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  1. So with the amendments, if it ever does get voted out of the House, does it have to go back to the Senate or do they form a conference committee like in the US Congress?
  2. Thanks for the reply. The possible payoff situation should be reported.
  3. I just google street viewed the address. That area of Euclid looks like it must have in 1840.
  4. 5th hearing? What is left to talk about, especially since this is the second go around in the house?
  5. Are we really this needy. If you saw the interview he was just being polite and admitted he didn't have a clue what was going on at the Browns games. If we really want to send some love it should be to the Russo brothers who have genuinely supported the Cleveland film industry the best they could over the years starting with "Welcome to Collinwood"
  6. I may completely wrong and @KJP would have to confirm one way or another, but I think this speculation on this mega projection has gone in the wrong direction. It has been a while since KJP's post (and I cannot even recall what thread) but I think KJP was referencing a possible "real estate project or development" and not a particular company. When he said bigger than Progressive I think he meant the potential development will/would be bigger than the proposed Progressive Building project from the early nineties, not that a company bigger than Progressive is moving to town. Again I could be wrong but that is my memory of the exchange.
  7. Do you know what businesses are still operating in the strip center?
  8. Yes really. The plant choices are ridiculous. The evergreens in the front look like arborvitaes which, in my opinion, are totally inappropriate for that location (bordering a side walk-they are usually used for screening, often between houses). The will get tall and basically block the house. And what's with the short planting behind the tall. Very strange. No thought given to this landscaping at all. Looks like somebody just got a deal on some bushes and put them anywhere. Low care landscaping could have been done much better at little cost.
  9. There is a youtube video of the Auburn band during that famous Iron Bowl ending where a missed field goal was run back for a winning touchdown to end the game. I have played it over and over and always wondered what a foreigner would think of Americans as they watch the bands excitement and then discipline in order to immediately strike up the Auburn fight song.
  10. Which I guess means the whole project is not imminent unless they decide to start on the Chester side once the station is down which I don't think is the plan . So sigh.
  11. Really like the single family homes. Wish (as usual) they would have given some thought to the landscaping.
  12. Definitely. Probably for the demolition of that former automotive business which has already been approved by the city. The former district police station in the background (also approved for demo) is probably next.
  13. I just wish this project would get started as it is so transformative. The planning for this started in 2015 and still has months to go before construction begins. If this was Stark we would be all over this project moaning and groaning. Of course Midwest gets a small pass since it has to coordinate with the library and it appears the library's architects maybe the ones holding things up, at least in connection with the Library Lofts part of the project (I think I read something on a library website that they hope to get going in March). Reading between the lines it looks as though any construction on the east side of 107th may be a long time coming, so it maybe years before the project has a complete dense neighborhood feel.
  14. I have lots of egg all over my face. When I created my one and only thread about 3-4 years ago asking what project in development would be first and why I had the Brickhaus project as number one. My only solace is that a number of other posters agreed at the time. I have confidence something will eventually get built here. The views are too good.
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