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  1. Oh, we all know COTA blows. I never take it (though I should). I never denied that. Quiet, twit. East 4th is essentially a bootleg version of the Backstage Alley of Cincinnati...minus the whole "Uno's" thingie ;). I'm, as always, joking too. But I will say this; Central Columbus, while it did decline mucho as of late, it is still Ohio's second most sizeable urban area (re: walkability; structurally; etc) outside of Cincinnati, plain and simple. While it would be nice for LRT to come to Columbus, I'm not going to cry rivers like Justin Timberlake over it. The city is still fairly healthy, fairly urban (well, the old 51sq mi of it), and fairly progressive. Soapbox...destroyed! :D
  2. hehe Don't worry. I find that most Clevelanders that move to Columbus A). never ride COTA except for the #2 and B). are too delusioned to care about the city they moved to get educated in and instead go to UrbanOhio to see their declining city build fancy fixtures on an alleyway. Thus, C). they are twits. ;)
  3. Maybe I could take a light-rail train there? Oh wait, I can't -- it's COWLUMBUS! :finger: KJP You see, I would say "touche!" but then again, it's Cleveland. It doesn't even deserve that. :D
  4. The thing is, with Columbus relaxing attitudes, we don't need to take pictures of our progressive projects. It goes without saying ;) (*cocky Columbusite rants*).
  5. It was intentionally designed to be the various motion of the railyards at the old Union Station in Columbus. Thus, the different directions and angles of the site.
  6. The top view you'll notice the "motion" of the trains through the site (aka they tore down a classic train station, only to "justify" it by creating "motions" of trains going through the building with tacky coloring).
  7. Good choices and yes, I meant the 3rd and Main building. Another sleeper is the gates to Woodlawn Cemetary.
  8. Bad comparison. Lamamer Square was never as bad as Over-The-Rhine. Now, Fells Point in Baltimore WAS as bad (if not worse) and that came back and came back strong. Hopefully, we use Fells Point as an example.
  9. The Art Museum and RTA Building are fine examples as well.
  10. Yeah,the 4th. Weird. Oh well, YAY!
  11. Ghetto, to me, is a subjective definition for everyone and for me, "ghetto" is "ghetto." It can be the most beautiful Second Empire houses in the world, if the neighborhood is "hood," it's "hood." It isn't racial at all (as a matter of fact, one of Columbus' most "ghetto" areas is parts of Hilltop, a "white ghetto"). But oh well :).
  12. It was once a dance studio for the Ohio Players, in fact. Mrnyc, my definition was vague but in essence, my point was that even the most beautiful neighborhoods can be the most ghetto (go to Los Angeles). Even the most gritty neighborhoods can be the most yuppie (see Tremont in Cleveland or Olde Town East in Columbus). So appearance can mean something to some areas yet mean nothing at all to other areas.
  13. Ahem. The camera is an Olympus C-720. Though some of the neighborhoods don't look bad, that doesn't mean they are not "high in crime." Granted, University Row is just fine (typically) but neighborhoods like Princeton Heights and Roosevelt, which may not "look" bad, ARE bad in terms of high crime rates. Sometimes the most beautiful neighborhoods can be the most ghetto, sadly. Re: Over-The-Rhine. Secondly, there are many racially mixed neighborhoods in the city besides Five Oaks. The entire north and south sides are racially mixed while portions of the east side are racially mixed. It is just the west side which is predominantly black. I used to live in Five Oaks and went to school there so I know all about Five Oaks, Kenilworth, etc. The initial response with the gates and landscaped medians (re: dead ends) with Five Oaks and Mt. Vernon neighborhoods in the city wasn't becasuse of drug chases but literal drunk driving. It became a drug issue when several incidents happened along Deleware Avenue (which ironically has no gates, that I know of). While Five Oaks overall is healthier than the other neighborhoods I've shown (minus Univeristy Row), it still has portions of "ghetto" areas that are quite blighted, sadly. Remember, ghetto doesn't always equate with "rundown homes."
  14. This is a tour of some of Dayton's more "downtrodden" neighborhoods. Enjoy! Dayton View Five Oaks-Riverdale That world famous chicken baby! MacFarlane Princeton Heights Roosevelt University Row Wright-Dunbar Westwood GOTTA love that BBQ! ^You can see those bitches from Cincinnati Skyline
  15. I suppose for the other spectrum of tastes: 100.9 The Wiz (Cincinnati) Mojo 94.9 (Cincinnati) Hot 102.9 (Dayton) U-92 (Dayton) Power 107.5 (Columbus) Magic 98.9 (Columbus) Z-107.9 (Cleveland) Juice 107.3 (Toledo)
  16. I have no issue with slots at the racetracks but Columbus is the only city in Ohio I can think of that really doesn't need the casinos (and I'm for casinos in most cities). It's fine without them.
  17. ColumbusDaytonMan. That simple ;).
  18. ^Agreed, and you forgot to mention you on the "countless others" list, you Diva you. UrbanOhio is a great local website where we can talk Ohio. SSP is more for fun, drama, national/international pictures,e tc. Both serve their purposes very well, IMO.
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