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  1. What the HELL is this shit? I leave for two days and I'm "MISSING?!?" You are ALL going to be banned! Watch out, ADAM...
  2. Some from Dayton who are current were Roger Clemons, Peerless Price, Dan Wilkinson, and Mike Nugent.
  3. I miss using film, actually. It was very fun to experiment. What's the story behind Devil's Lake?
  4. I didn't realize Mt. Auburn had special bio-dome features in which lush vegetation could happen on a 18 degree day.
  5. ^Not really. They'd definately force the LRT deal to work (re: Salt Lake City).
  6. Tenants lining up quickly for lifestyle center Leasing agents for The Greene have secured deals for more than 60 percent of available space and already are planning for a second phase of the shopping center. Barry Rosenberg, president of Columbus-based Steiner and Associates, said the $120 million project is moving briskly and he expects to have 85 percent of the space leased by the time the center opens in August 2006. He said that will allow him to hold back a few parcels for last-minute additions, which is protocol for similar projects. http://dayton.bizjournals.com/dayton/stories/2005/12/19/story3.html
  7. Well aren't YOU special, Greene County porker!?!?
  8. ^Virginia has seven, right? Ohio only has seven presidents actaully born in the state, I believe. One of the Harrisons was born in Indiana. It's interesting that Pennsylvania, one of the key (pardon the pun) states in our history, only has one president to claim (and not a very good one).
  9. Oh, I'm sure it goes both ways but I find that "soda" drinkers are far more volitile in their usage vs. the "pop" drinkers or even the "coke" drinkers.
  10. All you do is "Print Scrn" your screen and paste it in Photoshop or whatever. And save. And upload. And you're done.
  11. You're not going to see A LEGEND'S screenshot. I don't have time for petty things as such. *backs to eating Molly Woo's leftovers*
  12. And not ONE picture of OHIO besides from Rich? Tsk tsk.
  13. LaRosa's, Penn Station Subs & Skyline Chili & Dewey's all list "SODA" on their menu. Seems retarded that the region calls Soda, "Pop" yet all the locally based restaurants use the proper term "Soda". And don't get me started on people that say the word, "Cuss". It just hurts my ears. You are aware that all of these have customers that would never use soda unless they see it on a board, right? Much like "tennis shoes" in a mall; or "lunch meat" at Kroger. Again, I find it ironic that the "soda" sayers care so much about how they hate "pop" yet "pop" drinkers don't even bat an eyelash towards them. Insecurites, perhaps, of old chivalry?
  14. Oh God. Twits. I always found it amusing in my travels that "East Coasters" would get OFFENDED by the usage of pop yet the Midwest/Canada/Intrawest never cared if you said pop or soda. You can even say "pop" down south and they'd still wouldn't care. Perhaps the East Coasters are...well...pissed that they are outnumbered? Much like "tonic" in Boston? "Soft drink" in western North Carolina?
  15. Courtesy of our sister (or in this case, 'sista') site: Oy. Revamp indeed.
  16. So I'm supposed to hold a piece of cardboard with tomato sauce and pepperoni like the Holland Tunnel? No. I'll take my pizzas with taste, Mr. "Sneekers & Cold Cuts"
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