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  1. Well, it's Clayton. Good for them. Atleast SOMEBODY is doing it *cough at Bellbrook*
  2. Not really. The sprawl was inevitable along Fairfield and that Alpha/Car Dealership Lane of Doom regardless.
  3. Oh lord ;). Go atop the Vernon Manor Hotel and go onto the top floor with the open-air balcony. You'll get the best view of the city WITHIN the city. And yes, that is with a zoom.
  4. You can spot Carew from Cin-Day Road (somebody mentioned it earlier) and that is damn near 22 miles away. Oh, and who cares about Cleveland's three trick ponies from a valley full of nitwits and burning rivers? ;)
  5. There should NOT be a Family Dollar store, considering there is one (I believe; or something similar to) in Walnut Hills. That neighborhood deserves better and we all know it. Simone's is fantastic, fyi.
  6. Lakewood's downtown is cute. Cleveland Heights' mucho downtowns are great; Rocky River is lovely; Chagrin Falls = yay; and Hudson and Akron are cute too ;).
  7. ^Bingo. Again, it's our next Largest City and Metro, folks. I say "let em' ride."
  8. My favorite will always be Miami County's.
  9. From my experience here for four years...Columbus is definately definately a Browns/Indians town. It's essentially ClevelandSouth with actual growth ;).
  10. They probably mean traditional city limits (which ARE downtown, Over The Rhine, West End, and Queensgate).
  11. Its' interesting that the metro is shifted to that Clark/Greene/Montgomery/Miami county line-area.
  12. Trees are needed, agreed. Other than that, love it to death.
  13. No, zaceman. EVERYTHING is about money. Everybody and their momma knows that. Of course isn't anything to do with gay bashing or "mentalities" or whatnot. It's all economics. Black convention attract money. Gay conventions attract money. NRA conventions attract money.
  14. Crocker Park (which I got to tour recently on a visit with a design group) is an interesting concept and is, in theory, a nice development. Easton is still better overall in most categories but Crocker Park has residential above the retail while Easton sits it across the 8 lane boulevard. But of course, it's essentially exactly The Continent (in Columbus) but up-to-date.
  15. "Projections" is a term of "current state rate." Meaning, if Columbus is "on track" of the same amount of development (without anything called on; proposed; etc) it would reach 6,000. But of course, these are new proposals, new projects, downtown residential climates change, blah blah. It's the nature of the business. Thus, if 7,000 come to the Arena District alone + the numerous other projects going on downtown = projection null & void. Learn one thing: Trust no projections. Las Vegas and Phoenix are testaments to that.
  16. What you folks don't realize about the Arena District (aka General Public) is that it is adding residential development significantly (far more rapid pace than downtown Cincinnati or downtown Cleveland) and is projected to hit the 7,000ish unit (just for the district, folks) by 2010. The Arena Crossings, Buggyworks, St. James, and various other unnamed projects are being sprung around McFearson (or whatever it's called) Commons and those surface lots you see...bye bye. I went to a meeting for Nationwide developers for my class at OSU and saw the grand scheme and everything is right on track. Thus, is the Arena District hurting CURRENTLY with the NHL lockout? Sure. Will it hurt in 10 years...no. 20 years? Hell no. Downtown Columbus is transforming and it's good to see they don't want to sit idle (thank you Mr. Coleman). And trust me, I'm not the typical city-booster; I cover the entire state now, folks ;).
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