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  1. I simply put Dayton - Square due to it being at the intersection of 3rd and Main.
  2. Ahem. DAYTON has a square ;). Toledo is probably a main street. Cincinnati is just "blocks"
  3. They are talking about Riverside Dr. Bridge (Patterson comes the other way). Generally, Dayton DOES need a project like this, due to the fact that the suburban populace are starting to not come downtown anylonger (besides the typical plays and Dragons games). Thus, what else but bring city AND metro residents a mini-"Inner Harbor" which in the past has done wonders of cities of similar size of Dayton (Louisville, Providence, and even Rochester, NY for example). I'm not a fan of these glitzy open-air mini-Horton Plazas but it has been successful in similar cities and certainly won't "fail" in the grand scheme of getting rich quick with the suburbanites and such. Granted, I WOULD like the Arcade to be top priority but since I'm in "the field" of such matters, I know it's a longer shot than a Cordish project.
  4. My digital camera is a Fujifilm FinePix S5100--4 megapixels with a 10x optical zoom. Bingo ;).
  5. Hardly. If anything, this helps prove the convention pull. This (sadly), Arnold, and such are actually a positive, economically. I may not agree with the NRA but hell, if they bring their money, they can shoot ducks, deer, and possum all they want (stereotypes, I know).
  6. Well, atleast SOMEBODY is on the ball with getting the riverfront development intact...
  7. Yeah, I think Blue Ash has a bit more workers than Uptown. Isn't it around 70,000?
  8. I don't think it has to do with the interestate but more Federal Routes (like Rt. 33, Long Street) and such.
  9. Well, whatever. I'd whitewater raft in downtown. Then get Louie's Chicken ;).
  10. Hardly. Unless you want to call Oak/Town Streets "ghetto" along with Jackson Park Circle and the "Discovery District."
  11. I think a Contemporary Arts Museum or perhaps something totally different (re: indoor zoo) would work. It certainly needs to be unique to "attract" out-of-towners.
  12. I and Rich started this site in hope of people thinking "Ohio is just as good as other places" and apparently it has worked (and worked well). Rich, we can make a difference ;).
  13. Okay...WTF! Granted, I'm sure it ALL won't come into fruitation but I'd be happy if ANY of it came!
  14. You know, it doesn't look that bad at all in the model-rendering. I actually...kinda...like...it...
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