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  1. Ray Ray’s Opening Fourth Location in Powell Nocterra Brewing in Powell has found itself a permanent food truck. Ray Ray’s Hog Pit will open at 41 Depot St. four nights a week starting Saturday, May 16. “I feel I can open this new location in good faith during the pandemic because the demand is there,” says Ray Ray’s Owner James Anderson. “Folks really want to eat something that is professionally cooked during this time. The demand is far higher than the supply for prepared foods during the pandemic, so I feel RayRays will be well received in Powell.” More below: https://www.columbusunderground.com/ray-rays-opening-fourth-location-in-powell-sp1 & https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2020/05/05/barbecue-and-beer-food-truck-and-craft-brewer.html
  2. Awesome stuff and welcome to the forum! Those lofts look great!
  3. Every time I'm in that area, I would still be surprised that it was open. The one in Cincinnati has been abandoned for at least 10 years. https://goo.gl/maps/1AoktTceQsRcHEuHA
  4. Downtown Huber Heights? City makes shopping center buy in revitalization efforts The city of Huber Heights has purchased the Marian Shopping Center for part of its revitalization efforts on Brandt Pike. ... Instead, Huber Heights hopes to create a focal point for the city. The relatively new city doesn’t have a traditional downtown or center anchor, according to Chodkowski. Huber Heights, formerly known as Wayne Township, was incorporated in 1981. “We really want this project and we believe this project, when it is complete, will help define what is that center of Huber Heights,” Chodkowski said. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2020/05/04/city-makes-shopping-center-buy-in-revitalization.html
  5. Crew owners tap prominent Columbus developer for Confluence Village project Plans are moving forward for the Confluence Village mixed-use development planned near the Columbus Crew's new stadium. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2020/05/04/crew-owners-tap-prominent-columbus-developer-for.html
  6. People live in two different worlds, man...
  7. Flurry of commercial construction projects underway in Huber Heights A flurry of commercial construction projects are underway in Huber Heights. When completed, the projects will bring new food and beverage establishments to the city, along with expansions for some of the city's largest and fastest-growing companies. Here is a breakdown of new and existing businesses that are making waves in Huber Heights. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2020/05/01/flurry-of-commercial-construction-projects.html
  8. I'd love to do that Bridge Climb in Sydney some day...
  9. Not just those. Meijer is the same way.
  10. Oh, and Westworld? Ugh. Enough with Delores. And if they EVEN think of getting rid of Maeve, I'll this forum down!
  11. Almost finished with Hunters. It's Inglourious Basterds meets The Boys. Glad to see a couple of Ohio actors shining but otherwise, meh.
  12. Craft brewery Fifty West opens new restaurant amid pandemic Cincinnati's Fifty West Brewing Co. is opening a new eatery serving up roadside Americana in the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2020/04/29/craft-brewery-fifty-west-opens-new-restaurant-amid.html
  13. Hate being technical here but Hamtramck is actually the most densely populated city between the Northeast and Chicago.
  14. Developers launch renovation of downtown Covington office building, adding rooftop bar, restaurant A local development team is starting on a complete renovation of a historical building in downtown Covington. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2020/04/28/developers-launch-renovation-of-downtown-covington.html
  15. Well, it helps that we have no where else to go.
  16. While I'd love to live in a Family Ties kind of world, in reality, there is historic racial disparity regarding gun ownership that exists quite clearly today. Hell, even Canada's own David Frum agrees.
  17. I mean, the video is pretty much the...smoking gun!
  18. And the reason? “What I need to know is how many people have passed away in New York, and what I need to know is: Who has the bodies?” Diamond asked. “I need for somebody that does investigative work to call the morgues. To call the funeral homes. We need to know, because I don't trust anything else that comes out of his mouth now... Something's not right here. Something is off here.” She added: “Is this being deliberately spread? Look, I’m not being a conspiracy theorist, this is real, but I’m asking my own questions. What the hell is going on?" Silk, meanwhile, baselessly asserted that the disease was “man-made” and “engineered,” wondering aloud if there was a “little deep-state action going on behind the scenes.” She also questioned whether the World Health Organization had a “switch” to “turn this virus on and off?” These hoes are loyal, apparently.
  19. So you're arguing over nothing. A Trump move, got it.
  20. Gary and Akron ARE alike, it's just one fall hard and the other was successful. Both are rustbelt, manufacturing cities in Midwestern states that had different paths. I don't know why that would be considered "silly." What would be "silly" is if I compared Cleveland to, say, Vancouver. And as stated by another forumer, there hasn't been shown any benefits from merging into MSA and having a greater pool of money and resources. If you can show me an example of a secondary city benefiting from a merger into a larger MSA and getting more money and resources out of it, then I'll re-evaulate. Otherwise, it would be, as you said, silly and pointless.
  21. Chile, that happened long before this virus.
  22. Oh, totally. Akron-Canton makes sense, in theory, and certainly raises Akron's profile to a higher level, much like when Greenville (SC) merged with its satellite cities.
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