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  1. The one near Memphis has been gone for years. It's a dollar Tree now
  2. Rainforest Café would be a regional draw that would attract a
  3. Interesting story - those 2 stories were added for what was meant to be a Blimp Landing Dock. People had thought it was going to be the next "big thing" and during this time frame some buildings added the capability for a Blimp landing. Its now/was used for catering events and wedding receptions. Its a really nice venue.
  4. If we are going for tourist traps - I'd suggest a Rain Forest Café would do great down there
  5. an even better change would be to get on Red Line train in the morning with more then one car - another Monday, another one car Red Line train on the way to work. SOOO crowded.
  6. There has already been a thread on "potential" issues, which was locked down. I'm sure RTA has a contingency plan in place, but I don't think this is the right time to put out anything. It just adds to the "hype" and "hysteria" for no reason. Once something happens, then hopefully we will hear from one regional voice. I agree, but I'm not trying to add to the "hype" and I hope all this news and announcements isn't encouraging the activity. I still think my question is valid on will there be a way to get home "IF" things happen or do people think its best to be proactive and not risk getting stuck downtown. There has been other situations where Tower City had to be closed due to security concerns and was hoping someone could give some information on how RTA assisted with those that could not get to the Train Station.
  7. Riding the Rapid downtown to work today I noticed it was much less crowded then it normally is and wondered if people were hesitant taking the Rapid with all this news about potential violent protests in response to the Brelo verdict *maybe* this week. Curious if anyone knows what RTA would do if things do get out of hand and they have to close down Tower City for safety/security reasons - do you think there will be a plan to get commuters home - or is it best to just plan alternate transportation and hope for the best vs. finding yourself stuck? I'm sure RTA has discussed this but is one of the few organizations that haven't put out some sort of public announcement - even our building mgt put out a letter indicating what their plans are "in case".
  8. Unlucky? More of a realist. These unruly youths obviously cause enough problems that CPD/Transit Policy and Sherriff's find it necessary to place upwards of 6 patrol cars and mounted units along public square after the 3pm hour...they aren't there for the fun of it.
  9. Were the victims random St. Patricks day celebrators? Yes unfortunately. In this case, I feel race is a very important part of the story, so I will go there. The entire group was black (male and female) and they were targeting younger white males for their phones/wallets. Sad to say I'm not surprised. Around 5:45pm when I was walking to catch the Red Line I could sense that something no good was going to go down given the amount of youth congregating around Public Square with no purpose. I have seen many of "riots", etc. happen around Public Square. There were 5 or 6 officers trying to get them to disperse - and it looks like they did disperse a block down Euclid. I'm not one that gets uneasy quickly - but there are MANY times when I feel completely unsafe while walking near public square. As positive of a direction I feel this city is heading - these type of stories are way too common in and around Public Square and has become the exact reason why I no longer bring my family downtown during large events. There seems to be no controlling some of these youths.
  10. WKYC reporting that United will cut the hub at Hopkins. Mayor Jackson to have press conference Monday at 11am http://m.wkyc.com/topstories/article?a=5106115&f=2000
  11. The word in the building is that it is going to be some sort of Asian Fusion place
  12. I'm sure the city will act quickly to shut this place down. K&D just opened up the Hanna project, and there are several rental conversion projects happening on Huron - all within in steps of this bar. Too much investment in Playhouse Square to continue to allow this place to attract trouble makers.
  13. Funny. I guess I break all stereotypes. I'm an educated MBA working for a big bank, I live in the City with my wife and 2 kids...and I LOVE COUNTRY music. How insulting is it that someone would say the bar/restaurant would be an "embarrasment" to the city. What would you think if I said the next vegan/bicycle friendly establishment is an "embarasment to the city"?
  14. I personally think Five Guys has fantastic burgers and awesome french fries...and I like my burgers. For a "chain" restaurant, there is no better burger in my opinion.
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