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  1. ^ Right it's actually Berusch Development not Benesch. They control the site at 55th and Euclid that was recently a gas station which demolished about a month ago. No real proposal at this point but speculation is it will be residential based on some of their previous work. I think they did EUCLID 115.
  2. Can NRP and Knez switch project sites? Cause this would look much better on SP.
  3. ^ And here is the link to follow the progress. https://www.cpp.org/Initiatives/LED-Streetlight-Installation?fbclid=IwAR19SOtquCp0fGuGKQK_b31IWkw4083poXawXIkY42p2ATdMWWVkWtRlwio
  4. This is what @zbaris87 was talking about. Posted January 24 I can tell you that this is not an updated design. This doesn't show the warehouses on the north end of the lakefront. Construction is supposed to begin in late spring/early summer on that portion
  5. Yeah I figured that, I was just wondering though if maybe the city was doing some utility work in preparation for.
  6. Activity in and around Brickhaus site lately, not sure if it has anything to do with the proposed project.
  7. https://www.starkenterprises.com/a-new-chapter-at-stark-enterprises/
  8. I like that elevated scaffolding unit. I don't think I've seen that used here before.
  9. Lol rigghht... Sorry been having brain farts all day...
  10. Well I hope it's at least 14 stories tall and has a lot of glass because it's going to be on TV 162 times a year.
  11. @KJP if this is condos, do you think the project depends on a certain amount of pre-sales to move forward?
  12. Strange you should have that convo, because I actually posted a similar idea here about 3 or 4 years ago. My thought was to use the existing IX Ctr as the new terminal. Can't find the original post but here is the graphic.
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