networking events that could get me out of this since I'm always leaving Lancaster (or until recently, Dayton) at 6pm or later hungry as hell and much of the good stuff is in Dublin, Worthington or whatever. Most Downtown networking events are at lunch. And even if I could network at them, I gotta tell them that I can't close or sell the store for another year at the earliest. It's a viscous cycle.
  2. And working 'til midnight is still sh*t hours. That's why the pizza guys get so cracked out on video games since the games can take place at anytime, anywhere in any weather. Anything where you're working after about 8pm and you can't participate in society. It's like a permanent Covid-19.
  3. Did you know that pizza guys can also be annoying regulars? I actually stopped having pizzas delivered to my stores because 1) Pizzas have far too much sodium and 2) The pizza guys would hang around the store for 15 minutes afterward wanting to talk about video games and trading cards; video games especially. I'd be standing there starving to death with a pizza turning into ice cubes while they would go on and on about video games. This happened constantly at all three of my stores for 9 years plus. Then when they weren't working they'd come in 3 times a week which I didn't mind as much because I wasn't near death those times and they'd buy things. Lots of things. Pizza gals (which there were plenty) never did this. They just took the money and ran.
  4. I don't know much about Riverside but whatever I've heard around town is not good. I think CDM said something about avoiding "sides".
  5. 2006-2009 were three tough winters in a row for Cincinnati and that's probably why people thought it was going to keep up like that. In Columbus those were bad plus we had a rough 2013-2015. I don't know how the latter ones were in Cincy since I had moved back up to C-bus by then.
  6. On the other hand, these forgivable loans and grants that Uncle Sam is putting out could save a lot of places. I don't have all the details yet, but Prom store can be like, "Lost all of our sales from being a prom store" and the SBA might help get them a check that fixes it. That's what I've applied for in the case of my business.
  7. Winter clothes are often a problem for retailers since some winters are totally wussy in much of the U.S. So the apparel industry does have a lot of experience with that side of things and it's why Burlington Coat Factory exists. It's also why winter clothing looks change much more slowly than other seasons. No Fast Fashion in the winter biz. I still think about how every Kroger was dedicating 800 square feet per store to vats of $1 5-packs of Silly Bandz around 2013 which was a full year after the 4-month fad was over. But the prom store in every mall, you know the one that is open all day every day, despite doing 90% of their business in a 6-week period? Those could be toast. So the place sits there with 0 dollar day after 0 dollar day for months (with a few $500-$1000) days here and there then BOOM $250,000 in six weeks from April 10-May 25. That $250K isn't coming this year.
  8. I was just at the supermarket. It looks like they overordered bottled water since it was piled up all over the place. By now there's fewer customers in there than there normally would be.
  9. Here is motocross legend Ricky Johnson's COVID-19 diary: https://dirtbikemagazine.com/ricky-johnsons-coronavirus-diary/ The big thing that sticks out to me when I see these is the lost of taste and smell. A lot of the other symptoms (tiredness, fever) could be caused by other things but if you lose taste and smell it's a very unusual occurrence with lesser illnesses. Seek help if that happens. Also his fever was only slight and he didn't cough until the very end.
  10. RE: Macy's, the most devastating thing that happened to department stores is the lack of white-collar jobs in this country brought on by computers and the internet. Most jobs now either have uniforms or it's OK to wear Wal-Mart clothes at them.
  11. Well if you want a preview of what the economy will look like if people give all their money to the internet rather than spend in in their communities, this is it.
  12. Where I went, SSU, is already back down to the enrollment level it was at when I was there in the late '90s/early 2000s after peaking in 2009-2010. People look at P-town and are like "No way will I find a job here unless it is at the hospital/middle school/MRDD/bar."
  13. All in the name of Supermax security levels in the buildings.
  14. You mean like old used copies? I don't know if the Governor's Office is going to be too impressed with a stack of 3.5" floppies in a box. I don't think you can even get physical copies of Windows 10 or MS Office.
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