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  1. Do you have any ideas what the current courthouse tower could become. In my mind it would be a pretty difficult and expensive (especially given its mechanical problems) to re-purpose.
  2. I was going to post this in the Sherwin Williams thread since there is currently an active discussion relating to the re-location of the Justice Center but I did not want to be responsible for spinning that thread too far off topic. As somebody who has crawled around the Justice Center for decades, it is my gut (and pure speculation on my part) that nothing is going to be built in the near future, with $$ being the primary nut. This could easily turn into a project in the 800 million range, if not more. As such, while I personally believe the Jacobs lot would be a pretty good site for the complex, I don't want to see it sitting empty for another ten years when its long over due development can happen right now. The current location of the Justice Center is pretty good as it is a key component of a Cleveland government center (although less so now that the county adm. building has moved to 9th.) with the old courthouse and city hall across the street and federal bankruptcy court, the state office building and the federal courthouse just a few blocks away. It is kind of one stop shopping for those in the profession. My idea is to just rebuild the new courthouse tower on the current block. Apparently they are keen to move the jail off site (not a great idea in my opinion but I won't bore you with my reasons why) and Cleveland Police Headquarters is going to be a thing of the past if the city can get its act together (another example of how Cleveland works and more evidence why this is not happening any time soon). I would build the new jail, move the PD headquarters as planned and then tear down that portion of the complex (which are both on the south end and would result in a huge foot print along with that useless wind swept plaza) and keep the current court house and ancillary offices (clerks office prosecutor's offices etc) in operation during demo and construction. Then tear down the current tower and re-develop the north end of the block in some manner. Another possibility is to just build across West 3rd on that awful parking lot on the Northwest corner of 3rd and St. Clair and tear down all those non descript building all the way down to Lakeside. I am sure Barristers can find a new home.
  3. When I first read that headline I got real nervous-like Stan might have some sort of inside information. Then I read the article and realized it was a puff piece basically stating the obvious which anyone of us on the forum could have written. Most annoying is Stan's favorite technique of going to industry specialist's who actually have nothing to do with the project (in this instance re-location consultants) to obtain quotes and bolster the article even though he clearly already knew what they are going to say (in fact he could have approached my tenth grade niece and she would have given the same quotes). At least he made an attempt to get quotes from SHW and community leaders but there was basically nothing there. If Stan is going to ruin my Sunday morning with a headline like that, he should actually include some news. Or at least change the headline to something like " As everybody and their mother knows, Cleveland's poor air service is a real negative for Sherwin Williams and Cleveland's other global companies". By the way I really enjoyed his companion article on Bo Knez.
  4. It is my understanding that his two favorite mistresses live in Cleveland and one is afraid to fly and the other ate some bad shell fish in Atlanta.
  5. I don't think you understand the point of the posts cheering the CEO's construct of a large house on the lake in Bay Village. The implication is that SW will not be moving out of Greater Cleveland or to another state as a result, not that this is evidence that it would not build its HG in the suburbs. People are also implying that this means the touted Brecksville site is less likely since the CEO is moving from his current home in Brecksville to Bay Village. Hope that clears things up for you. That said, according to a certain poster with a number of inside contacts, the HQ will be downtown. What are your inside sources saying?
  6. I was not there but I am sure there was somebody from the Buckingham incorrectly moaning that the project violates Cleveland Heights' zoning ordinances.
  7. So what is happening with the Kassouf Liberty Textile project on West 6th which was suppose to break ground in 2018 and start renting suites in 2020? Any idea when their 2 million historic tax credit expires? (which they won over many other deserving downtown projects).
  8. How long can it be put on hold. Don't they have to develop the property within five years of the date of demolition of the spag house (the date of which I don't recall). By the way I don't trust the word of any "financier" as far as I can throw them.
  9. If anyone is interested, the Dunham Tavern appeal is moving at a pretty good pace, faster than usual. Appellants have already filed their brief so if there is not the usual run of leaves to file subsequent briefs oral arguments might be scheduled for late December or early 2020 and perhaps a ruling by early spring. I am assuming the sale to the Cleveland Foundation did not go forward in September (despite no restraining order) due to the litigation. If I recall correctly from a news article it was important that the sale take place by September 2019 (although I don't recall a reason given for such a deadline) but that date clearly does not seem as important it DT is still fighting the lawsuit.
  10. Could be but it seemed to me he was bombastically saying something like 40-50 years. At least that is how I read it
  11. Cleveland built its waterfront line in the mid 90s so that it wrong.
  12. I believe that surface lot is suppose to be an outdoor plaza between the new library and Fenway. At least that is how it was described in the news reports when it initially went to design review.
  13. I guess that would mean buying out the non profit (can't recall which one) which built a new building at that corner about 12-15 years ago. I would much rather see the sub station on the corner of Chester and 105 go.
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