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  1. I understand the concept of keeping the original front for the building but God damn, I think they should just redo that front. It doesn't look...well...appealing.
  2. Brown Hall is essentially going to be rehabbed and not torn down. Just gutted (which is all good with me).
  3. Dear lord. All these haters LOL!!!
  4. I go that building, work in that building, and eat (and sleep) in that building everyday. I'm in that building right now. I like it (though I don't love it). It's definately "radical" in design.
  5. hahahah! Yes, with Oval renovations, 10 new buildings, 3 under construction, South Oval renovations, University Gateway project going vertical, and Larkins additions, yes, it has changed (a lot) since you saw it in May. That's as silly as me saying "UC hasn't changed much since I last saw it in May." Hell, I was at UC yesterday.
  6. Oh shut it. lol OSU has tons of buildings u/c PLUS district construction PLUS more shit on the way. Probably more than UC but I'm not gloating ;)
  7. I don't care if it's a big-box 30 story tower or this thing, BUILD IT!!!
  8. I say, go for it. It's Lower Price Hill for Christ sakes. Just do it.
  9. Chances are, it won't look like Legacy with the Circuit City and Grocery store going there. It sounds moreso like a big-box power center (aka fancy strip mall) but hey, atleast it gives residents in the neighborhoods to STAY IN THE CITY.
  10. WHAT! Clayton...wanting a downtown? Hell, if Missouri's can have one, might as well ;) Oh, and peace to Derek Ali. Truly a remarkable man.
  11. Even though the town looks horridly depressed, the architecture is superb. Very nice stuff there.
  12. It could be Oakley, Roselawn, Bond Hill, Pleasant Ridge, or even Price Hill. Actually, I think it might be Price Hill due to the brick-arch exposure. Oakley houses are typically more Tudor. Then again, it could be Oakley off Brotherton. I still think Price Hill though.
  13. I personally don't think anyone on this site would vote for yes. We are all intelligent people that know that this is essentially a slap in the face to human progression.
  14. Well. That city is interesting.
  15. Granted, the actual clock structure looks more like a construction site than a normal "radical" modernistic design but whatever, at least it isn't going to Huber Heights.
  16. ^The Class of the Browns...at work.
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