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Great American Tower 665'
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  1. I like the office tower design. Hoping the residential gets built. I assume they would have to carve out some retail space for the residential entry/lobby.
  2. So they are only looking to add 400 jobs and we've gone from a possible 6,000 jobs down to under 4,000.
  3. I could see the R&D development having it's on cafe with seating along the river.
  4. This view sure gives a true scale of this project. I love it!
  5. I'm thinking that is a stair tower. But true the perspective does give it a leaning appearance.
  6. Such an improvement from the days of a '59 Cadillac tucked up against the canopy.
  7. Bummed I missed it. A quick drawing drop off at a client turned into a 45 min meeting. Hopefully another one will occur in the future.
  8. Great views! I have to say, The Beacon is really growing on my from a design standpoint.
  9. I'm touring this building this evening. I'll post some construction photos when I have a chance.
  10. Interestingly, somebody jumped on and gave it a range of 700-1,300 ft tall.
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