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  1. Cleveland taco joint expanding to Columbus A Condado rival is coming to Columbus. Cleveland-based build-your-own-taco joint Barrio will be taking over the Winking Lizard space at 1416 W. 5th Ave. at some point in the future. Fellow Cleveland-based chain Winking Lizard, which has been there since 2013, Tuesday said that rather than reopening that restaurant, it will be selling the operation to Barrio. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2020/05/13/cleveland-taco-joint-expanding-to-columbus.html
  2. And unfortunately those layers are hurting the image of police departments. If stripped and quickly solved, they can show progress within communities and shine the light on good law enforcement (i.e. Dayton Shooting).
  3. Rob Portman can have several seats, thanks.
  4. 100% agreed. I just wish police departments (I understand why individuals don't have that power) would fire these bad eggs quickly like a Burger King employee putting bleach on fries. Keeping these bad eggs in the department only makes the job harder for the majority (good cops).
  5. Pizzuti Breaks Ground on Phase 3 of Library Park Development The Discovery District neighborhood has been buzzing with new construction over the past several months, making room for nearly 2,000 new residents in the near future. The next project to break ground is the third phase of the “Library Park” development, a joint venture between The Pizzuti Companies and Capital University. While phases one and two each feature multiple buildings, phase three is comprised of a single six-story building containing 145 apartments, structured parking and 3,500 square feet of ground-floor restaurant space. The building will replace an existing Capital University Law School surface lot at the northeast intersection of Grant Avenue and Oak Street. More below: https://www.columbusunderground.com/pizzuti-breaks-ground-on-phase-3-of-library-park-development-we1 & https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2020/05/13/pizzuti-pushes-on-with-downtown-development.html
  6. Well, not technically downtown but close enough (Lafayette Park).
  7. That was the place next to the old Burbank's, right? If so, I remember going there a looooooooooooooooong time ago. Probably the year of that card (1989).
  8. I don't believe I have seen this posted yet but here are the Metro Area Job Growth stats from February 2020 - March 2020, before...the VIRUS! Of course this will all be negative now but hey, I give Trenton props for a month! Feb 2020-March 2020 Metro Area Job Growth +5,600 Atlanta +3,800 Louisville +3,000 Myrtle Beach, SC +2,200 Pittsburgh +2,100 Dayton +1,800 Columbia, SC +1,800 Davenport (Quad Cities IA-IL) +1,800 Fort Walton Beach-Destin, FL +1,500 Augusta, GA +1,400 Virginia Beach-Norfolk +1,300 Chattanooga +1,300 Scranton, PA +1,200 Pensacola, FL +1,200 Trenton, NJ +1,100 Ann Arbor, MI +1,000 Eugene, OR +1,000 York, PA +900 Colorado Springs +900 Spartanburg, SC +900 Springfield, MO +800 Buffalo +800 Greenville, SC +800 Harrisburg, PA +800 Springfield, IL +700 Cedar Rapids, IA +700 Denver +700 Greeley, CO +700 Indianapolis +700 Memphis +700 Mobile +700 Sioux Falls, SD +600 Boise +600 Charleston, WV +600 Elkhart, IN +600 Lincoln, NE +600 Lynchburg, VA +600 Naples, FL +600 Port St. Lucie, FL +500 Appleton, WI +500 Boulder, CO +400 Birmingham +400 Brownsville, TX +400 Huntington, WV +400 Kennewick, WA +400 Macon, GA +400 St. Cloud, MN +300 Columbia, MO +300 Evansville, IN +300 Killeen, TX +300 Savannah, GA +300 Worcester, MA +200 Allentown-Bethlehem, PA +200 Lakeland, FL +200 Lexington, KY +200 South Bend, IN +100 Albuquerque +100 Atlantic City, NJ +100 Baton Rouge +100 Canton +100 Charlottesville, VA +100 Corpus Christi, TX +100 Fayetteville, NC +100 Lafayette, LA +100 Madison, WI +100 Montgomery, AL +100 Omaha +100 Portland, OR +100 Santa Cruz, CA +100 Stockton, CA +100 Topeka, KS +100 Utica, NY +100 Vallejo, CA No Change = Amarillo, TX = Fort Collins, CO = Gulfport-Biloxi, MS = Nashville = Ocala, FL = Olympia, WA = San Luis Obispo, CA = Visalia-Porterville, CA -100 Binghamton, NY -100 Bristol, TN -100 Fargo, ND -100 Ft. Wayne, IN -100 Lafayette-West Lafayette, IN -100 Lancaster, PA -100 Modesto, CA -100 Northwest Arkansas -100 Provo, UT -100 Salem, OR -200 Erie, PA -200 Gainesville, FL -200 Greensboro, NC -200 Hickory, NC -200 Knoxville -200 Laredo, TX -200 Ogden, UT -200 Oxnard, CA -200 Roanoke, VA -200 Tulsa -200 Tuscaloosa, AL -200 Wichita -300 College Station, TX -300 Grand Rapids -300 Lake Charles, LA -300 Raleigh -300 Spokane, WA -300 Tallahassee -400 Fresno -400 Lubbock, TX -400 Midland, TX -400 Rochester, MN -400 Shreveport -400 Tyler, TX -500 Columbus, GA -500 Fort Smith, AR -500 Norwich, CT -500 Peoria, IL -500 Reno -500 Rochester, NY -500 Salisbury, DE -500 Waco, TX -500 Winston-Salem, NC -600 Des Moines -600 Duluth, MN -600 Hagerstown, MD -600 Huntsville, AL -600 Kalamazoo, MI -600 Little Rock -600 Rockford, IL -600 Santa Maria-Santa Barbara, CA -600 Santa Rosa, CA -600 Wilmington, NC -700 Albany -700 Anchorage -700 Flint, MI -700 Reading, PA -700 Syracuse -800 Bakersfield -800 Burlington, VT -800 Durham, NC -800 El Paso -800 Salt Lake City -800 Youngstown -1,000 Champaign-Urbana, IL -1,000 Fort Meyers, FL -1,000 Green Bay, WI -1,000 Lansing-East Lansing, MI -1,000 Portland, ME -1,200 Bridgeport, CT -1,200 Daytona Beach, FL -1,200 Honolulu -1,200 McAllen, TX -1,200 Sarasota, FL -1,300 Beaumont, TX -1,300 Salinas, CA -1,300 Springfield, MA -1,400 Akron -1,500 Manchester, NH -1,500 Melbourne, FL -1,600 Hartford -1,600 Jackson, MS -1,600 Toledo -1,700 Charleston, SC -1,800 Asheville, NC -1,800 Tucson -2,100 Charlotte -2,300 St. Louis -2,400 Oklahoma City -2,800 Columbus -3,100 Las Vegas -3,200 Kansas City -3,400 New Haven, CT -3,500 Orlando -3,500 Sacramento -3,600 Cincinnati -3,600 Cleveland -3,900 Milwaukee -3,900 Philadelphia -4,000 Baltimore -4,000 Seattle -4,300 New Orleans -5,100 Richmond -5,100 Tampa -5,300 Providence -5,500 Jacksonville -5,500 Riverside -6,500 Phoenix -6,800 San Antonio -6,900 Austin -6,900 San Jose -7,000 Washington -7,100 Miami -8,200 Houston -8,500 Detroit -9,100 Boston -10,100 San Diego -12,100 Minneapolis-St. Paul -14,700 San Francisco -17,700 Chicago -25,700 New York -28,800 Dallas-Fort Worth -48,400 Los Angeles https://www.bls.gov/news.release/metro.t03.htm
  9. CVG is among the world's best airports, industry group says Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport was again ranked the best regional airport in North America by London-based Skytrax based on a surveys of airport customers worldwide. It’s the seventh year out of nine that CVG has won the award for airports that primarily serve regional traffic. CVG regularly touts the ranking to passengers and in marketing materials. “To earn this distinction for seven of the last nine years reflects the outstanding commitment of the best airport team and partners in this industry,” said CVG CEO Candace McGraw. “As our community readies to start traveling again, they can be assured that an excellent airport experience—one that is safe and healthy—always has been and always will be our top priority.” More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2020/05/11/cvg-is-among-the-worlds-best-airports-industry.html
  10. Restoration could breathe new life (and a new restaurant) into this historic Tipp City building Local entrepreneurs plan to transform a historic building in downtown Tipp City into a casual dining establishment by the end of 2020. The building, an 11,000-square-foot retail structure located next door to the Monroe Township city government office, was built in 1882. In the early 1990s, Ben Staub Sr. — the late father of prominent Dayton-area manufacturer Steve Staub — purchased the building as an investment property. "It's a phenomenal property," Staub told me. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2020/05/08/restoration-could-breathe-new-life-and-a-new.html
  11. City buys former farmland for commercial redevelopment The city of Huber Heights is partnering with a national real estate consulting firm on how to best redevelop a plot of land recently purchased by the city. City officials want to redevelop 52 acres of the former Lehman Farms at Executive Boulevard and Brandt Pike. They are looking to experts at SB Friedman Development Advisors in Chicago to plan and implement new infrastructure. Bryan Chodkowski, assistant city manager, said hiring an outside company like SB Friedman will help give city officials a fresh perspective. “We really want to bring people to Huber that normally wouldn’t come to the area," Chodkowski said. "By having someone from the outside contribute we were able to avoid some of the bias that comes with loving your city.” More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2020/05/07/city-buys-former-farmland-for-commercial.html
  12. New brewhouse aims to be the 'happy hour hot spot' for downtown Tipp City Downtown Tipp City will soon welcome a new bar that aims to be the "happy hour hot spot" for local residents. Chaffee's Brewhouse is slated to open in June in the former Pink Ribbon Girls space at 15 S. Second St. Owners Lisa Richards and Chrissy Lesher say they are putting the finishing touches on renovations, which included a built-from-scratch bar. The bar will feature craft beers, wines, cocktails and mocktails (non-alcoholic) — most of which will be sourced from local breweries and wineries, Richards said. An 18-tap draft system will accompany the bar. Chaffee's also will provide carryout options for beer, as well as a limited food menu featuring charcuterie trays. Customers are also able to bring in their own food from other establishments. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2020/05/07/new-brewhouse-aims-to-be-the-happy-hour-hot-spot.html
