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  1. Seriously. Fantastic. Glad to see Covington loving it.
  2. Tis' true yet the growth in Warren County's northern sections have been outstanding. Thus, if northern Warren County were included in Dayton's MSA (aka Springboro, Franklin, the townships, etc), Dayton would slightly grew, actually. But alas, Springboro is part of Cincinnati's MSA.
  3. Wonderful! Now let other buildings downtown go condo and I'll be VERY happy.
  4. ColDayMan


    Yup, I'm on it.
  5. In 1800's, Cincinnati was uttered in the same breath as New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. For 100 years, it was the Midwest's largest city and metropolitan area. Now people utter it in the same breath as Kansas City and Charlotte (no offense to those towns). Times change.
  6. Inner city public schools have the hardest job with the most difficult students, so they need proportionally the most resources. Instead of deperately needed help, they get criticism, budget cuts, and calls for more and more testing. If Jesus were alive, he'd kiss you.
  7. They are visible when you get outside of Chillicothe and Lancaster, a good ways from Columbus. Though there is a metropark called Chestnut Ridge which is only 20 miles away and has a kick-ass view of the skyline. Regardless, yeah I had to zoom but you can still see them sans the zoom. The zoom simply enhanced them.
  8. Vegetation does ALOT to enhance public spaces. It's almost essential, minus a few exceptions (re: Times Square).
  9. No, I got it. Campus Martius. But I think you missed my QUESTION.
  10. Ohio, in general, has grand public squares yet lacks the pedestrian friendliness of the purpose. Cincinnati's Fountain Square, while probably the best and most used space in the state, is still in different topographic levels, isn't a friendly space due to the lack of vegetation and the surrounding atmosphere (re: corporate). Public Square, while originally interesting, is atrocious in terms of space, pedestrian movement, and landscape overall. Capitol Square in Columbus is abysmal (sorry, it is) and Courthouse Square in Dayton was once very vibrant, now is used nothing more to shelter the inner-city folks from the Third/Main transit area. We need to do better in all our spaces.
  11. Bold, especially for Springfield (a true "fallen" town with a plethora of great architecture). I really would like to see a vibrant downtown Springfield one day.
  12. I say, what the hell. That part of town needs attention; this will surely grab it, no matter how tacky it is. Forward, I say.
  13. Yes, because Clifton is the bastion of crime. Duurr yuppies and their mochas! Was meant to be a pseudo-mocking of Clifton and "inner-city crime image." It wasn't meant to say that Clifton is anymore safer than Anderson. Clifton is not a crime-filled area, even though it may be more "dangerous" than Anderson.
  14. "They're doing a good job keeping this area up. We moved from Clifton, and it's a lot nicer here. It's really reassuring and you feel safe." Luigi Lavalle, Anderson Township" -Yes, because Clifton is the bastion of crime. Duurr yuppies and their mochas!
  15. Typically, there are procedures in which large trees would do well on Central Parkway (which is wide). Though it isn't recommended, it is certainly plausable and has been done before. All that matters is material (re: #57 gravel underneath a roadway with a 20' diameter growth-space).
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    Where do you live?

    Every city needs people like you. Welcome to the forum.
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