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  1. I still think the idea of redrawing DC to include The Mall area (Capitol, White House, etc) and leaving the rest of Washington to merge with Maryland to give those 700,000 people a voice is a perfect compromise.  Think of it like Vatican City in Rome, but with half-smokes.

  2. Well, People have figured out what they need to do to remain safe.  We have enormous hospital capacity contradicts itself.  If people had figured out what they need to do to remain safe there would be no need for having nor caring about hospital capacity.  


    I'm in the wrong timeline and I need Janeway to beam me up back to reality.

  3. 4 minutes ago, taestell said:

    Different places are going to surge at slightly different times, there's not necessarily anything unique about specific cities/counties that causes it.


    Precisely.  There was that idiotic discussion earlier about Gamma+/Internationally connected places getting it more when Cuyahoga County was shown early on as the state's leader.  Now that Hamilton County is higher, I wonder if it boosts it up to Vienna yet.

  4. Honestly, meh.  America the Beautiful is a better song anyway.  But no, I'm not for actively replacing the National Anthem.


    But if it were replaced by another song, I wouldn't cry about it.

  5. Automated parking structure part of historic Detroit Free Press Building redo




    As renovations are being completed at the historic Detroit Free Press Building, a state-of-the art feature is being built in the basement – a fully automated parking structure.

    Bedrock, which owns the building at 321 Lafayette, announced Tuesday that Los Angeles-based Dasher Lawless Automation is constructing the parking structure system, called AUTOParkit. When it opens during the second half of 2021 it will be the first of its kind in the Midwest, company officials say.


    In the Free Press building, the AUTOParkit system will autonomously park vehicles in 105 stalls and retrieve them in 40 to 180 seconds. The parking structure will be used by residents and commercial tenants of the building.

    Because of the basement’s depth and layout, traditional underground parking would have allowed for few spaces, said Kevin Bopp, vice president for parking and mobility at Bedrock.


    More below:


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  6. Detroit’s Oakman Boulevard Being Transformed into $8.6M Green Avenue




    The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department has announced the city’s largest investment to date in green stormwater infrastructure to reduce neighborhood flooding and basement backups by transforming the medians on Oakman Boulevard between Joy Road and Tireman Avenue.

    While not near the river, a portion of Oakman through the city’s northwest Aviation neighborhood has experienced significant street flooding and basement backups, most notably during rainstorms in 2014 and 2016.

    “We made a commitment to the residents of the Aviation neighborhood that the city would take measures to help protect their homes,” says Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. “What DWSD is doing here will use nature instead of storm sewers to manage huge amounts of stormwater to help reduce street flooding and basement backups.”


    More below:


  7. Rendering for the new Hudroe Central Utility Plant for the Hudson Block and Monroe Blocks projects.


    This undisclosed mixed-use project re-imagines the traditional approach to Central Utility Plant (CUP) design by maximizing its potential as an architectural gateway that pulls visitors into the central business district off of main city access points. At six stories, this project will stimulate the downtown core by integrating a visitor center and curated city-wide art exhibition while simultaneously servicing two of the newest developments in recent history. It highlights that architecture and art are truly blended disciplines.


    More below:







    It's proposed to be around 61,000 sq ft, and will include a visitors center and gallery on its ground floor.

  8. Franklinton Project on Church Site Approved




    Homeport now has the green light to move forward with its plan to build 50 units of affordable housing at 79 McDowell St. in Franklinton.


    The East Franklinton Review Board (EFRB) approved the latest plan for the four-story building at its meeting on June 24. The board had previously cleared the way for the project to proceed by giving its conditional approval to a plan to demolish the former West Side Spiritualist Church, which has stood on the site since 1912.


    With funding for the project now secured and the approval in hand, Homeport is looking forward to the building “becoming a part of the community,” said Leah Evans, Real Estate Development Vice President at Homeport.


    More below:


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  9. Additional Vendors Selected for North Market Bridge Park


    Lan Viet


    Holding down a spot at the North Market Downtown for over a decade, Lan Viet will expand with its second location in Dublin.


