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  1. Travis, are they displaying the text number up on the reader board where the real-time arrival readouts appear?
  2. ^ I'm waiting until northbound traffic exiting I-71 to MLK can't climb the slope of an exit on icy days. Have a look -- you'll see what I mean
  3. They're not supposed to salt the tracks. Corrodes embedded electrical devices and deteriorates the rubber boot that prevents stray currents. They were probably spraying beet juice. Streetcars are equipped to drop sand on the tracks for traction.
  4. It will be introduced at the first Major Transportation Committee meeting of 2017.
  5. This is not new with Daugherty. Over the years, he's taken other shots at rail when he was reporting from other cities.
  6. I don't get that. So instead of having one set of tracks on two sides of SCPA, as is now the case to the north and east, there would have only been one set of tracks on the north side of the school and none on the east. ^ I never did either
  7. I'm guessing that TransDev is increasing frequency now -- I'm hearing streetcar bells every ten minutes or so now -- so they can claim that, "See, we made it more frequent, and it didn't matter."
  8. Because of SCPA student drop-offs and pick-ups, city traffic engineers wouldn't let both directions on 12th
  9. Here's the story. This passed in the form of a Motion. Now the mayor wants an Ordinance. Some have told me that a Motion wasn't even necessary, that this was well within the city manager's authority to do on his own. The Ordinance is overkill -- and requires a sixth vote. In any case, this could have been done months ago. They have known there are problems with the signals since early this year.
  10. Pretty sure Council hasn't passed the ordinance yet. Many months ago, the Feds said it was OK to use money in the streetcar budget for this
  11. Keep in mind that the economists who studied our streetcar between 2007 and 2011 last estimated that by 2034, the streetcar would cause $408 million in permanent property investment -- which is a proxy for repopulation -- that wouldn't have happened but for the streetcar. And property investment was estimated to comprise 85% of the total benefits of the streetcar. Last month, Harry Black estimated that there has been $1.55 billion in investment along the line since 2007, much of which is due to the streetcar. We are absolutely killing it in terms of the principal objective of the streetcar. And as those buildings are occupied, ridership is bound to increase too.
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