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  1. This is a great photo from https://mobile.twitter.com/msexton216 With the Lumen in the distance you can just imagine the City Club project in the foreground. I'm guessing this may have been taken from the Beacon.
  2. About a year ago someone posted that an at&t store was moving in. But I haven't heard anything since. The problem is with some of these spaces they over value them on purpose and probably take a loss if they remain empty. Last time I checked they wanted like $85 dollars a sq. ft. Which is crazy.
  3. ^omg that looks so much better, not sure what they were thinking before...
  4. I am wondering as successful as Greenhouse is that someone will come in and take it over. It happened when Crop Bistro was in trouble. Tony George and partners rescued it. The place makes too much money, just badly managed.
  5. Sherwin-Williams HQ Is Not Coming To DFW https://www.bisnow.com/dallas-ft-worth/news/office/sherwin-williams-hq-is-not-coming-to-dfw-102880#ath
  6. I'm sure Valor had already approached CCM even before they bought the Superior properties. Besides CCM paid very little for those properties. But I don't doubt they could end up residential, so CCM could end up somewhere else downtown. Maybe at 925. Trying to stay positive I guess...
  7. I was thinking the same. But @KJP seems to indicate that CC values what a city can offer them, so that's why they are looking to make that move. On the other hand I know that developers are "soulless" and will go to any extreme to make something happen.
  8. This massing was on 3News, so I am not sure where it came from, or if it's been posted before.
  9. Oh do you mean someone of color? Yeah cuz that's not going to happen...
  10. I could use a announcement today from Brecksville based Cross Country Mortgage to make me feel better about the SW r&d.
  11. Could we take the word Brecksville out of the title of this thread, it's annoying as hell...#toosoon
  12. I think we need to look at the Weston proposal as to what might be built. Because I'm not convinced the Public Square lot is a part of this. So picture the Weston proposal but not quite so fancy, with a very large parking structure.
  13. These guys just keep their heads down and continue to do great work, without all the drama. Need more like them.
  14. Maybe about 10 years ago there was talk about the Crawford Auto Museum moving back downtown. I wonder if that's what this depicts.
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