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  1. Pierogi Mountain Moving into Former Grass Skirt Space Downtown


    Pierogi Mountain is moving into its very own space, taking over the former home of Grass Skirt Tiki Room at 105 N. Grant Ave. Downtown.


    “It’s time that we moved out of mom and dad’s house and got our own space,” says Co-Owner Matt Majesky.


    Pierogi Mountain wrapped up a roughly year-run at Wunderbar in German Village March 23, closing just days after the statewide dine-in shutdown was issued due to the coronavirus pandemic. They continued to serve at their Cafe Bourbon Street location, 2216 Summit St., winding down on April 28 to take a step back and plan for the future of the company.


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  2. 1 hour ago, Columbo said:

    Now, not everyone was buying into the CPD's new outreach - many calling it "too little, too late" - but it definitely marks a sharp contrast from the heavy-handed tactics of Friday and Saturday.  And there were still a few tear gas incidents at the 10PM curfew time along High Street in the campus area.  But thankfully it was a peaceful day in the downtown.


    In this case, I don't think it's too little, too late.  I 'd say it's more "about time" if anything else.  Police Chief Quinlan did the right thing so kudos.

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  3. Hundreds of Central Ohio business leaders sign on to support declaring racism a public health crisis




    Nearly 1,000 Central Ohio business leaders, ranging from neighborhood bakeries and bars to the CEO of the state's largest publicly traded company, have signed a letter supporting the declaration of racism as a public health crisis.


    Both Columbus Public Health and Columbus City Council were set to vote on making the declaration Monday. Franklin County Commissioners had done so in May, as did Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther in his state of the city address.


    "Because racial prejudice is most harmful when it is held by people in positions of power, we believe it is incumbent on those of us in positions of some level of power to speak out," the businesses said in the letter. "We urge other Columbus business leaders to join us in acknowledging the scourge of racism and supporting our city's efforts to address its impact on public health."


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  4. 1 hour ago, jonoh81 said:

    My dad is now hospitalized and confirmed positive.  Luckily not on a ventilator as this point.  He caught it in a nursing home almost immediately after arriving and despite them telling us he would be isolated from other patients (he wasn't).  


    Let's hope he makes a full recovery.

  5. 1 hour ago, troeros said:

    I wish the looters stopped looting. My semi-racist friends on Facebook are all using this as cannon fodder to blame how uncivilized black people are and how they don't even care about the death but more about the reaction to commit anarchy and chaos.


    They posted that it was just an excuse for them to loot the footlocker store and steal all the sneakers in which they posted a photo in saint Paul of a foot looked being mobbed with over 50 black teenagers rushing inside to steal all the merchandise. 



    Sounds like you need new friends.

  6. 9 minutes ago, Brutus_buckeye said:

    The police unions and bad police officers don't care about justice, They are only out for themselves and solely look to co-opt the movement for their own personal violent gains. People should recognize this. While many police officers are good. There are some really bad police officers mixed in there that are out for trouble. Those people need to be stopped. 



  7. Taco restaurant sets opening date for first Dayton-area location




    A Columbus-based restaurant chain that describes itself as "weird yet wonderful" has set an opening date for its first Dayton-area location.


    Condado Tacos, a build-your-own tacos and tequila joint that has been expanding rapidly across Ohio and the Midwest, will open in July at 4482 Glengarry Drive, which is located at The Greene Town Center in Beavercreek. The restaurant's interior will be decorated with street art from local artists, depicting some of the inventions that have come out of Dayton.


    When it opens, the menu will feature a variety of tacos, including six new additions that are being rolled out. Menu items also include Condado specialities such as guacamole, tequila and margaritas, as well as a $10 "Bud Box" that features two tacos, a half-sized traditional guacamole or queso blanco, and chips.


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  8. Red Bike reopens with more e-bikes, first responders initiative


    Cincinnati’s nonprofit bike sharing program is back in business after a two-month hiatus.


    Mayor John Cranley announced Thursday afternoon that Red Bike has reopenedafter it shut down on March 29 due to coronavirus concerns. Red Bike submitted to the Cincinnati Health Department a detailed reopening plan that prioritizes the health and safety of Red Bike riders, staff and the community. 


    As it reopens, Red Bike will launch Bike It Forward, an initiative that will give free monthly Red Bike “Thank You” memberships to health care workers and first responders. The initiative will also provide free advertising space on Red Bikes and station kiosks for local restaurants and bars to help promote the businesses that have been hard hit by the pandemic.


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  9. 3CDC, Model Group ready to launch $50M Over-the-Rhine mixed-use development


    A complex set of financing tools with potentially once-in-a-lifetime funding sources from the state and federal governments will help Model Group and the Cincinnati Center City Development Corp. develop a major scattered site housing project within Over-the-Rhine, with more than 40% of the units being affordable.


    The $50 million Willkommen project will include the construction of 163 apartments, with 69 units affordable to those who make 50% to 80% of the area median incomes, over 16 historic buildings and four new ones. The remaining units will be rented at market rate. The price range includes units that people who work service jobs in the neighborhood will be able to afford, a rarity in a neighborhood that has housing for the very poor and those who are upper middle class to wealthy.


    “Willkommen is a really big step. It goes a really long way toward revitalizing parts of the neighborhood that haven’t been done. It hasn’t been done this way before except on a very small scale,” said Bobby Maly, CEO of the Model Group.


    UPDATE:   Cincinnati City Council unanimously approved the ordinances needed for the project Thursday in its budget committee, with final approval expected later in the day.


    "Our mindset needs to be on how we can do this at scale," said Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld, adding that the city needed to look for ways to ensure the local real estate landscape can produce such projects even without Model and 3CDC's considerable expertise using the various tax credit programs.


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  10. Greater Cincinnati university building $27M dorm, first new residence hall in 17 years


    A Greater Cincinnati university is building its first new residence hall in 17 years, a $27 million 297-bed dormitory across five stories.


    Northern Kentucky University in Highland Heights broke ground May 28 on the five-story, 77,200-square-foot development, the first new student housing construction on campus since 2003. Construction on the project began in late April and is expected to be ready for occupancy for the fall 2021 semester. It will be the NKU's first housing complex to achieve LEED Silver certification upon completion.


    The residence hall will house 297 beds in semi-suite style, with large lounge areas, meeting rooms and a lighted event plaza. Amenities include a hammock area and adjacent parking, large common space for leisure activities and student gathering, a double-sided demonstration kitchen, a large laundry facility and centrally placed study and meeting rooms on each floor.


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