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  1. That's fine, and I'm all about living within your principles. But then you're just going to have to match the offer, no way around it. I guarantee other cities regionally would not turn this deal down.
  2. This is about the mayor wanting to remind everybody who's really in charge. Does not send a good message to outside Developers. What happens if Sherwin-Williams or anyone else tries to finance through OAQDA ?
  3. I have this bad feeling it's going to be like what happened with the North Coast Harbor Bridge. And it's going to look exactly like it, just bigger
  4. Cool detailed shot of some of the panels at RMF. Also most of the side walk is in along Huron.
  5. I was projecting the building to be about 22 stories with the Hotel starting at about the 5th floor and the first five levels for lobby/common area, meeting rooms and a couple of shared floors with the Global Center. Because of the site the floor plates would be on the small side maybe 12k. The building would be about 275k sq ft and cost around 75mil. And yes Hilton would be the obvious choice.
  6. This is an idea I put together regarding Convention Center expansion but It also involves the proposed land bridge, so here you go...
  7. So this is something I put together last year regarding Convention Center expansion and a possible new hotel site. Thought I would share...
  8. HaHa you gotta know Stark is on his way to Home Depot/Menard's as we speak. He is in line at the service desk with new renderings in hand looking for tax breaks on bulk Timber...
  9. Jeff Jacobs said this about a proposed hotel at Nautica back in '16... "Jacobs acknowledged the risk of proposing a hotel at a time when the downtown hotel market is almost doubling in size, with additions of the 600-room Hilton Cleveland Downtown Convention Center Hotel and the new Kimpton and Drury hotels. However, the Windows on the River at the Powerhouse complex hosts several weddings a week, and Nautica constantly fields requests about where bridal parties and guests may stay nearby. “It’s risky, but it’s an important component to complete the mosaic of a waterfront district,” Jacobs said of the hotel. “The benefit of the hotel might not show in its books but would show up in other results in the development.”
  10. ^ Yeah that is interesting. And it would look great at 925. Although those most recent plans didn't include a hotel. But it sounds like something they would be interested in.
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