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  1. He has been making some bad movies throughout his career - I mean how did Armageddon make money? There have been some decent ones like 12 Monkeys, Fifth Element, Sixth Sense, Sin City...but a lot of pretty crappy stuff. He's making a decent living though.
  2. Apparently pretty visible around The Banks today - I have seen more than a few Facebook photos of the crew and Willis from people who work in the GE building and/or were having lunch around there. Hopefully it makes it into theaters....
  3. Ah - I do recall reading not too long ago they were adding larger planes so flight numbers stayed about the same but capacity increased. Not sure they are trying to take out the competition now as I do not recall seeing any especially cheap Delta flights to the discount destinations - they used to completely undercut them in the 90's, early 2000's. I think it might be difficult now as they are not just trying to kill competition in one or two cities.
  4. There has been an interesting dynamic with Delta adding capacity as the discounters have grown. Not sure of the reason they give as I do not subscribe. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2017/07/17/heres-why-delta-is-growing-at-cvg-even-as.html Since ultra-low cost carriers entered the market in 2013, Delta Air Lines hasn’t lost its customer base at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. In fact, the number of passengers using Delta is growing, according to CVG officials.
  5. Seems like Cranley might know something or his is a complete overreaction to 8 daily flights to two destinations. At least initially this is good, and we will have to see the full plan (if there is one). Interestingly, discount airlines now account for almost a quarter of local traffic with the biggest jump in growth occurring in 2016. Somewhat counterintuitively all of the traditional carriers (including Delta with growth above 7%, United at 10%, and American at 6%) were up YOY through November as well. It will be interesting to see the impact or if there are more changes in store.
  6. I got the VIP pass and have to say it was totally worth it. As others have mentioned the festival certainly lacked ambience being in a parking lot, but I was there for the music and the fun. Tokyo Police Club, Future Islands, Bob Mould, Car Seat Headrest, Frightened Rabbit, and Wolf Parade all in two days. I love Band of Horses and Nada Surf but was just too tired after two big days, but this was a pretty strong lineup. I wonder if they could somehow utilize Ziegler Park in the future or if they would/could consider Washington Park.
  7. While I am a little wary of the format change, I am pretty impressed with the lineup, especially after seeing what PromoWest has done to Bunbury the past couple years. People like Band of Horses, Tokyo Police Club, and Bob Mould are nice gets.
  8. Weird...leading with the helmet has been illegal for a long time. Especially when one drops the helmet for the hit. Of little consolation for Bengals' fans, but I suspect there are more rules instituted after hits by Steeler "players" on Bengals than any other in the NFL.
  9. I agree with others in that I am glad something is getting built on the river. I like the glass but think a more tiered look on top would help the overall design. Also, I have been wondering if the word is getting out on Cincinnati. We have seen a lot of interest from out of town developers downtown, but Novare has almost exclusively developed in high growth/sunbelt cities - maybe they are anticipating some good things.
  10. Yeah typical crap from the Enquirer. This is obviously very sensitive and a move could result in UC making a lot more money and getting back into a "big boy" conference. I hope this does not hurt negotiations with any potential conference or hurt UC within their existing conference (the AAC still seems pissed at UC for when Bohn was hired and stated one goal was to move to a P5 conference). I think the paper answered their own question in the article: "It's possible UC officials are trying to be careful not to risk messing up a potential opportunity to move into a major conference, which could generate millions of dollars for the university, raise UC's national profile and move it to the right side of a growing divide between the haves and have-nots in college sports." No kidding. The other issue is that any negotiation might not be decided this week and could take another year or two as the Big XII is very slow to act.
  11. Interesting summary - this guy makes sense. http://sportsworld.nbcsports.com/bengals-steelers-referees-vontaze-burfict
  12. ^ Lapham made a reference to this very thing today. He said something to the effect that you need to know when to go down and sometimes ball security is more important than an extra yard or two.
  13. I am still in disbelief that Shazier did not get called for PF - he obviously dropped his helmet and knocked Bernard out. And that jack-ass Porter should have been flagged before anyone had a chance to engage him. He should not have been on the field, and the rules in both situations are pretty clear. The Bengals made mistakes and got flagged, but it does not feel like the calls were made evenly.
  14. Cranley is such a dufus. Maybe he had to get his name out there after his stinging park levy loss, but this is ridiculous. Didn't someone say he is the kind of guy that 60 and 70 year-olds think is cool (or something like that)? If you want to understand why Cranley does not support the streetcar and does not get it, this could be used as Exhibit A.
  15. They really have a solid lineup this year. The newly renamed Jr Jr has a free show starting at 6 today - they are pretty entertaining.
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