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  1. Looks like a shorter Washington Inn development is back before Landmark. Hopefully they got together with neighborhood NIMBY's and/or officials who were objecting to the first concept and this will go through quickly.
  2. KJP I trust your take on things, but to tell you the truth, without specifics as to what "city hall" and certain "city leaders" are doing or not doing to impede this project and Nucleus it is hard to comment and/or offer a personal analysis regarding the situation. I am all set to trash the person or persons gumming up these projects but to be fair I don't know why I would be doing it.
  3. A few days ago the plaintiff's challenging the sale of Dunham Tavern property to the Cleveland Foundation filed an appeal of the trial court decision in favor of Dunham Tavern and the sale. Will be interesting to see if the GCRTA sale to the Foundation discussed in @KJP's blog post will be put on hold pending resolution of the appeal. Again I believe the DT has a stronger position (as it won rather quickly in the trial court) but an appeal will take time (8-9 months or so) and it could gum things up which is often an ancillary goal of such litigation.
  4. If I recall correctly @w28th mentioned a few weeks ago that Stark in the past had tried to sell 310 and was simply asking an unreasonable amount for the building given its structural issues.
  5. Interesting that Geis may pursuing two downtown condo projects at the same time (Avenue District and the still unannounced project across from Progressive Field per @KJP). @w28th will not be happy that they are using their in house architect for the Avenue District project. Guess we should withhold judgment until we see a rendering.
  6. ^I know I keep saying this over and over but I find it ironic that the demolition of 310 Prospect is/maybe an obstacle to commencing the Nucleus project when the fight over its demolition by out of state investors more than five years ago triggered Stark's property purchases and then the subsequent announcing of this "huge" development more or less out of nowhere. At that time we viewed Stark has the savoir of 310 and showered him with praise for it.
  7. @KJP, while I am sure he would not come right out in say it, after a few conversations with Ezra Stark does your spidey sense give you the feeling that he might glance at this thread every once in a while. If he does, I am sure knowing what he does, he gets a few good laughs from it.
  8. I am pretty sure that is a given. They plan on updating individual units as they become available.
  9. Love the pic but best thing about your post is that you said you took it from "The Jake"
  10. I am quite sure that would be a bigger fantasy.
  11. Thanks for the blog post @KJP. Looking forward to seeing the conceptual renderings (although I would imagine they will be more than conceptual at this point in time). I have never been a big fan of parking pedestals but I guess they are inevitable (Chicago seems to grow them like corn). Fingers crossed for some good architecture.
  12. You do know that everybody on this forums definition of "close" is "within the next hour" "
  13. Update on the Dunham Tavern lawsuit. A couple of weeks ago the court ruled on the defendant's motion for judgment on the pleadings and ruled in defendant's favor dismissing the entire lawsuit. An opinion by the court has not yet been filed but is apparently forth coming. Of course the plaintiffs can still appeal which would continue to gum up the proposed property sale. I have a vague recollection that the Cleveland Foundation indicated in the past that the deal had to consummated by September of this year (why I am not quite sure) so an appeal would hamper that closing date if the reasons for a Sept. transfer are actually true and/or still in play.
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