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  1. ^ That's more about Arbor Construction, I hope they don't do nuCLEus. I don't know if the CM has been announced for that yet.
  2. ^ Cleveland continues to fight far above its weight class for a city it's size no question. Not just in sports but in the Arts with a top five orchestra and art museum. Its pretty impressive. But back to sports and btw Cleveland is only one of fifteen city's that has the three major pro sport teams, NFL/MLB/NBA. Hockey is a distant fourth and soccer is not even on the radar at this point. And how David Gilbert is not seriously being considered for mayor is beyond me. The guy has been killing it for years. He clearly has the talent to get things done and bring people together. I hope he is involved with keeping SW downtown.
  3. I did this mock-up of a twisty version for the SW building about 3 years ago. Coincidence?... Oh and nice job KJP
  4. Jordan Zirm reporting Cleveland awarded 2021 NFL Draft. https://mobile.twitter.com/clevezirm/status/1130939570978271232
  5. So from the Horizon Groups 1st quarter statement regarding The Outlet Shoppes at Cleveland is this: At March 31, 2019 and December 31, 2018, pre-development costs classified as Other Assets included projects in Cleveland, OH and Woodstock, GA totaled $532,000 and $470,000, respectively. Pre development costs can be anything from financial applications, legal fees, architectural fees, and engineering/traffic studies it does not mean the project is a go. But this is the second year in a row monies have been committed...And remember I am just the messenger on this direct all your hate elsewhere
  6. So in one of the last rounds for Ohio Historic Tax Credits the Baker/Fidelity Building on E 6th St. won $1.7 mil to convert the 11 story /50k sq ft structure into a hotel. It is owned by J. Scott Scheel a local investor/real estate teacher. Anyone have any knowledge or seen any activity there? It is listed as a $17mil conversion.
  7. ^That's some good stuff. $145/SF means somebody wants to make that money back, soon. And in the meantime It has been awful quiet on the new police/courts headquarters search. Do you think that might be the future of those parking lots?
  8. If you just kind of eyeball this WKYC webcam photo the Lumen when complete should appear to be a little taller than the Ohio Bell building from this perspective.
  9. Like the Beacon those panels are covered with a film that will be removed.
  10. So when Richard Pace/Cumberland gave up control of the space between the RH and the GLSC just recently he indicated his next move would be to explore the development of a hotel just north of the GLSC. So I only post this image from a feasibility study by https://sbfriedman.com who seem to still be involved in some respect with either the city/port/cumberland...not really sure. But Pace said the hotel would be about 100 ' tall which from this image looks about right. I like the site and the scale of it if this is what he is thinking about.
  11. A $360million dollar project. That's huge. Congratulations to everyone who is working to make this development happen!
  12. Regarding the image from Starks website. When I first saw that I was going to post it but I almost felt embarrassed for them as It is just horrible. That is like someone's first attempt at Photoshop. Not to mention someone needs to update their Google maps as that image of downtown is about 6 years old. Really sloppy work. I hope that doesn't stay as a part of their marketing material.
  13. Well Bialosky has a massing as part of their library proposal which looks to be about 14 storey tall. But that was a while back so I guess we will see soon. http://www.bialosky.com/work/cleveland-public-librarymartin-luther-king-jr-branch/
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