  13. Lawsuit aims to free park board from Western & Southern ‘subservience’ A resident who lives near Lytle Park is asking a court to order the Cincinnati Board of Park Commissioners to begin a $2.9 million renovation of the park regardless of the outcome of her dispute with the park board and Western & Southern over the fate of a tree there. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2020/05/05/exclusive-lawsuit-aims-to-free-park-board-from.html
  14. That's too high. It's $1.00 in Mifflin right now.
  15. ColDayMan

    DC Statehood

    Just merge residential DC into a new City of DC in Maryland, add Puerto Rico in, and merge the Dakotas (who needs two of them?). We get to keep 50 stars and this country will still be stained by the legacy of Trump. Done.
  16. Pizzuti Partners on Mixed-Use Development at New Crew Stadium Site A joint venture between Haslam Sports Group, The Edwards Family, and The Pizzuti Companies was announced today to lead the mixed-use development portion of the Confluence Village project, which will surround the new Downtown Crew Stadium currently under construction. “We are thrilled to partner with one of the leading Central Ohio development firms that brings the wealth of experience that Pizzuti possesses,” stated Josh Glessing, VP of Strategy for Haslam Sports Group. “They have a long history of developing projects in Columbus and share our vision to complement the Arena District in a way that will spur further investment and advance the City’s Workforce Housing priorities” More below: https://www.columbusunderground.com/pizzuti-partners-on-mixed-use-development-at-new-crew-stadium-site-we1
  17. Ray Ray’s Opening Fourth Location in Powell Nocterra Brewing in Powell has found itself a permanent food truck. Ray Ray’s Hog Pit will open at 41 Depot St. four nights a week starting Saturday, May 16. “I feel I can open this new location in good faith during the pandemic because the demand is there,” says Ray Ray’s Owner James Anderson. “Folks really want to eat something that is professionally cooked during this time. The demand is far higher than the supply for prepared foods during the pandemic, so I feel RayRays will be well received in Powell.” More below: https://www.columbusunderground.com/ray-rays-opening-fourth-location-in-powell-sp1 & https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2020/05/05/barbecue-and-beer-food-truck-and-craft-brewer.html
  18. Awesome stuff and welcome to the forum! Those lofts look great!
  19. Every time I'm in that area, I would still be surprised that it was open. The one in Cincinnati has been abandoned for at least 10 years. https://goo.gl/maps/1AoktTceQsRcHEuHA
  20. Downtown Huber Heights? City makes shopping center buy in revitalization efforts The city of Huber Heights has purchased the Marian Shopping Center for part of its revitalization efforts on Brandt Pike. ... Instead, Huber Heights hopes to create a focal point for the city. The relatively new city doesn’t have a traditional downtown or center anchor, according to Chodkowski. Huber Heights, formerly known as Wayne Township, was incorporated in 1981. “We really want this project and we believe this project, when it is complete, will help define what is that center of Huber Heights,” Chodkowski said. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2020/05/04/city-makes-shopping-center-buy-in-revitalization.html
  21. Crew owners tap prominent Columbus developer for Confluence Village project Plans are moving forward for the Confluence Village mixed-use development planned near the Columbus Crew's new stadium. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2020/05/04/crew-owners-tap-prominent-columbus-developer-for.html
  22. People live in two different worlds, man...
  23. Flurry of commercial construction projects underway in Huber Heights A flurry of commercial construction projects are underway in Huber Heights. When completed, the projects will bring new food and beverage establishments to the city, along with expansions for some of the city's largest and fastest-growing companies. Here is a breakdown of new and existing businesses that are making waves in Huber Heights. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2020/05/01/flurry-of-commercial-construction-projects.html
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