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  1. Would like to see more renderings but certainly not hating it at this point. Glad to see a bit of height. Like the step up as you proceed down the hill and the design of the amenity space at the point, especially the pool looking over Cedar, Also like the use of different materials which helps break things up. Hard to tell from a single rendering but might not be crazy about the windows on the higher building. Kinda look like those in Centric which I think look cheap. Also wish they would have included the parcel on the other side of Nighttown where the bank is. Hopefully the timeline is solid and they will break ground in a year. F and C's project in Cincy seems to be taking forever to start although I don't think it is their fault.
  2. ^Comcast Center in Philadelphia is 1121 feet so no.
  3. If a forum member attended tonight's Top of the Hill meeting could you please briefly report on it. Hopefully they have reached a stage where the design is close to being finalized (so we viscously can tear it apart )
  4. If anybody has any interest google images of 50th and France in Edina, MN (an upscale inner ring suburb). With proper leadership this could have been the intersection of Cedar and Warrensville as a result of the millions spent at Cedar Center and University Square the past 15 years.
  5. ^What is really sad is during the past 15 years, as a result of the original redevelopment of University Square and the redevelopment of Cedar Center, UH and South Euclid could have had a great quarter mile street wall on Cedar. Instead we got what we got.
  6. Agree the proposed demolition is vital but not loving all the surface parking fronting Cedar. Just exchanging one kind of pedestrian dead space disaster for the same thing in a different form. Knowing the powers that be in UH they will not have a problem with it just as long as something gets built. The mentality is "oh boy somebody actually wants to build something in our city...we will take what we can get no matter if it is a lowest common denominator development". This will be especially true in this instance since the resolution of the debt issue is so complicated and longstanding.
  7. Isn't NPR also the developer of that big apartment block at the corner of Green and Chagrin in Beachwood? While I am not fan of that design either they did seem to incorporate and hide the parking much better than this proposal. I wonder how the economics of both projects compare.
  8. ^I don't think any of the posters were clamoring for more surface parking...just a better designed parking garage. If that was the case in the first place it would not have to be covered up with art. One of my biggest problems is the siting. It seems to hang on to one of the buildings like a tumor. By the way it appears the design also proposes a fair amount of surface parking.
  9. Yes that garage is pretty bad. Both siting and design. I wonder if they will get any major push back from the PC?
  10. ^This really has me scratching my head. This sounds like real preliminary work that should have been completed ages ago. In fact I would have thought this would have been done before or in conjunction with the RFP. Have Pace and Trammell been working all these years and negotiating with potential tenants without know if their visions could be supported on the site? Even if they went into this knowing there were probably issues, why has it taken so long to do this type of analysis?
  11. While I am at the point where I roll my eyes ::) when ever somebody mentions Pace's alleged negotiations with a large tenant for his lakeside development (I guess he will have to get off the pot by next June when his extension with the city is up), including Pace, I wonder if the lack of leadership and action by the city relative to a mall to lakeside connection (even if it is only that piss poor bridge previously proposed) may be hindering these supposed negotiations.
  12. Htsguy

    CLEVELAND - Fall in Flat

  13. Why such a difference in costs? Lumen project had no sitework. Excavation, foundations, utilities all in place already. Just go vertical atop the garage... Are you confusing Lumen with Beacon?
  14. ^the rendering in the article is a bit small but I really like the design of the theatre and its presence on East 105