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  1. You probably mean Ameritrust but I am no sure it is actually depicted on that piece.
  2. Thanks for the pics. Especially enjoyed Forest Hills. I am constantly amazed by Metro New York's love affair with cheap awnings used primarily as signage.
  3. Just as side note...funny little story. I was chatting with my niece's boyfriend at a cookout this past weekend and asked him when and if his company's offices where going to open and if he was tired of working from home. During the course of the conversation he mentioned how sometimes he will forgo his usual shorts and tee shirt and get dressed up by putting a polo shirt on. I kind of paused and smirked and told him I thought it was cute that he thought wearing a polo shirt was getting dressed up to go to work. I was of course being a smart ass but he got a laugh out it. He knows I am from a different generation (one that wore a suit to the office every day) and I have a well earned reputation in the family of being a curmudgeon when it comes to appropriate dress.
  4. ^the fact that they will find it necessary to have retreats to promote morale suggests to me that it is a problematic decision. Clearly many companies that will do this are viewing this as a cost saving measure and are fortunate to hide behind the virus in doing so. Hopefully they will pass on these savings to their employees in the form of raises. What do you think the odds of that will be?
  5. Boy that building just becomes even more of a disappointment as it gets further and further along. I thought the renderings were bad but the real life product is just a wart on the landscape. Especially hating what I am guessing are air conditioning vents for each individual unit.
  6. Hiding behind the nobility of the 1st amendment does not get you very far. While free expression is a fundamental right it is not an absolute right and is trumped by a compelling governmental interest, which, while a strict standard, has been found time and time again by the courts.
  7. Where did that conceptual rendering come from?
  8. I believe the Phase 2 plan for quite some time has been a residential building on the RTA lot at Farnsleigh and Van Aken. I would prefer that they focus more attention towards the intersection of Warrensville and Chagrin but I can see whey they are more interested in developing the Farnsleigh lot as it is probably more marketable.
  9. I am certainly not an expert on this topic but won't the federal money have to be paid back if it was cancelled. I recall a controversy regarding the redesign of Public Square in Cleveland with the city wanting to closed Superior Avenue which runs through the square as part of the project. The feds threatened to force the city to return something like 20 million dollars if they did so due to some provision relating to the Euclid Ave BRT project.
  10. Htsguy


    I find this somewhat fascinating. The reporting on this is consistent that the word "colored" is offensive when referring to blacks. However, when I was a kid in the 60s colored was the polite and non-offensive word to use when referring to blacks (rather than Negro or of course the other one). Interesting how nomenclature changes over the years.
  11. Prime space on the river should not be used for convenience retail. It sorely needed in the Flats (although the question from an economic standpoint is there enough density to support it at this point) but makes more sense in the Phase 3b building.
  12. I believe pre pandemic there was an appeal of the zoning approval for this project. Not sure the ultimate out come but the sign removal might be a sign that the appeal was rejected. It is frustrating that the Planning Commission or some other city source does not publish hearing decisions. At least not that I am aware of.
  13. To quote the chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus "I think it can be used as a distraction and that is my concern". To say the least.
  14. GOP strategist are like "thank you God"...When things were looking so bleak for the party we are given this gift. Elections, unfortunately, are slogans and sound bites and the GOP excels at this. The average voter is not exploring the nuances of the idea.
  15. I have noticed the same thing and wanted to ask a certain "CA" about it but why bother
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