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  1. Also, OSU is so sprawled out I don't know how much value there is in a light rail from there to downtown. You are shitting me. OSU's central campus (aka where 95% of OSU students go to) is densly packed, has an average density of about 48k in the neighborhood, and can easily support LRT. I can understand if you had said Upper Arlington or even stretching it with Grandview Heights, but OSU...please. It is the perfect "TOD" or model for LRT.
  2. ^I wouldn't go that far with the exaggeration but it's partly true. Cincinnati's airport is international; Dayton's is domestic with maybe a flight to Canada. So Dayton can never compete with a Delta stronghold but it can be a damn good second airport (think LaGuardia).
  3. So you like lions and tigers...but not the Chicago Bears?
  4. Either that or "Little Debbie's Field."
  5. You've got to be shitting me. I thought this was an April Fools Joke of some sort. What is next? "Cash N' Checks Stadium?" Jesus. I thought Minute Maid Field was bad...
  6. (No offense) ARE YOU INSANE?!?!?! If one thing downtown Columbus actually does have (and it ain't people) is taxicabs. Namely those damn Acme red/yellow cabs run by Somalis. Those things extend into Clintonville, Short North, and esp. (ESP.) downtown/Arena District. I don't know if it was an "off" night for you (and trust me, I'm not attacking you or your experience) but generally, that is one thing I notice Columbus does have is a bizillion Acme or Shamrock taxis (again, mostly Somali drivers; wonderful people).
  7. University Park is the official name. Generally, locals just call it Brown St.
  8. 1. Citilites, right? 2. Dunno about that one. Olivia's was actually good. The Relizon Building one (Zola) I believe is replaced by some new thing. I enjoyed the Mediterreanean restaurant in the old CitFed Building as well (Thomato's?). If Dayton got their act together, Third and the area around the Square could be a decent restaurant area (much like the 80's).
  9. ^I'd presume because of the Great Swamp that Toledo was on had a large amount of frogs. I believe Dayton did airplanes in 2000 for their "pigs."
  10. I've always hoped downtown could capitalize on it's restaurants a bit more (a la Cincinnati or Cleveland). The Oregon District is decent in terms of restaurant options but the actual core is a bit lacking. When everybody "hooped and hollered" about Uno's opening in the old Citizens Federal Tower, Steve Budd and etc were on cloud 9. Well, I'd hope other restaurants (be it chain or local) would open up near functioning areas like the old Courthouse Square (when Charley's Seafood and etc were there) or perhaps Jefferson/5th. Alas. I'll have to settle for Flying Dogs.
  11. That Dawson's Place condo building is almost topped off, I believe.
  12. There was a Tim Horton's/Wendy's combo at Woodruff/High but that Tim Horton's moved to Clintonville while the Wendy's just expanded in the same building.
  13. If anything, it's an extended faux-"Over-the-Rhine" which is more than ironic. But whatever, it looks decent (can't lie).
  14. For a park setting, the building is appropriate.
  15. If I'm looking at this correctly, there is parking on the riverfront (or close to it, behind the building), correct? Foolish. How hard is it to put in a $240,000 landscape job for residents that have that view?
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