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  1. I believe the cost estimate is now over $11 billion. The original cost was suppose to be $3.5. New York or not, there is something seriously wrong there.
  2. So when @tykaps states that building permits have been "filed" does that simply mean applications were submitted but not approved by the city. Or does filed mean approved. If the later, how can you get a building permit if you have not received approval from design review or landmarks? Or does filing permits mean you are going in front of one of those two boards. I guess I am a bit confused. I was under the impression that the issuance of a building permit was a separate step from design review. In other words design approval and then the city issues a building permit upon application.
  3. What were the objections? I googled and the conceptuals I found were not the worst thing I have seen proposed for Ohio City.
  4. The later. Actually I just think it is not as dirty as everybody claims.
  5. The sidewalks on Detroit need to be widened. In fact, with all the new construction the street needs a total new rebuild with a better street scape.
  6. Not familiar with this project. Is there something up thread that describes it?
  7. Wow. And those actions are just one city. I had a funny feeling this was type of operation RealLife was running. Kinda small potatoes. Not a company you would think is in a position to build a skyscraper downtown. Like I posted previously, the company seemed sketchy from the outset.
  8. Question...these 55 properties RealLife has purchased throughout Greater Cleveland since 2015. Are they small flips in inner ring suburban communities that they then rent out?
  9. I hesitated to reply because this discussion is really veering off topic...but I think what you're describe is the feeling of those who rarely take public transit or not at all. In any event it does not address the alleged demographic stigma alluded to above. That said we should probably take this elsewhere before the hatchet comes out.
  10. When did this "stigma" start to develop. When I rode transit regularly (about 4 days a week to work and sporting events) from the early 80s to early 2000s the rapid was more than 50% white collar professional and most nights you had to stand during rush hour.
  11. I believe that is the Frango lot at 14th and Prospect. @KJP has suggested they are interested in developing it but given its Frango I would not hold my breath. It clearly will not happen without a development partner. Just my opinion, but of all the huge lots downtown that have potential that is probably really low on the totem pole which is unfortunate as it one of the gateways from the south into downtown.
  12. I have no information one way or another but if in the next few years one or two places closed I would not be surprised. The shelf life of a couple of the places is getting old. However, that is just the restaurant business in general. A restaurant gets stale after a while. It would be no reflection on East 4th. In my mind it is still hot and with nearby new developments will pretty much stay that way in the near future. Anything that closes will eventually be replaced with something new.
  13. It was pretty clear from day one this whole thing was pretty sketchy.
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