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  1. Minority development firm, ADC land tax credit for $13.5M residential project Avondale Development Corp., in partnership with Kingsley + Co. and Fairfield Homes Inc., have been awarded $1 million in 10-year federal housing tax credits from the Ohio Housing Finance Agency for an affordable housing project in Avondale. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2020/05/27/minority-firm-adc-land-tax-credit-for-135-resident.html
  2. @BigDipper 80 yay!!! Revitalization project set for west Dayton property Thanks to local developers, an almost 100-year-old west Dayton building will be getting a second chance at life. The West Side Chevy building, located at 300 W. Third St. in Dayton, is set to be redeveloped. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2020/05/27/west-dayton-building.html
  3. $100+ million residential development in Oakley receives key approval A planned more than $100 million residential development in the heart of Oakley received a key approval on May 22. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2020/05/27/100-million-residential-development-in-oakley.html
  4. Eleven Projects Approved by Downtown Commission The Downtown Commission met virtually this morning, the first convening of the board since the spread of COVID-19 led to the cancellation of all such meetings in March. The agenda was longer than usual, with 11 applicants seeking certificates of appropriateness for their projects and another two going before the board for initial conceptual reviews. The first three major elements of the Scioto Peninsula redevelopment were approved unanimously – an eight-story office building, an eight-story hotel (with a one-story retail building behind it), and two residential buildings – one 11 and the other six stories tall. The designs of the buildings presented at today’s meeting were similar to those brought before the commission previously, although new detailed renderings of the residential buildings were included this time. More below including the list of projects: https://www.columbusunderground.com/eleven-projects-approved-by-downtown-commission-bw1
  5. Historic, century-old building in west Dayton poised for revitalization A historic building in Dayton's Wright-Dunbar neighborhood has been sold, and the building's new owner has ambitious plans to restore the space. "Our sincere hope is that the establishment will be as cool as it sounds." More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2020/05/26/historic-century-old-building-in-west-dayton.html
  6. Here's an inside look at the Dayton Arcade lofts Developers behind the Dayton Arcade project have unveiled new renderings and an inside look into the progress being made on the housing portion of the massive redevelopment effort. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2020/05/26/arcade-art-lofts-update.html
  7. Scioto Peninsula project lands key approval, plans September groundbreaking The long-awaited Scioto Peninsula project is on track to start construction later this year. The Scioto Peninsula redevelopment envisions 2 million square feet of office space, 1,800 residential units and extensive restaurant and retail space. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2020/05/26/scioto-peninsula-lands-final-approvals-to-start.html
  8. Doesn't seem like it...
  9. The ultimate "Karen" WHITE WOMAN CALLS COPS ON BLACK MAN... Acts Like He's Attacking Her!!! (TMZ headline, of course) This is a disgusting case of Karen-ing caught on video -- a white woman calling the police and pretending a black man is attacking her ... when he really just asked her to leash her dog. This went down Monday in NYC's Central Park ... and the video starts with the woman attempting to leash her dog, but then she quickly walks toward the man recording the video ... who'd complained her dog was off-leash. All dogs are required to be on-leash, by law, in Central Park. What happened next is really heinous to watch play out -- she asked the man to stop recording her, which he didn't. She then threatened to call NYPD and "tell them there's an African-American man threatening my life." The man encouraged her to call and, of course, she did and carried out her threat ... More below + video: https://www.tmz.com/2020/05/25/woman-calls-cops-black-man-central-park-dog-leash-karen/
  10. New brewery eyed for Wright Dunbar district in west Dayton An historic former theater in west Dayton may be transformed into a new brewery, though talks have slowed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The former "Midget Theatre" building at 1021-1025 W. Third St., which includes two storefronts and an upstairs apartment, is on sale for $95,000. No one is in line to purchase it yet, but officials say there was "high interest" before the pandemic hit. "I don't think I've shown the building since it (Covid-19) happened, and prior to that I was probably having at least two or three showings a week," said Erica Hubler, director of real estate/property management for Wright Dunbar Inc. "It was very highly shown." More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2020/05/23/west-dayton-1021-1025-w-third-st.html
