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  1. [Cross-posted from the Facebook group...] Hey friends. Kingfish Out of Water here, one of the favorite lost sons of Urbanohio, putting an important query out here: I've been living in the Cranbrook neighborhood of Columbus for about 2 1/2 years, and for most of that, I've been helping raise awareness and funds to replace the footbridge that connects the north and south sections of the neighborhood (we're bisected by Slyh Run, a tributary to the Olentangy River). We've secured all the funding, but we lost the volunteer services of a hydrologist to assess to state of the riverbed, how fast the water flows, and other stuff I can't even pretend to know that a hydrologist does. So: can anybody here help us? It is practically the only thing keeping the project from getting moving. We really need this bridge replaced. I'll attach an info sheet I'd prepared (outdated in terms of the fund raising status, but informative enough), including some nice press we got from the DIspatch on it. Thanks in advance! Feel free to DM me at my real name. Your pal KOOW
  2. ^Ask and ye shall receive. http://data.bls.gov/
  3. Some context for Obama Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's actions as Dean of Harvard Law School with regard to allowing/disallowing/allowing military recruiters on campus. As usual, the soundbites from right and left do a disservice to the truth: What Really Happened at Harvard Samuel P. Jacobs Samuel P. Jacobs Mon May 10, 10:50 pm ET NEW YORK – Do Elena Kagan’s actions as law school dean during a battle over military recruitment offer clues to how she’ll rule as Supreme Court justice? The Daily Beast’s Samuel P. Jacobs reports. Elena Kagan’s paper trail as a judicial thinker is short—so short, in fact, that it can be read in one day. The newly announced Supreme Court nominee’s skimpy record should be a boon to President Obama, as Kagan won’t have any bothersome court decisions weighing her down, but it’s proving frustrating to court watchers on both sides of the aisle. Liberals fear they are being sold a successor to Justice John Paul Stevens who will morph into a fence-sitting Anthony Kennedy. Conservatives worry that Kagan will slide leftward, lingering on the bench for generations as the second coming of Thurgood Marshall, whom she clerked for and who gave her the nickname “Shorty.” Full story: http://news.yahoo.com/s/dailybeast/20100511/ts_dailybeast/8012_whatreallyhappenedatharvard
  4. Suffice it to say, the founding fathers would be mortified to know what all of us spend our money on.
  5. Just spare us the 4-7 random articles posted in 4-7 minutes bit, Scrabble. It has the effect of stifling discussion, sort of like the hostess bringing out the next course before you can eat a forkful of the last.
  6. Now tell us about the importance of limits again.
  7. ^^ Share AND discuss. You can't do one without the other. Filibuster: to halt debate with ending oratory, or in this case, Copy-and-paste-atory. Deal. With. It. They're short words, and there aren't many of them. I think you can process the meaning.
  8. Read my comment again. Slowly. Without the ragey glasses. And anybody with thumbs and access to realclearpolitics.com can post dire article after dire article about issues related directly and tangentially to the 44th president. It takes actual effort and place the articles in a meaningful context for discussion. This a discussion thread, not a news aggregator; it's a forum for discussion, not a platform for filibuster. You're a big boy, Scrabble. Deal with it.
  9. Do you actually read what you post? And for that matter what anybody posts? Honestly, man. Give it a rest or devote more time to your own blog. You're wearing people out here, and not in a good way.
  10. You were being critical of the need for nutrition programs because, you know, Obama invented the recession or something. EDIT: Sorry. My reply got out of sync with your relentless posting of articles.
  11. I suppose starvation has certain non-interventionist benefits...
  12. Why must you lend comfort to our enemies, Scrabble?
  13. I like it when Rep. Seth Morgan plays dress-up: I wonder if I can find a picture of him dressed as a pirate!
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