    Focused on northern Vietnamese flavors, Lan Viet will serve up dishes like pho, banh mi, and rice noodle bowls. Egg rolls, summer rolls, and bean sprout salads will also be on the menu that is made fresh to order.


    At the helm are mother-son team Lan Pham and Khanh Le.


    More below:




  10. 13 hours ago, Brutus_buckeye said:

    The problem is, what constitutes a noose? It is a type of knot. There are many types of knots some are nooses others have similarities to them. Some people may think a knot is a noose when it is not. Also, there are practical purposes for using a noose as a knot besides hanging a person. Contrast that with a swastika which is just a symbol and serves no practical utilitarian purpose.. Today there is no practical purpose for a swastika besides a symbol of hate. While a noose has many negative consequences in history, you can't make the same blanket statement about nooses as you can about a swastika


    But I can.  A swastika, as pointed out earlier, has purpose in other religions, particularly in Asia.  In American context, a noose AND a swastika are historically symbols of hate.  We call ropes with types of knots...a knot, not a noose, for this reason. 


    You talk about context, language is context.

  11. COTA expanding on-demand rides to more suburbs, explores loading fares on state food benefit cards


    The coronavirus pandemic is changing how and where people work, and COTA says it needs to follow – while helping reduce inequities for its low-income passengers.


    As the Central Ohio Transit Authority restores services after suspending several routes because of falling demand and funding, don't expect every route to come back on the same paths and schedules, CEO Joanna Pinkerton told trustees Wednesday.


    “We know our community will move differently,” Pinkerton said. “We will need to adapt as things adapt and evolve.”


    Service changes through summer and fall will respond to the needs of workers to get to areas where jobs are concentrated, she said.


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  12. Mayor Ginther says he doesn't support defunding police, instead urges reform


    Mayor Andrew Ginther, facing mounting pressure in recent days from activists frustrated with the city's response to protests, said on Wednesday that he knows Columbus residents seek meaningful change in police tactics.


    However, Ginther said, "I do not believe in defunding the Division of Police."


    "I do believe in reforming the Division of Police," he said, including the creation of a civilian review board that will have "meaningful oversight of the police department."


    Ginther also said the city will join the 8 Can't Wait campaign, a national effort that calls for such actions as banning chokeholds, requiring de-escalation and required reporting to reform police departments and reduce the use of force.


    "We must continue to build on the already overwhelming community support to enact change that is significant, substantial and swift," Ginther said.


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  13. Tumultuous City Hall budget day ends in big housing dollars, Cranley veto of revived streetcar


    After more than three hours of raucous, profanity-laced public comment that saw police remove speakers while Mayor John Cranley and council bickered over their ejection, Cincinnati City Council approved a budget that kept police funding flat, adds more than $6 million for affordable housing and revives the Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar.


    But Cranley immediately vetoed the streetcar-funding ordinance, setting up a potential August showdown over it. Seven members of council voted "yes," and if six maintain their stance, the project could restart then.


    Council passed a new measure requiring 25% of all future tax-increment financing funds be used to build affordable housing within the city, a demand speaker after speaker made on Wednesday. TIF districts take property taxes revenues from improvements made to property within certain geographic areas and devote them to certain public purposes.


    The ordinance means that more than $6.6 million in TIF funds will have to be used for affordable housing, a major change to a program often used to build new parking garages. As the balances in the TIF districts grow, that number will increase. Council previously has diverted an amount equal to the proceeds from its tax on short-term rentals like Airbnb to affordable housing, but the TIF money will dwarf that fund.


    Council also voted to resuscitate the Cincinnati Bell Connector, appropriating enough money from the city’s transit fund to allow the streetcar to restart service at 50% of its schedule in mid-July with a full restart in September.


    More below:


  14. 3 hours ago, Brutus_buckeye said:

    I don't think we should be going so far as declaring a type of knot a racist symbol. Yes, there is a history with nooses. but again they are an inanimate object.


    Nooses are without question a racist symbol.  I don't know, nor do I care, if there was a noose in Bubba Wallace's garage but the actual noose is a symbol of hate.  Much like the swastika, an "inanimate object or symbol" corrupted by a hate group.


    This shouldn't have to be explained in 2020.

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