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  1. A forum is for sharing things so I shared.
  2. I apologize my random unintentional sighting was too intense for some of the forumers. I will drive with my eyes closed henceforth! :-D
  3. Okay, not really. But he was drinking a big soda of sorts, that's sorta menacing, no? About 5 minutes ago I was driving down St. Gregory Street in Mt. Adams and spotted CDM with a couple of guys. That was pretty random. I would've said hi or at least snapped a funny paparazzi photo but it wouldn't have been kosher at the time (who I was with). I guess it's a small world after all! :laugh:
  4. Sad news, it was a great spot. Event goes on at Pike Street Press BY MIKE RUTLEDGE | MRUTLEDGE@NKY.COM Wednesday, April 2, 2008 COVINGTON – Saturday’s Discover Covington show of buildings and homes will go on, even though one of its primary sponsors, the Pike Street Press, plans to close later the same day, organizers said. Pike Street Press, an upscale sandwich and coffee shop at 222 Pike St., in the Covington Arts District, announced Tuesday it is closing 4 p.m. Saturday. The reason, according to a news release: “It’s the economy, stupid.” No link available for full article.
  5. That's pretty neat. I love the Dragons and I don't even really care about baseball.
  6. I know. Or like a baseball bat. That would almost be as funny as the dead cat—more painful though I suppose.
  7. ^ Option for both added. I guess I'm technically both because I run XP on my Mac as well.
  8. The new Intel Macs can run Windows on it. You just reboot and can choose which system you want to run for that session. Are you talking about mostly Adobe products? I've never had problems opening/using files created on either platform—the problem usually occurs with fonts that are specifically for one or the other. I can't believe they haven't addressed that issue yet.
  9. I know there's some similar discussions on here floating around but I didn't see any poles. Is your home computer a Mac or PC? Leave a comment on what you have specifically if you can. If this thread is already around somewhere let me know. Here's what I have—Intel IMac.
  10. "You can't swing a dead cat in Dayton without hitting an architect," he said. Wow, now that's a quote to repeat! hahaha
  11. The Greene does have residential and office space too. http://www.liveatthegreene.com/ http://www.thegreene.com/offices.cfm
  12. The issue from the start has been the tagline. I'm totally within my rights to have issue with it (or not) whether I buy their product (or not). Am I only allowed an opinion if I buy their wine? It's not like a stock, where I only have a say if I buy one.
  13. May I point out though that whether I buy it or not has no bearing on whether I can be offended or not.
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