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  1. Doesn't Cumberland's extended option expire if they don't break ground in June?
  2. Yeah I definitely though the previous pool location was better and I also thought the Euclid Hts side looked better before. The park by Nighttown was in the previous plan. I never thought it was a great idea. Don't think it will be used much (I keep thinking of that plaza in Cedar-Lee which always seems vacant but I guess this will be larger). Would have preferred more density and something blocking the parking garage at that point. I think the city and design review were actually giving the developer grief about the previous materials and that is why the change. The were supposedly working with the city behind the scenes to work on this and much depended on cost. I think the fix is in on this design since the developer seemed to be working so close on the changes with city officials. Despite the polite acceptance of views at the two upcoming meetings in order to "make a record" design review will green light so they can break ground in December. I could be wrong.
  3. There are clearly some major differences including materials and the height of the mid block eastern elevation (appears a couple stories taller)
  4. The city has posted the new Top of the Hill renderings on its website. Just in time for all hell to break lose at the community meeting on Tuesday. They look significantly different to me.
  5. Unfortunately, if they stay downtown it will probably have to be in a similar type facility. I believe they were in the federal building before they moved and the GAO was keen to put them in a very secure location due to fears of terrorist bombing. Thus they had to be in a building off the street with gates and the like. Not a very urban friendly set up. If I recall correctly (although I could be wrong) the government at the time wanted them to stay downtown so that the agents were somewhat close to federal court.
  6. Just trying to be funny (I clearly failed). My point is that it is a pretty hard hitting blog article. I certainly don't believe Ezra Stark's failure to respond had any impact on your writing (although I bet now he wishes he said something...hope he read it).
  7. If I remember my Accounting 121 class, a loan is considered debt not equity.
  8. ^OUCH...KJP remind me to ALWAYS respond to any e mail you send me.
  9. ^I thought the release was strange since it never mentioned eventual relocation to Nucleus. I kept trying to read between the lines (like they did not want to tout it since it still is not a done deal or did not want to poke their current landlord in the eye with the eventual move...in reality I certainly am just grasping at straws...don't know what is going on). I did notice from the pics that the build out does not look very elaborate (pretty bare bones) which in my mind is a sign of temporary quarters.
  10. I would guess not. That is why no city loan to date. Question is: Is anybody working on this (who ever that would be)
  11. Is the Washington Inn Housing still a viable project? The negative planning commission vote was pretty decisive. I really cannot see what they can do to make it smaller to satisfy the Little Italy NIMBYs and still make economic sense. They had already scaled it back significantly.
  12. Library Lofts (on Euclid between E105 and E107) has been to design review at least once in 2019 (I believe it has to go back for final) unless you don't count it as a mid-rise (I think it is 8-9 stories on top of 2 floors of the new library.
  13. Those are much better looking. Just seem more "solid" which is necessary on a busy street like Superior. Hope the final product looks as good as the renderings.
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