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  1. That Portside thing has been hit several times by the lack of support and such. If COSI closes there, what should go there then? Residential, perhaps?
  2. ColDayMan

    Where is Home?

    Well, there is a thread about where you live now in the UrbanBar as well. This is basically to see where everybody is FROM, not necessarily where they live. I live in Columbus, currently, but I'm still from Dayton ;). but aren't you really from cincinnati ? and where is the delaware option :lol: I'm from ALL OVER! I'm even from Berea!
  3. ColDayMan

    Where is Home?

    Pope and MayDay aren't originally from Cleveland. Dunno about the rest ;).
  4. ColDayMan

    Where is Home?

    Well, there is a thread about where you live now in the UrbanBar as well. This is basically to see where everybody is FROM, not necessarily where they live. I live in Columbus, currently, but I'm still from Dayton ;).
  5. This is THE ultimate poll and shall be remained open for quite sometime (since others have expressed interest).
  6. "I don't think we should concentrate on scaring our community," McLin said. Bitch please. If anything, we NEED more cops on the streets to help keep the community safe.
  7. I think it fits the mold for what Ohio State was lacking: Full-Serivce Restaurants. Is it overpriced for residential? Sure. It's intended for Grad Law School students so big whoop. Does it suck that the old area around it is gone? Sure. But move on; I did with Aaliyah :( Will it be successful? Certainly. It pretty much forced students to trek to the new "Longs" so that alone will keep it in business. Is ColDayMan glad Drexel owns the theater? Yes. Thank God. Finally, an independant movie theater complex in Columbus. Congrats, Drexel. Overall? "Yay."
  8. Metro Columbus obviously has the most growth, but it really is a lot of sprawl, too. I think Franklin County has a net out-migration; it's just not as bad as the other urban counties. As far as I know, birth rates are the only thing causing population growth in Franklin County. I'm sure the rate of sprawl in the Columbus area outpaces population growth. Bingo. Particularly Union, Fairfield, and Delaware Counties.
  9. I think Cleveland and Toledo are the metros that have stagnated the most in Ohio. I always thought metro Cincy grew over the last decades, but maybe I was wrong.... Cincinnati Metro grew at 9%. Columbus- 875,000 Cleveland- 400,000 Toledo- 275,000 Cincinnati- 250,000 Akron- 190,000 Dayton- 115,000 Youngstown- 60,000 I doubt Dayton will hit 115,000 by 2020. If anything, by projection, it would be 140,000. Cincinnati and Toledo probably in the 290,000s. Cleveland, probably at 400,000. Youngstown might be 60,000, never know. Akron, I can see at 200,000 or 190,000. Columbus will probably be at 825,000. Columbus will level off soon, unless Gahanna is going to be annexed :D. My understanding of metro Cincy is that northern Kentucky is a major center of growth. It seems that the Kentucky side is sucking the blood out of the Ohio side for the most part. Maybe it's just me, but the Kentucky suburbs seem to be loaded with all sorts of entertainment and dining options that should be in downtown Nati. I have no idea why or how Kentucky has this stuff. No, Boone County in Kentucky is booming, don't get me wrong, but northern suburbs of Cincinnati are booming the most, people-wise. southern Warren and Butler counties are exploding (Warren is Ohio's second fastest growing county, behind Deleware in Columbus Area). It has nothing to do with entertainment and such; strictly jobs.
  10. Planners will try to decide on a route to connect commuter light rail from the Montgomery Inn Boathouse restaurant downtown to the Transit Center. Commuter rail will run on existing tracks from Milford to downtown Cincinnati. This will happen over the next few months. Wow :D
  11. The only true beef I have with this project is the idea of the sidewalk not connecting to the door. You have to walk up the driveway *tsk tsk* to get to the house. Otherwise, I'm not going to complain about this; Mt. Lookout's done alot worse: Spencer Hill.
  12. Yeah, I always thought Cuyahoga County was regarded to have the largest Arab population. I generally think it feels most like a ghetto Columbus with water, or a bigger Ann Arbor with some Detroit flavor thrown in.. Eh. To me, it's more like a smaller Buffalo, in the sense of Great Lakes, housing stock, culture, blue-collar roots, Lake Erie, and perhaps less bombed out. Toledo does not remind me of Columbus (or Ann Arbor), except perhaps Summit Streets in both cities. And hell, Columbus might be more ghetto than Toledo ;).
  13. It's interesting that they brought a Mt. Auburn-style of house (on the cheap side) to Mt. Lookout. I do like the contrast.
  14. "After pleading for so long to get view corridors along the parkways and the west side, I don't understand why we need a study," said Mayor Charlie Luken, who fondled his veto stamp during Wednesday's meeting. "It seems to me that we should use the money to cut some bushes and weeds and stuff." Amen. It's amazing what cutting of overgrown vegetation will do to enhance a view. Do you hear me, Fairview Park? Mt. Echo? Various roads?
  15. Totally forgot about Canton. So Canton, Lima, Mansfield, Steubenville. If you go off the beaten path of Rt. 30/22, how about Porrtsmouth, Springfield, Elyria, Hamilton, Lorain, and perhaps Middletown. Warren...maybe?
  16. Dayton's Dayton Street (ironically) isn't that impressive while Cincinnati Street is mostly industrial.
  17. You got some good ones in there :)
  18. I love Dayton Lane...and not just because of the name ;)
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