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  1. Actually 5 of the restaurants listed are part of the same ownership group but I was still suspicious when I saw the original post.
  2. Why are we such a third world country when it comes to transportation amenities? I watch you tube video of airports, airline travel, train travel and metros around the world and drool. It is practically embarrassing. But I must admit, our gated communities are some of the nicest on the planet.
  3. I was listening on NPR as well and an AP reporter asked a very artful question comparing a DeWine tweet to a Trump tweet sent minutes apart that were completely opposed. The reporter challenged DeWine's earlier comments in the press conference, with the two tweets as evidence, praising the manner in which Trump was handling things and saying they were on the same page. He sheepishly made a dumb joke about how he should not tweet and then weakly started to say they were in agreement and at they point I just turned off the radio, disgusted, without hearing the rest of his response. I certainly know the way the world goes around but for once it would be refreshing to come across a politician with the courage of his convictions.
  4. Possibly per KJP as part of the Centennial renovation.
  5. Boy does that letter require a lot of reading between the lines. I wonder what if anything this situation means for the proposed Carnegie development in Ohio City which @KJP has mentioned and which seems as big if not bigger. I certainly don't know that much about the company but I never really considered them a major player who could really handle and/or had the resources to a develop a transformative project.
  6. You are probably right that a Dave and Busters would do well in that location and it is probably a natural given what would surround it, but I cannot imagine it would happen unless they close the Westlake location. D and B is a destination type restaruant/attraction. People from the region go to it rather than just the neighborhood. You usually make plans to go, usually with a group, rather than just dropping in (although I could see more drop in business downtown than say Westlake given it would be right next to Rocket, Progressive and the Casino). A downtown location would most likely be a drag on the Westlake location which already has its seasonal ups and downs. A group from the east side or even say someplace like Kent that would previously head to Westlake would probably go downtown. I don't see a second location expanding its base of customers in any significant manner.
  7. ^Isn't that the site of the now defunct development proposed by Andrew Brickman?
  8. He is of course a fabricator and his ownership of the property means little as it is subject to eminent domain.
  9. I am surprised that didn't already exist.
  10. Sigh....but clearly no surprise. Pace was definitely in over his head as has been regularly noted. The real screw up was probably the city going with him in the first place. So another 6 years of planning and promise down the drain. Really tacky how the city managed the divorce rather than sitting down with him way back when and saying we have problems with how things are going and need to separate. So we start again from square one. Hope the Browns really have a plan, resources and partners and are ready to go.
  11. I agree with @E Rocc about 2% of the time, and especially have issues with his conservative social views...however he always expresses his views in a respectful and intelligent manner (well somewhat intelligent since they are generally wrong LOL) and never belittles others on the forum or people in society in general. I have never considered him a bomb thrower like many others on the forum.
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