  11. Reminds me of an Amsterdam TOD (that's a compliment, FYI).
  12. Renovation Plan for Historic Franklinton Buildings Debated A plan to renovate a pair of historic buildings in Franklinton got another hearing yesterday. The former warehouse buildings at 373 and 375 W. Rich St. have been vacant for decades and have significant structural issues. The buildings, which survived the 1913 flood and are listed on both national and local historic registries, sit immediately to the east of the new River & Rich development. Representatives of Casto, the project’s developer, and the architectural firm Design Collective presented the project virtually to the Historic Resources Commission on May 21. Plans call for the third floor of 373 W. Rich St. to be removed and the second floor partially converted into an open-air patio. The buildings would be connected and would share a common outdoor space. More below: https://www.columbusunderground.com/renovation-of-historic-franklinton-buildings-debated-bw1
  13. This is great stuff. Loving these Youngstown tours.
  14. Wright Dunbar neighborhood gains new housing development A historic building located on Dayton's west side will become a hotspot for people to work, play and relax. The Allaman building in the Wright Dunbar neighborhood will be redeveloped into a mixed-use building. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2020/05/22/allaman-b.html
  15. Major Northside development lands tax credits Apple Street Senior, an LGBQT-friendly apartment project in Northside, has landed a key piece of financing. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2020/05/22/major-northside-development-lands-tax-credits.html
  16. $17 million garage next to FC Cincinnati stadium lands key approval The more than 800-space parking garage planned directly north of FC Cincinnati’s West End stadium received a key approval Friday morning. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2020/05/22/17-million-garage-next-to-fc-cincinnati-stadium.html
  17. Well, it is possible for educated people to move into Lakewood and the less educated leaving...but it has to be MORE educated people moving into/less educated leaving, which is clearly not happening. I believe Pittsburgh is experiencing the "smart decline" (educated moving in but more "less educated" people moving out). The price of gentrification, I suppose.
  18. https://www.census.gov/programs-surveys/acs/methodology.html
  19. Scioto Peninsula Buildings Headline Busy Downtown Commission Agenda The Downtown Commission is scheduled to hear a full slate of development proposals at its meeting on May 26, including the first phase of the Scioto Peninsula development. The meeting, which will be held virtually, will be the first to take place since the city cancelled all such public meetings in March, at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. An announcement earlier this month cleared the way for the city’s area commissions, panels, design review boards and historic commissions to begin meeting online. Board members as well as applicants are now participating in the meetings via the WebEx platform, and they are streamed live online. The plans submitted for the Scioto Peninsula are similar to those presented to the commission last fall, and include an eight-story office building, an eight-story hotel with a one-story retail building behind it, and two residential buildings – one 11 and the other six stories tall. The residential and hotel buildings will feature ground level restaurant and retail space. More below: https://www.columbusunderground.com/scioto-peninsula-buildings-headline-busy-downtown-commission-agenda-bw1
  20. Well, the MSA and CSA are still in decline so it isn't surprising that Lakewood is also showing a slow-ish decline. It would be surprising if the MSA and CSA were growing and Lakewood showed a decline.
  21. Bar Louie is in bankruptcy. They've closed most of their Ohio restaurants. https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2020/01/27/bar-louie-bankruptcy-closing/
  22. I mean, folks voted for a reality show host named Trump so I doubt having a man named Hickenlooper afterwards would've been a big deal.
  23. That list shows cities that had 50,000 but dropped into the upper 40s as of 2019. Dublin hasn't reached 50,000 yet (currently 48,647).
  24. What's interesting is that America's largest suburb (Mesa, AZ with 518,012) is small compared to the much larger Ecatepec (Mexico's largest suburb at 1,658,806) and moderately larger Mississauga (Canada's largest suburb at 828,854). Yet Ecatepec and Mississauga are both urbanizing faster than Mesa. Ecatepec just built the Mexicable Cable Car and Mississauga is building the Hurontario LRT. Meanwhile, in Mesa, a LRT expansion that goes through the heart of...uhh..."downtown." America sucks.
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