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  1. Do you know who the developer or architect are? I look forward to seeing the renderings. In the next 3-4 years I am planning on downsizing to an apartment and University Circle is currently my focus. This corner would be my ideal UC location in terms of easy transportation, nearby amenities, green space close by and just a slight less hustle and bustle. I hope the building is spectacular (in other words more One University Circle and less Centric)
  2. I think a 5th grader could tell you that. The question is why can't a developer address safety without having to settle for lowest common denominator design. Hire an expert and give it some thought.
  3. That is the great mystery. The city is really not commenting. Foraker has a great "conspiracy theory". He suggested above that it was actually the Snavely Group that asked the additional parcels be added (which required a new RFQ) and they already have a plan and are hoping no new developers weigh in. That would be a great scenario but it is just speculation on his part. Something that supports such speculation is the relatively short response time. I guess we will know for sure next month.
  4. Drivers adapted. So it is a win win. Not only do you get a pedestrian oriented green space but probably less thru traffic at the square over all. By the way it isn't Shaker Heights looking for something different here. SS is in Cleveland.
  5. Interesting how they call the surface parking lot (looks like a Wal-Mart lot...is all that parking necessary in that location?) "the courtyard".
  6. Htsguy


    I plan on not answering any citizenship question on the census form. Obviously my boycott or even a mass boycott does nothing to address the problem with the question in the first place (it will lead to an inaccurate count due to people refusing to participate in the census all together) but it sure will make me feel better.
  7. Those West 48th street townhouses are really interesting. Not your run of the mill for Cleveland.
  8. Yeah I subsequently reviewed the RFQ and saw the buildings were not included. Interesting some are in foreclosure. Maybe the successful candidate can some how get it's hands on them. I am curious what would be proposed for the parking lot given its location. Cleveland Hts really does not need more retail. It is already littered with vacant spaces that need attention.
  9. sigh....I hope something is built before I die. I hope the new RFQ/RFP includes tearing down those buildings on Cedar between Wendys and the theatre.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I never say that original listing. So I am not losing my mind.
  11. KJP...I am really missing something. Can you point out specifically what information contained in the loopnet ad suggestions only the 10th floor is left to lease. I am just not seeing that but there is a good chance I am just misreading it. Thanks.
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