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  1. Ya know, I have to say, Ohioans need to stop complaining about this. This is AWESOME that theres funding for the 3C. Its a stepping stone to getting high speed rail. I took the San Joaquin from SF to Bakersfield (and then a bus to LA, boo!) and that train is packed! and its about a 5 hour train trip. People use it and let me just say, aside from San Francisco, Californians love using their cars so all the stations definitely were car oriented "park'n'ride style". Even in SF (Emeryville station). And why is California getting a few billion dollars to put in high speed rail?? Because they already have conventional speed rail in the state. And hell, that timeline is a decade or two out for us to even get it.
  2. I do know several alumni and students have sent letters and signed a petition against the design of the new building. http://www.petitiononline.com/CIA09JMC/ it falls on deaf ears though, the school's president is not very responsive to the students needs or opinions. thank god hes "stepping down" soon... heh
  3. zaceman

    The YouTube Thread

    this is... basically amazing
  4. yeah, celebrities visiting Valley View! awesome...
  5. i tried it out last evening (westbound) on my way to spaces gallery. seemed to take about 20-25 minutes to go from university circle to downtown. it was clean, quiet, and seemed to be comparable to trips taken on the red line. the bus came right away for me. honestly though, it felt like a long bus like the ones i've taken in nyc and europe. definately an upgrade though.
  6. wow those fare machines would be great at every Red line station....
  7. ^yea!! i went to middle school there!! also, i was just at the morgan conservatory this evening, great place, and a really nice turn out for their opening event
  8. ok ok, ill try to whip something up hah
  9. i have an unused 5 trip card. what does activating a card mean? are there machines to swipe it before you board or on the bus??
  10. actually i think it looks great with it all broken, i mean thats kind of the point of the thing anyway isnt it? hah.
  11. wow the Blade puts the PD to shame as far as negativity goes.
  12. having been on amtrak this weekend i was pretty amazed at how packed the train was. not an empty seat in sight from cleveland to nyc. also, the train was late, by 2 hours and i was basically on it for almost 14 hours. it seems crazy that it can take that long to get to new york. but then again would more funding make it faster or just add more destinations?? other than that issue it beats greyhound by a longshot.
  13. ohhh that makes sense now. i thought 6:22am sounded early... well i dunno, i still think RTA should tweak it by 15 minutes. its just the WFL and also its the first train out, i wouldnt think that would be hard to do. and no im not taking amtrak back, im taking greyhound back so ill be back in cleveland at 10pm. this still relates back to my experience in europe where a small german town of 10,000 residents has better rail service than cleveland. it blows my mind. i really hope things chnage.
  14. wow and the picture they used of cleveland is 10 years old, neat-o
  15. this might be a pissy personal rant, but i think it applies and needs addressing RTA & Amtrak so i bought a ticket to go to new york city for a weekend. im trying out the new service that leaves at 6:20am from cleveland. now.... to get there im thinkin im going to take the RTA. right? because thats a decent hour during the week to catch a train?? right?? except upon asking the woman at the ticketing desk she told me that the RTA's first train is at 6:05 at the Amtrak station stop... which apparently would be cutting it close since Amtrak leaves at 6:22am now wouldnt it make sense for RTA to adjust their time by ya know 15-30 minutes or so for the FIRST waterfront line train to make it perhaps a viable choice in using to access an amtrak train?? maybe people (like myself) would actually use this under-utilized segment of the rapid and on top of that a stop that since its used *never* is labeled as "stop upon request". at the risk of sounding like a crotchety old man, its completely infuriating to see how my tax dollars are being wasted because of a 15-30 minute scheduling issue. and yes, im letting RTA know, but i also know RTA looks at this thread too.
  16. yea that article is a bit harsh. i mean they really should build this: or maybe even this: i mean that would fix the city, get rid of all the crime, make new york city liek soooo jealous and make me want to take the ECP to visit it and take tons of skewed perspective photographs of it. ... I have no problem with the building rendering. we dont need a huge skyscraper. Cleveland needs new looking buildings and something thats really glassy and 'light' looking like The Heidelberg Print Academy building: being able to see the inner workings of a building in that way with it looking highly contemporary makes it feel like it interacts so much more with the street level. So this glassly-classy rendering im seeing has the potential to do that i think.
  17. what about that progressive life tower to be built on public square... that was just mean haha
  18. ok that rendering is looking kinda "parma mid-rise" on the river in my opinion. the eaton building still looks isolated and doesnt even look connected to the WFL station... why? thats my biggest issue. id still say make the buildings less wide and more narrow and taller. split that up with streets, that massing looks worse than the others
  19. couldnt the WFL station at least have a glass walkway connecting it to the corporate campus? i mean honestly, its buffered by a street and a parking lot.... why?
  20. also compared to my trip on greyhound where we stopped outside of every prison from Newark to Cleveland it felt safer. it was more "college-y" than "inmate-y"
  21. im gonna still say that the valentines day snowstorm last year was a little bit worse than this one for Cleveland. altho anyone see the article on CNN?? the photo was taken on euclid hts blvd in cleveland heights across the street from me:
  22. just took megabus to chicago last week from cleveland. i didnt realize they stopped in toledo at some random local bus stop. Those double decker buses are really great, clean, and there wasnt anyone boarding the bus with aquafina bottles filled with cherry vodka... the only issue i had was the lack of shelter at the locations for megabus, i mean tower city was fine and union station yea, but they were more like the closest thing to get in from the sleet. im definately using it again, i wish it went to nyc...
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